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TAGS: Esotericism; Occultism; Paganism; Robert Felkin
LOCATIONS: United Kingdom
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Felkin was a physician, missionary, a Bahá'í — and a Golden Dawn "magician" searching for esoteric truths.
Paper given at the ABS Seminar in Newcastle, July 14 2012. Mirrored with permission from

The Extraordinary Life and Work of Robert Felkin, Bahá'í Mage

by Lil Osborn

Abstract: In investigating the relationship between the Baha’is and the Western Esoteric Tradition, several individuals emerge as important in both circles, however, none are as prominent in as many fields as Robert Felkin. Felkin was notable as a physician, a missionary, an Anglican, a magician and a Baha’i. The purpose of this paper is to examine his life and work in the context of his search for Ascended Masters and the multiplicity of identities and roles he assumed. The other two papers in this series are Alice Buckton: Bahá'í Mystic, and Wellesley Tudor Pole: Bahá'í Seer. See also The Bahá'í Faith and the Western Esoteric Tradition.
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