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Structural or systemic improvements necessary for future Baha'i Library expansion (excluding minor changes or new content), projected for 2018.

Proposed changes for Version 5

by Jonah Winters

Once a year or so the Library grows enough to warrant a sub-version number (see Once every five years, on average, the Library evolves enough to warrant a new version; see past versions. This document will track proposed changes to Version 5, circa 2017. It will not include all requested changes, as there are too many to possibly consider; see all those in Brett's and my To-Do list. Rather, this document will list changes that are more feasible or more necessary.

I anticipate 2018 because it'll take all of 2015-2016 to finish migrating all the data and adding metadata for documents posted prior to 2004, and then a year of planning and programming the new system.

Some planned changes:
  1. "One Database to Rule Them All, One Database to Find Them." Something like

  2. Authority control for authors:, which would also solve the problem of multiple spellings, e.g. "Masumian" and "Ma'sumian".

  3. Comments/feedback system

  4. Edit history (name and date edited, and amount of text added or removed)

  5. Licenses and permissions. Separate editor/publisher. Change "open copyright". See

  6. List bios from bahai_world_memoriam_1992-1997
Done, as of 2016:
  1. Almost completed migration of all pre-2003 static HTML content (save for /Writings, which may never be migrated)
  2. Established a BitTorrent presence:
  3. Opened the Freenet frontier:
  4. Completed entry of dates and implemented date searchability
  5. Add a tag cloud, and enabled multiple cross-referencing
  6. Created Chronology database and integrated it with the new Date search, Tags, and Places
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