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  1. Posted 2023-09-25, in Biographies:   Koumarth Sulaymani. Brief Biography of 'Azizu'llah Sulaymani, A (2007). Overview of the life and publications of a prominent Iranian scholar (1901-1985) who wrote on history, philosophy, and theology, and was especially known for his biographies of 99 Bahá'ís in the ten-volume series Masabih-i-Hidayat. [about]
  2. Posted 2023-09-25, in Published Articles:   Samsul Hidayat. Indonesian Bahá'í Community's Perspective on Gender Equality, in Al-Albab 12:1 (2023). On the concept of gender equality in Indonesian context from a Bahá'í perspective; Bahá'ís view gender differences only from biological factors; differences are due to the cultures of the people, not patriarchal ideology like in the Indonesian tradition. [about]
  3. Posted 2023-09-25, in Historical documents:   Azizu'llah Sulaymani. مصابیح هدایت (Masabih-i-Hidayat): "Lights of Guidance" (1948). Biographies of 99 prominent Bahá'ís from the formative years of the Faith, published between 1948 and 1976. [about]
  4. Posted 2023-09-23, in Personal compilations:   Greeting Alláh-u-Abhá, The (2023). Short but thorough compilation on the use of the greeting Alláh-u-Abhá, "God is the Most Glorious." [about]
  5. Posted 2023-09-23, in Visual Materials:   Interiors of the Shrines of Bahá'u'lláh, the Báb and 'Abdu'l-Bahá, in Bahá'í World Vol. 3 (1928-1930) (1930). Five pictures of the shrines of the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh, and 'Abdu'l-Bahá. [about]
  6. Posted 2023-09-23, in Unpublished Articles:   Adel Shafipour. تاريخ امرئی بهايی روشنکوه: History of the Bahá'í Faith in Roshankoh (2022). History of the Faith in an Iranian town (also transliterated Roshankouh, Roshan Kouh, and Rowshan Kuh), known recently for the destruction of Bahá'í homes in August 2021. [about]
  7. Posted 2023-09-22, in Poetry:   Adelbert Muhlschlegel. Adelbert Mühlschlegel: Seine Gedichte in zwei Sprachen: His Poetry in Two Languages (2010). Overview of the life of this Hand of the Cause, written by his daughter and son-in-law, and a selection of 31 poems, with the original German and English translation presented side-by-side. [about]
  8. Posted 2023-09-22, in Books:   Harry Liedtke. Humanity and the Universe: Mirror of the Unknown (1996). A study of the origin and nature of the universe in light of Bahá'í texts; creation and evolution; cosmology and life in the universe; technological progress; science and religion; the nature of time, our senses, and free will. [about]
  9. Posted 2023-09-21, in NSA Compilations:   Shoghi Effendi and Universal House of Justice. Bahá'í Approach to Non-Involvement in Partisan Political Activity (2022). Resource for individual and group study, in light of the current civil and political unrest in the U.S., Iran, and the world; reasons for the Bahá’í stance against partisan activity and its approach to social change; Bahá'í use of social media. [about]
  10. Posted 2023-09-21, in Essays and short articles:   Harry Liedtke. Jalal Khazeh Remembered (2023). Memory of meeting a Hand of the Cause of God at the first Bahá'í World Congress, April 28, 1963, and a brief tangent on the history of Royal Albert Hall, London. [about]
  11. Posted 2023-09-21, in Published Articles:   Ali Akhbar Abaib Mas Rabbani Lubis and Sulaiman. Politics of Recognition, Society, and Law, The: The Role of Muslim Society and the Kubu Raya Local Government in the Struggle of the Bahá'ís, in Millah: Journal of Religious Studies 21:3 (2022). The experience of Bahá'ís in Indonesia, specifically the region of Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan, where they face rejection in society and restrictions on civil rights; relationships between the Baha’is and the majority Muslim community and local government. [about]
  12. Posted 2023-09-21, in Letters from the Universal House of Justice:   Universal House of Justice. Spiritual Health of American Community, in The American Bahá'í (1991). Publication of a letter addressing an individual's concerns for the spiritual health of the American Bahá’í community, and suggestions for personal action. (Letter dated Dec. 24 1990, published March 1991.) [about]
