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A discussion touching on many topics, including scientific objectivity in the study of religion, faith vs reason, liberalism, academic standards, and the nature of sects vs "world religion."
See related discussions in Debates between MacEoin et al., and MacEoin's original article.

Response to MacEoin's "Problems of Scholarship" and "A Critique of Moojan Momen's Response," A

by Moojan Momen and Denis MacEoin

published in Bahá'í Studies Bulletin, 1:4, pages 57-80

1. "A Response to MacEoin’s 'Problems of Scholarship in a Baha’i Context'"
by Moojan Momen
Baha’i Studies Bulletin 1:4, pp. 57-65

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2. "A Critique of Moojan Momen’s Response to My 'Problems of Scholarship'"
by Denis MacEoin
Baha’i Studies Bulletin 1:4, pp. 66-80

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