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TAGS: Ali Akbar Furutan
LOCATIONS: Ishqabad; Moscow; Russia
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Picture of Bahá'ís gathered to welcome Siyyid Mihdíy-i-Gulpáygání to Moscow, with identifications. Includes A. A. Furutan.
Two slightly different captions and identifications are given. The first one is possibly the more accurate, as it is given by Mrs. Izadi, the widow of one person pictured. Izadi is fairly certain that the photo was taken in Moscow, but the book Years of Silence: The Bahá'ís in the USSR 1938-1946 by Asadu'llah Alizad says that the place of gathering is Ishqabad in 1926, not Moscow in 1925.

Photo of the Moscow Bahá'í Community, 1925


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Caption and ID #1:
Note from Mahintaj Ízadí to Olga Mekhti
(from personal email)

This is a picture of Bahá'ís gathered to welcome Siyyid Mihdíy-i-Gulpáygání, a renowned Bahá'í scholar, who had come to help with the consolidation of the Bahá'í community in Moscow. I don't know everyone in the picture, but I know some of them. I have taken the list that was in the picture caption, but I have also corrected the transliteration of the Persian names into Latin alphabet (with the help of my son) according to the instructions of Shoghi Effendi:
  1. Seated (left to right): Mahmúd Ramzi, Asadu’lláh Ízadí, unidentified, Bahíyyih Ízadí, Siyyid Mihdíy-i-Gulpáygání, Kayúmarth Ízadí (child sitting on the floor), Dhabíhu’lláh Námdár, ‘Abdu'l-Vahháb (from Ishqábád), Kázim Kázimzádih.
  2. Standing (left to right): unidentified, unidentified, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Durrí, Habíbu’lláh Durrí, Rúhá ‘Atá’í, ‘Atá’u’lláh ‘Atá’í, Talí’ih Kázimzádih, ‘Alí Akbar Furútan (future Hand of the Cause of God).
  3. The child sitting on the floor, Kayúmarth Ízadí (normally spelled as Kiumars Izadi), is my future husband, who was born in Íshqábád in 1920, lived in Moscow as a child. Later from Iran, we pioneered together to Finland. He passed away in 2010.

Caption and ID #2
(as posted at

Ishqabad, Russia, 1926. Standing, back row, left to right:
    Lutfu'llah Rahimzadih, Dr Mu'in Ahmadzadih, Mrs Durri, Habibu'llah Durri, Ruha Khanum 'Ata’i, 'Ata'u'llah 'Ata'i, Mrs Kadzadih, 'Ali Akbar Furutan
Centre/front row:
    Mahmud Ramzi, 'Asadu'llah Izadi, Siyyid Mihdi Gulpaygani, Dhabih'u'llah Namdar, 'Abdu'l-Vahhab ‘Ibadi, Kadim Kadimzadih
Seated child: Kewmars Izadi
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