  13. Posted 2023-09-20, in Newspaper articles:   Abdel Karim Effendi: He Visits America and Sets Aside the False Teachings of Dr. Kheiralla, in Star of the Magi: A Monthly Journal of Occult Science, Art and Philosophy 1:9 (1900). A short account in a non-Bahá'í periodical of Haji Abdu'l-Karim Effendi's visit to New York in May 1900 to counter Ibrahim Kheiralla's actions against the Covenant. [about]
  14. Posted 2023-09-20, in Unpublished Articles:   Bahman Nadimi. Bahá'í View on Biological Evolution: Exploring Bahá'í Perspectives on the Intersection of Theology and Science (2023). Intersection of theology and science; philosophers of the past; 'Abdu’l-Bahá's and Shoghi Effendi's comparisons of Eastern and Western philosophers and their statements on science; metaphysical principles; moral implications of the evolutionary model. [about]
  15. Posted 2023-09-20, in Published Articles:   Todd Lawson. Cosmopolitan World of the Quran and Late Antique Humanism, The, in Religions 12:8 (2021). On the Qur'an's use of the themes of epic and apocalypse to reveal its most cherished sacred truths: the Oneness of God, the Oneness of Religion, and the Oneness of Humanity. Contains no mention of the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  16. Posted 2023-09-20, in Unpublished Articles:   Pierre Daoust. La Condition Humaine: âme, raison, conscience (2023). Cet article propose un tour d'horizon des Écrits sur les notions d'âme, de raison et de conscience et en tire des conclusions sur la condition et la noblesse de l'être humain. [about]
  17. Posted 2023-09-20, in Unpublished Articles:   Filip Boicu. Notes on Uncertainty & the World: Theories for Social Change? A Framing (2023). On what theories are dominant in a particular setting via the use of a basic grid; social and religious applications; religions, social change, and strategies for growth; gaps in existing Bahá'í literature. [about]
  18. Posted 2023-09-20, in Published Articles:   Todd Lawson. Qur'anic Kerygma: Epic, Apocalypse, and Typological Figuration, in Routledge Companion to the Qur'an chapter 17 (2022). Article contains no mention of the Bábí or Bahá'í Faiths, but includes themes of relevance to Bahá'í teachings on the typologies of proclamation and apocalypse. [about]
  19. Posted 2023-09-20, in Book Reviews:   Todd Lawson. Translator of Desires: Poems by Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabí, trans. by Michael Sells: Review, in Journal of the Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi Society 72 (2022). Book review includes a brief discussion of the word tarjumán, "translation" (and the name of a Bahá'í email list), and touches on themes relevant to the Bahá'í Writings, but contains no mention of the Bábí or Bahá'í Faiths. [about]
  20. Posted 2023-09-19, in Pilgrims' notes:   Jeanne Kranen. A Pilgrimage Excerpt from the Story of Jeanne Kranen (2013). [about]
  21. Posted 2023-09-19, in Essays and short articles:   Horace Holley. Angel in the Garrison, The, in Star of the West 14:11 and 14:12 (1924). An essay critiquing modern psychology's materialistic approach, advocating a shift in consciousness towards spiritual understanding, and referencing the story of Job as a metaphor for spiritual transformation. [about]
  22. Posted 2023-09-19, in Biographies:   Frances Bradford Jones Edelstein. Memoirs of Frances Bradford Jones Edelstein (1999). Memoirs of the first pioneer to Famagusta (as requested by Shoghi Effendi to pioneer from the City of the Covenant to the City of the Arch-Breaker of the Covenant), and pilgrim to Haifa in December 1953. First written June 1985, completed April 1999. [about]
  23. Posted 2023-09-18, in Fiction:   Dana Paxson. Out of Plato's Cave: A Dream Journey of Science, Philosophy, and Spirit, Featuring Crashes of Memoir, Dashes of Song and Rhyme, Florid Stagings of Drama, Wise Birds, Hungry Beasts, and a Garnish of Rebellious Footnotery (2017). Book-length essay on the consistency of science and religion, treated as a work of fiction about the journey of the main character Will, who is accompanied by the mysterious Jeddin and other strange beings; includes many selections from the Writings. [about]
