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Table comparing the lives of the Founders of the world's religions.
This table has been copied from Momen's article Bahá'u'lláh's prophetology: Archetypal patterns in the lives of the founders of the world religions"; see complete article for a better understanding of the details outlined below.

Comparative Lives of the Founders of the World Religions

by Moojan Momen

published in Bahá'í Studies Review, 5.1
London: Association for Bahá'í Studies English-Speaking Europe, 1995

Buddha Moses Jesus Muhammad The Báb Bahá'u'lláh
Event precipitating ministry Enlightenment under Bodhi Tree The Burning Bush The Descent of the Dove from Heaven Vision of the Angel Gabriel Vision of the Head of the Imám Husayn Vision of the Maid of Heaven in a dungeon in Tehran
Gathering of first disciples First group of monks Aaron The twelve disciples Khadija, 'Ali, Abu Bakr The eighteen Letters of the Living Small group of followers in the Riván Garden
Period of solitude and doubt Meditated over his course of action Forty days in wilderness Period of doubt Two years in the hills of Sulaymaniyya
Break with previous
Breaking of the Sabbath Change of direction of prayer Conference of Badasht abolishes Islamic Law Challenge to Azal
Rulers and religious leaders to whom public declaration made His father, the king, and to many Brahmins Pharaoh Pontius Pilate and Jewish religious leaders Emperors of Persia and Byzantium Shah of Iran and Iranian religious leaders Shah of Iran, Sultan of Turkey, Rulers of Europe, the Pope and other religious leaders
Promise of a future saviour Maitreya Buddha The Messiah Return of Christ The Mahdi and the return of Jesus He whom God shall make manifest Future Manifestation of God
Internal opposition Devadatta the Buddha's cousin The making of the Golden Calf Judas Iscariot Ibn Ubayy and the Munáfíqun Group of three disciples Azal's opposition
External opposition Pharaoh Jewish religious leaders Leaders of Mecca Religious leaders and state in Iran Religious leaders and state in Iran and Turkey
Migration Wandering with monks Migration of Israelites out of Egypt Journeys of Paul and Peter Migration from Mecca to Medina Internal exile within Iran Exile to Baghdad, Edirne and Akka

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