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The evolving style of the Guardian's writings; comparison of different periods of his writing; his translations; his writings in Persian and Arabic.
See also Timeline of major letters of the Guardian. See also a Microsoft Word version, prepared and updated by M. Thomas (2021).

Shoghi Effendi:
The Range and Power of His Pen

by Ali Nakhjavani

Rome: Casa Editrice Bahá'í, 2006
About: Some 90 youth from 25 countries, mainly European, participated in the last of the three World Order courses given at Acuto during the month of February 2006. The purpose of this course was to consider the wide range of the works of Shoghi Effendi, both in English and in Persian/Arabic, and cast a panoramic and cursory glance over the contents of each of his major writings. The beloved Guardian, in the course of his blessed ministry, provided the friends and the general public with a reliable survey of the significant and historical Bahá'í events of the Heroic Age, an overview of the stages enabling the current Administrative Order in the Faith to become the nucleus and pattern of the future institutions of world society, and a unique and authentic translation into English of the fundamental Writings of the Founder of the Faith. Through the power of his inspired pen Shoghi Effendi also succeeded in carrying the Community of the Most Great Name from its modest and rudimentary beginnings to a stage of development enabling it to be a potent instrument, well-equipped to realize and put into effect the exalted ideals which distinguish the divine message of Bahá'u'lláh. (from
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