  24. Posted 2023-09-13, in Book excerpts:   Richard N. Frye. Persia (1968). Excerpt from a book on the history of Iran. Includes mention of Bahá'í schools in the early twentieth century. [about]
  25. Posted 2023-09-12, in Book excerpts:   Dorothy de Warzee. Peeps Into Persia (1913). Brief mention of the Bahá'í Faith in a travelogue about Persia. [about]
  26. Posted 2023-09-07, in Unpublished Articles:   Ted Brownstein. Black and Beautiful: Skin Color in the Biblical Song of Songs (2023). Racial biases can be found in several translations of the biblical Song of Solomon; a look at the original Hebrew from the perspectives of morphology and syntax can give insights into a contextually accurate translation of these controversial passages. [about]
  27. Posted 2023-09-06, in Book excerpts:   Archie Bell. Meeting a Prophet, in The Spell of the Holy Land (1915). Book chapter containing three interviews with 'Abdu'l-Bahá at the Sea of Galilee. [about]
  28. Posted 2023-09-03, in Letters from the Universal House of Justice:   Universal House of Justice. Historical Background of the Lawh-i-Aflákíyyih, Tablet of the Universe (2014). One-paragraph summary of the date and addressee of Abdu'l-Bahá's Lawḥ-i-Aflákíyyih / Lawḥ-i-Áfáqíyyih (Tablet of the Universe), with short list of scholarly references. [about]
  29. Posted 2023-09-03, in Newspaper articles:   Moshe Gilad. 'This Place Has a Major Historical Value Since Prophet Elijah. How Can They Do This?', in Haaretz (2023). An Israeli army base is set to be vacated in Haifa's Stella Maris area, which houses a Carmelite monastery and a Bahá'í holy site. Residents are horrified at the idea of turning such a rich historical site into housing. [about]
  30. Posted 2023-09-02, in Book excerpts:   Richard G. Badger. Mahdi in Persia and Syria, The, in Messiahs Christian and Pagan (1918). Extract on the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths, in a book exploring the concept of the Mahdi, a messianic figure in Islamic tradition. [about]
  31. Posted 2023-09-02, in Book excerpts:   Merwin Bannister. Our Own Times: A Continuous History of the Twentieth Century (1904). Brief mention of the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  32. Posted 2023-09-02, in Book excerpts:   James Bassett. Persia: The Land of the Imams (1886). Brief mention of the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths. [about]
  33. Posted 2023-08-25, in Book Reviews:   Tom Lysaght. Body of God: A Reader's Guide to Bahá'u'lláh's Surih of the Temple, by John Hatcher: Review (2023). Review of John Hatcher's book about Bahá'u'lláh's Súriy-i-Haykal (Súrih of the Temple). [about]
  34. Posted 2023-08-25, in Poetry:   Jalal Sunstrum. Chase's Chaste Chase: Poems (2023). Twelve poems on the theme of facing reality on our way to the promised land of world peace and joy. The title is in honor of Thornton Chase. [about]
  35. Posted 2023-08-25, in Published Articles:   Shahrzad Sabet. Crisis of Identity, The, in Bahá'í World (2023). Exploring how the Bahá’í principle of the oneness of humanity can resolve the seemingly intractable tension between oneness and diversity. [about]
  36. Posted 2023-08-25, in Book excerpts:   List of Works in the New York Public Library Relating to Arabia and the Arabs, Arabic Philosophy, Science and Literature, in Bulletin of the New York Public Library Vol. 15:1 (January 1911) (1911). A single entry "Daghistani" and a section "Muhammadanism / Sects / Babis." [about]
  37. Posted 2023-08-25, in Book excerpts:   List of Works in the New York Public Library Relating to Persia: Babism and Behaism, in Bulletin of the New York Public Library (1915). Section "Religion / Parsees / Babism and Behaism." [about]
  38. Posted 2023-08-25, in Software:   David William House. Microsoft Word Autocorrect Tool for Bahá'í Words (2018). A set of about 180 proper nouns encountered in the Bahá'í Faith, which can be added to the custom dictionary in Microsoft Word to help automate their orthography and transliteration. [about]
