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Translation of Mazandarani's Table of Contents for his compilation of Baha'i Writings from 1945 — some not published elsewhere — and a catalog of the contents of each section by McCants, with some notes and partial translations of select passages.
Mirrored with permission from []. Summary by Arjen Bolhuis (2022).

The selections in all four volumes of Amr va Khalq are cataloged in the Partial Inventory with the abbreviations AVK1, AVK2, AVK3, and AVK4.

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Command and Creation (Amr va Khalq):
Translation of Index and Catalog of Contents

by Asadu'llah Fadil Mazandarani

translated and compiled by William F. McCants
date of original: 1945
Condensed version (summary):

Volume I

    Chapter 1: Theology

    Chapter 2: Worlds of Creation

    Chapter 3: Regarding the Worlds of Souls and the Human World

Volume II
    Chapter Four: Regarding the Divine Manifestations and religions, matters and affairs connected with them
      Part 1: In explanation of the Holy, Divine Manifestations
      Part 2: Regarding Religions
      Part 3: How to solve the symbols of the holy religious scriptures and making beliefs agree with reason and the science of the modern age
      Part 4: Regarding some of the prophecies of the religions about this Cause and others that are recorded in the scriptures
      Part 5: On some of the events of this Cause mentioned in the scriptures
      Part 6: On the proofs mentioned in the wondrous scriptures regarding the truth of this Cause, the status of the miracles
      attributed to Bahá'u'lláh, His lack of training in school in the scholarship of the day, and His arising with a Cause and accepting tribulations
Volume III
    Chapter Five: On the teachings about the health of the body, education, manners, morals and various matters related to them
      Part 1: On preserving health, warding off disease, taking care not to fall prey to harmful habits
      Part 2: On manners and morals
      Part 3: On cleanliness
      Part 4: Regarding knowledge and education
      Part 5: In explanation of the minute specifics of the conditions and necessities of religion
      Part 6: Explaining punishments in the scriptures
Volume IV
    Chapter Six: Explanation of matters related to the new calendar, different acts of worship, marriage, divorce, inheritance, the rules of burial, financial matters, and others
      Part 1: Explanation of the calendar, important days and their regulations
      Part 2: On acts of worship
      Part 3: Unlawful things, marriage, and divorce
      Part 4: The laws regarding the dead, consisting of two principles
      Part 5: Huqúqu'lláh
      Part 6: Regarding other financial matters

    Chapter Seven: Regarding a number of matters that have been explicitly abrogated and changed relative to previous religions

    Chapter Eight: Regarding the roots and formation of this Cause and the world

      Part 1: Bahá'u'lláh's explanations of prior manifestations, the center (of the covenant) after him, the establishment of consultative bodies, the House of Justice, and rulers
      Part 2: Abdu'l-Bahá's explanations of the above mentioned matters, the center who is to be obeyed after him, the formation and duties of the spiritual assemblies and the House of Justice, and sacred melodies
      Part 3: The Guardian's explanations of the administrative order of this Cause and the world

    Chapter Nine: Prophecies of what is to come

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