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Religion more than just Christianity

Phoenix Wolfe (Letter to the Editor)
September 06, 1995

To The Editor:

The article of August 28, entitled 'Religion Touching More Students' Lives' would be more aptly been titled 'Christianity, etc.,' considering that Christianity was the only religion mentioned in the body of the article.

The word 'religion' encompasses many more traditions than that, many of which are also represented on campus. These include Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, Baha'i and even (gasp) PAGANS!

Many of us non-Christian types get quite rankled when left out of the ongoing spiritual dialog.

We feel we have traditions and stability to offer the seeking student and would like an equal opportunity to present our option in the free marketplace of ideas that is ISU and America.

Perhaps a series of articles discussing various campus worship and discussion groups might be an appealing idea.

Phoenix Wolfe
Ames resident

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