  39. Posted 2023-08-25, in Published Articles:   Benjamin Schewel. Modernity as an Age of Transition, in Bahá'í World (2023). Modernity reconceptualized as a period of humanity’s collective adolescence; origins of the modern age of transition; ideological frustration; toward a new horizon of research and intellectual activity. [about]
  40. Posted 2023-08-25, in NSA Compilations:   Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá. Principios de Administración Bahá'í (Una compilación) (1961). Spanish translation of Principles of Bahá'í Administration [about]
  41. Posted 2023-08-25, in Published Articles:   Roshan Danesh and Douglas White III. Rising to the Challenge of Reconciliation, in Bahá'í World (2023). Analyzing the legacy of colonialism and racism in Canada and examining the profound, multifaceted process of social transformation that genuine reconciliation implies. [about]
  42. Posted 2023-08-24, in Bahá'í Writings:   Bahá'u'lláh. Additional Tablets and Extracts from Tablets Revealed by Bahá'u'lláh (2018). 80 selections, updated August 2023. [about]
  43. Posted 2023-08-24, in Books:   Chowghi Rouhani. Bahá'u'lláh et le Carmel (2017). Bahá’u’lláh honore la terre sainte; la révélation de la Tablette du Carmel; la grande resurrection; la levée des scellés al-rahiq-ul-makhtoom; le mystère des quatre lettres saintes; Shoghi Effendi et le projet du Carmel; le centre administratif mondial. [about]
  44. Posted 2023-08-24, in Published Articles:   Salim A. Nakhjavani. Constitutional Coherence and the Legal Status of the Bahá'í Community of Iran, in FICHL Policy Brief Series No. 70 (2016). Constitutional coherence as a process norm; unfulfilled constitutional promises; aspects of the Iranian constitution and the lived experience of the Bahá'í community. [about]
  45. Posted 2023-08-24, in Published Articles:   Michael Sabet. Democracy Built on Communicative Action, A: Bahá'í Political Practice as a Prefigurative Resource for Institutional Effectiveness, Accountability, and Inclusivity, in Frontiers in Sociolology 8 (2023). Habermas' mode for coordinating society grounded in deliberation; the critical role of prefigurative politics; the Bahá'í community demonstrates effective norms and practices; [about]
  46. Posted 2023-08-24, in Biographies:   Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwell) Khanum and Rowshan Mustapha. Enoch Olinga: Hand of the Cause of God (2001). Lengthy biography of a Hand of the Cause, published in the In Memoriam section of Bahá'í World (1986), followed by a separate section "Enoch Olinga, Reminiscences of Moments with Him," by Rowshan Mustapha. [about]
  47. Posted 2023-08-24, in Books:   Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwell) Khanum and Rowshan Mustapha. Enoch Olinga: Main de la cause de Dieu (2006). French version of Ruhiyyih Khanum's "Enoch Olinga, Hand of the Cause of God" (Bahá'í World 18, 1986). Followed by a separate translation of Rowshan Mustapha's "Enoch Olinga, Reminiscences of Moments with Him." Translation anonymous or by committee. [about]
  48. Posted 2023-08-24, in Essays and short articles:   Grover Gonzales. God, the Conscious Energy (2023). Thoughts on the transference between matter and energy, the energetic nature of miracles, science and religion, Einstein's equation E=mc2, and Bahá'u'lláh's explanations of the First Cause and the divine creative force. [about]
  49. Posted 2023-08-24, in Published Articles:   Saman Sabeti. Iran's Systemic Denial of Access to Higher Education, in FICHL Policy Brief Series No. 84 (2017). Discrimination as embedded in the Iranian Constitution and in higher education since 1979; dismissal and expulsion; exclusion by application form; exclusion by process; how the victims have responded. [about]
  50. Posted 2023-08-24, in Published Articles:   Bani Dugal. Non-Governmental Perspective on the Relative Effectiveness of Multilateral and Bilateral Measures to Combat Hate Speech, A: An Analysis of Tools Deployed in Response to Religious Hate Speech in Iran, in Religion, Hateful Expression and Violence 41:23 (2023). International Human Rights framework; Iran's obligations under international law; history of Bahá'í persecution; connections between media, propaganda, and violence; reactions and responses to hate speech from the United Nations and the global community. [about]
