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A series of eight talks, in both audio and video formats, on the evolution of religion and humanity.
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Historical Consciousness and the Divine Plan

by Douglas Martin

About: This series of talks — originally presented by Mr. Douglas Martin in Canada, the United States, and a number of nations in Europe, Asia and Latin America — has been redeveloped to facilitate both individual exploration and group study. Drawing on his skills as a speaker and storyteller, and his training as a historian, Mr. Martin takes us on a journey that begins with the implications of humanity's failure to grasp the evolutionary nature of religion. In this context, he discusses the Tablets of the Divine Plan and our capacity to respond to its requirements, now embodied in the several Plans that have been called forth by the Universal House of Justice.

[Description above, and image of a DVD box to the right, both taken from a Bahá'í Distribution Service website which was selling this DVD in 2012 but has since been removed.]

Talk 1: Introductiondownload audio: martin_historical_consciousness_1.mp3 [11 MB, 11 min.]watch video:
Talk 2: Missing the Bus (The Challenge of Islam)download audio: martin_historical_consciousness_2.mp3 [15 MB, 16 min.]watch video:
Talk 3: At Modernity’s Gate (The Bab)download audio: martin_historical_consciousness_3.mp3 [16 MB, 18 min.]watch video:
Talk 4: Spiritual Evolutiondownload audio: martin_historical_consciousness_4.mp3 [16 MB, 17 min.]watch video:
Talk 5: Advent of Divine Justicedownload audio: martin_historical_consciousness_5.mp3 [18 MB, 20 min.]watch video:
Talk 6: The History of Humanity Begins (Abdu'l-Bahá)download audio: martin_historical_consciousness_6.mp3 [15 MB, 16 min.]watch video:
Talk 7: The Magnitude of the Challenge (The Guardian)download audio: martin_historical_consciousness_7.mp3 [18 MB, 20 min.]watch video:
Talk 8: Where Are We Now?download audio: martin_historical_consciousness_8.mp3 [11 MB, 12 min.]watch video:
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