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A directive from the UN NSA that Baha'is should refrain from using "Baha'i words" as the account name in email addresses.
It is not entirely clear to me what is meant by an "e-mail domain address," as a domain has the same name whether it forms part of a URL or part of an email address (e.g. "" or "" vs. ""). It seems that the intended guidance is that one should not choose email account names containing key Baha'i terms, e.g. "" would be disallowed. [-J.W.]

See also a WIPO legal ruling finding that "Baha'i" is a trademarked term and cannot be used fraudulently in domain names.

Use of appropriate domain names by Bahá'ís on the Internet

by National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom

published in Bahá'í Journal (UK), pages 17-18
The National Spiritual Assembly has received queries, and expressions of concern, from Bahá'ís about the use of "Bahá'í" words in e-mail addresses World Web [sic] URLs. It sought the views of the Universal House of Justice, and having received them shares this guidance with the community.

The House said that "Your concern that email names and URL addresses selected by individuals should in no way appear to diminish the dignity of the Faith is legitimate, and while there is no specific policy on this issue, you should not feel restrained in assisting the friends to exercise good judgement when choosing domain names."

In the light of this, the National Spiritual Assembly has decided that individuals should not use e-mail domain addresses containing the name of the Faith, or of the Central Figures of the Faith, or variations on any of these.

Institutions and agencies of the administration remain free to use the word Bahá'í (Bahai, bahai) as part of their official e-mail domain name.

The Assembly recognises that the word Bahá'í, in various forms, is often an essential part of World Wide Web URLs, and without it these sites may not be found by those searching the Web. Individuals are therefore still free to use it in Web URLs.
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