  51. Posted 2023-08-24, in Books:   Kenneth D. Stephens. So Great a Cause!: A Surprising New Look at the Latter Day Saints (1973). A thorough overview of parallels in the thought of Mormonism and the Bahá'í Faith. Book offsite, available free online as a temporary loan. [about]
  52. Posted 2023-08-24, in Published Articles:   Tadeja Jere Jakulin. Systems Approach in the World Heritage Site Bahá'í Gardens, in Academica Turistica - Tourism and Innovation Journal 16:1 (2023). Functioning and management of the Bahá'í gardens in harmony with the social environment, the natural surroundings, pilgrims, and tourists; the interplay between theory and the practical application of systems thinking for tourism and UNESCO heritage. [about]
  53. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Mina Yazdani and Omid Ghaemmaghami. Ante Litteram Critique of Orientalism, An: The Case of Abu'l-Fadá'il-i-Gulpáyigání and E.G. Browne, in Religions 14:6 (2023). Gulpaygani’s analysis of Orientalism as presented in his book Kashfu'l-Ghitá', which focused on the Cambridge scholar E.G. Browne and how his worldview prefigured that of Edward Said; colonial power relations. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  54. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Zackery Mirza Heern. Báb and 'Alí Muhammad, Islamic and Post-Islamic, The: Multiple Meanings in the Writings of Sayyid 'Alí Muhammad Shírází (1819-1850), in Religions 14:3 (2023). Writings of the Báb can be understood as a commentary on the Qur'án, the original Qur'án, and divine revelation; the metaphors and symbolism of Gate (Báb), Remembrance (Dhikr), and Point (Nuqtah). Link to article (offsite). [about]
  55. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam. Báb on the Rights of Women, The, in Religions 14:6 (2023). Statements of the Báb on issues such as mutʿah and tahlíl marriages, polygyny, bridal consent, divorce and spousal relations, and their significance for the rights of women in Muslim juridical opinions and social customs. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  56. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Wendi Momen. Bahá'í Faith and the Equality, Rights, and Advancement of Women, The: A Survey of Principles, Praxis, and Discourse, in Religions 14:4 (2023). Equality of women and men; education, advancement, and rights of women and girls; their application within the Bahá’í community; Bahá'í individual and institutional efforts to influence the international discourse on women. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  57. Posted 2023-08-23, in Books:   Rowshan Mustapha. Bahá'í Faith in Egypt, The: A Historical Survey of the First Twelve Decades (2023). Detailed chronology and lengthy chapters on Bahá'u'lláh's blessings to Egypt, Abdu'l-Bahá's travels, the origins of the Egyptian Bahá'í community, teaching plans, and growth of the administration 1911 through 1981. [about]
  58. Posted 2023-08-23, in Books:   Bahá'í Faith, The: Doctrinal and Historical Explorations, in Religions 14 (2023). Twelve articles in a special issue "The Bahá'í Faith: Doctrinal and Historical Explorations" of the journal Religions, volume 14 (sub-issue numbers 3, 4, and 6). Links to articles offsite. [about]
  59. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Christopher Buck and Youli A. Ioannesyan. Last Prophet and Last Day: Shaykhí, Bábí and Bahá'í Exegesis of the 'Seal of the Prophets' (Q. 33:40), in Religions 14:3 (2023). Survey and analysis of viewpoints on the meaning of "Seal of the Prophets"; the prophetic cycle and cycle of fulfillment; metaphorical and spiritual understandings of the "divine presence." Link to article (offsite). [about]
