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Scanned by Kinko's for John Conkling.

See also Index to Maps and charts in Bahá'í World volumes.

Localities where Bahá'ís live (world, 1963):
The Bahá'í World Community

published in Bahá'í World, Vol. 13 (1954-1963)
Haifa: Bahá'í World Centre, 1970
Click on one of the links below to see this image in different sizes. It was originally scanned at 600ppi and saved as uncompressed TIF, which I converted to JPG. The smaller versions have been lightly edited to improve contrast. To see the uncropped, unedited JPG file, click on the "Full" link below. Note: the Full image is huge, please try the smaller sizes first. The "Big" image should be large enough for printing. Original map measures 55 cm high x 87 cm wide.
Small1500x948 px145KB bw13_map2_localities_world_1963_small.jpg
Medium3000x1897 px518KB bw13_map2_localities_world_1963_med.jpg
Big4956x3164 px1.3MB bw13_map2_localities_world_1963_big.jpg
Full4956x3164 px9.5MB bw13_map2_localities_world_1963_full.jpg

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