  60. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Sholeh A. Quinn. Mi'ráj in Select Shaykhí, Bábí, and Bahá'í Texts, The, in Religions 14:3 (2023). The ascension of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven, and commentary on its meanings by religious leaders associated with the the Shaykhí, Bábí, and Bahá'í movements. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  61. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Todd Lawson. Role of Wonder in Creating Identity, The, in Religions 14:6 (2023). The term badí', "wondrous" or "new," is used dozens of times by the Báb in his proclamatory work the Qayyúm al-Asmáʾ. Wonder plays a major role in Bábí and Bahá'í thought and practice, and in their ethos and message. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  62. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Tova Makhani-Belkin. 'This Is a Progression, Not Conversion': Narratives of First-Generation Bahá'ís, in Religions 14:3 (2023). Unlike personal transformation experiences in Christianity, religious conversion to the Bahá'í Faith is more often described as a gradual personal and spiritual growth analogous to progressive revelation. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  63. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Stephen Lambden. Translation of the Arabic Du'á' al-Sahar (The Dawn Supplication) or Du'á' al-Bahá' (The Supplication of Splendour) with Select Expository Scriptural Writings of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh, A, in Religions 14:3 (2023). Translation of and commentary on the Shí'í "dawn supplication" for the Islamic month of Ramadán, and its symbolic exploration in Bábí and Bahá'í texts. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  64. Posted 2023-08-23, in Published Articles:   Moojan Momen. Who Was a Bahá'í in the Upper Echelons of Qájár Iran?, in Religions 14:4 (2023). The nature of multiple religious identities in a traditional society; five criteria by which many individuals can be identified as having secretly been Bahá'ís in the ruling society and administration of Qájár Iran. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  65. Posted 2023-08-17, in BIC Documents:   Bahá'í International Community. One Planet, One Habitation: A Bahá'í Perspective on Recasting Humanity's Relationship with the Natural World (2022). A pictorial magazine-style overview of Bahá'í views on the environment, trusteeship, development, progress, and spirituality. [about]
  66. Posted 2023-08-16, in BWC Compilations:   Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá. To Set the World in Order: Building and Preserving Strong Marriages (2023). The cause of unity; creating families that illuminate the world; the ideal milieu for learning the principles of consultation; addressing challenges. [about]
  67. Posted 2023-08-15, in Essays and short articles:   Geoffrey Nash. Can There Be a Bahá'í Poetry?, in Bahá'í World Vol. 17 (1976-1979) (1981). The poetic vision; poetry in the 1800s; themes of Bahá'í poetry; the use of profane imagery. [about]
  68. Posted 2023-08-15, in Published Articles:   Geoffrey Nash. Impact of Fear and Authority on Islamic and Bahá'í Modernisms in the Late Modern Age, The: A Liberal Perspective, in Religions 6 (2015). Anthony Giddens and Charles Taylor’s conceptualisation of the self in the secular age; rationality, independent inquiry, and theophanic transformation; suggestions for a progressive religious approach in late modernity. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  69. Posted 2023-08-15, in Unpublished Articles:   Geoffrey Nash. Oppression and Universalism in Selected Palestinian and Bahá'í Poetry: A Contrastive Analysis (2022). Contrast of literatures informed by dispossession and oppression; the thought and context of Bahá'í poet Robert Hayden (1913-80) and Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008); martyrdom; universal humanism. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  70. Posted 2023-08-15, in Book Reviews:   Dietrich Jung. Religion, Orientalism and Modernity: Mahdi Movements of Iran and South Asia, by Geoffrey Nash: Review (2023). Link to review (offsite). [about]
  71. Posted 2023-08-15, in Published Articles:   Geoffrey Nash. What is Bahá'í Orientalism?, in Humanities 10:2 (2021). Postcolonial theory can help analyze religious writing; Edward Said and the concept of mutual othering; power and knowledge are linked in the production of Orientalist discourse. Link to article (offsite). [about]
  72. Posted 2023-08-10, in Unpublished Articles:   Adib Masumian. Lawh-i-Hamd-i-Musha'sha' (The Tablet of the Effulgent Praise), The: A Little-Known but Significant Early Writing of Bahá'u'lláh (2023). The Lawḥ-i-Ḥamd-i-Musha‘sha‘ is a Tablet of Bahá'u'lláh from the early 1850s which gives evidence of His nascent theophany. This paper proposes dates for its revelation, discusses the historical context, and gives an analysis of selected passages. [about]
  73. Posted 2023-08-09, in Published Articles:   Gerald Filson. Mind: "The Power of the Human Spirit", in Journal of Bahá'í Studies 32:3-4 (2023). Correlating Bahá’í concepts of the mind with insights from philosophy; conceptual ways of knowing; implications of language for philosophy of mind; science and religion both shed light on the capacities and nature of the mind, including the spiritual. [about]
  74. Posted 2023-08-09, in Published Articles:   John S. Hatcher. Mizán of Affect in Material v. Metaphysical Models of Human Consciousness, The, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies 32:3-4 (2023). Though Bahá'í teachings hold that the soul progresses after the body ceases to exist, the physical brain is essential to our development; emotional processing requires a healthy brain; the brain-as-transceiver model can help treat affective disorders. [about]
  75. Posted 2023-08-08, in BIC Documents:   Bahá'í International Community. Beyond Legal Reforms: Culture and Capacity in the Eradication of Violence Against Women and Girls (2006). Statement on the epidemic of violence against women around the world, as perpetuated by social norms, religious fanaticism, and economic and political exploitation; necessary educational objectives and legal frameworks. [about]
  76. Posted 2023-08-08, in Books:   Bahá'u'lláh. Glad Tidings of Bahá'u'lláh, The: Being Extracts from the Sacred Writings of the Bahá'ís (1949). A compilation with some notes, on the topics of building the world, God’s command and exhortation, proclamation of the day of God, and the journey of the soul. [about]
  77. Posted 2023-08-08, in Book Reviews:   Jack McLean. The Life of Laura Barney, by Mona Khademi: Review, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies 32:3-4 (2023). [about]
  78. Posted 2023-08-08, in Book Reviews:   Michael Sabet. The World of the Bahá'í Faith, ed. Robert H. Stockman: Review, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies 32:3-4 (2023). [about]
  79. Posted 2023-08-04, in Essays and short articles:   Boris Handal. Áqá Buzurg, Entitled Badí "The Wonderful" (2023). Áqá Buzurg and Bahá'u'lláh's Lawh-i-Sultán; Tablet to Badí from Bahá'u'lláh; the Pride of the Martyrs of the Bahá'í Faith; excerpts from the Lawh-i-Sultán. [about]
  80. Posted 2023-08-04, in Essays and short articles:   Boris Handal. Ásíyih Khánum Called Navváb, Entitled Varaqiy-i-Ulyá "The Most Exalted Leaf," the Wife of Bahá'u'lláh (2023). The story of Bahá'u'lláh's wife Ásíyih Khánum, entitled Navváb (1820–1886), covering her life in Iran, Baghdád, Istanbul, Adrianople, and 'Akká. [about]
  81. Posted 2023-08-04, in Essays and short articles:   Boris Handal. Family of Mullá Husayn, The (2023). The life, context, and times of Mullá Husayn-i-Bushrú’í (1813-1849), the Bábu'l-Báb, "Gate of the Gate." [about]
  82. Posted 2023-08-04, in Essays and short articles:   Boris Handal. Siyyid Yahyá-i-Dárábí, Entitled Vahíd "The Incomparable" (2023). The Commissioner of Muhammad Sháh; Bahá'u'lláh in Tehran; the episodes of Yazd and Nayríz. [about]
  83. Posted 2023-08-03, in BIC Documents:   Bahá'í International Community. Reflections of Our Values: Digital Technologies and a Just Transition (2021). A statement to the 59th session of the Commission for Social Development on technological innovation, consultation on technological adoption, and working inclusively between communities and governments. [about]
  84. Posted 2023-08-03, in Theses:   Mina Yazdani. Religious Contentions in Modern Iran, 1881-1941 (2011). In 20th-century Iran, anti-Bahaism played a role in transforming Shi'i religious piety into the political ideology known as Islamism; Bahá'ís became branded as Iran's internal "other"; role of The Confessions of Dolgoruki. Link to thesis (offsite). [about]
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