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Making the Crooked Straight, by Udo Schaefer, Nicola Towfigh, and Ulrich Gollmer:

by Iain S. Palin

published in Bahá'í Journal (UK)
2000 November
Making the Crooked Straight: A Contribution to Bahá'í Apologetics
Authors: Udo Schaefer, Nicola Towfigh, and Ulrich Gollmer
Translated from German by: Geraldine Schuckelt
Published by: George Ronald, Oxford, 2001, 862 pages
Original title: Desinformation als Methode: Die Bahá'ísmus-Monographie des F. Ficicchia (Georg Olms Verlag GmbH, 1995)
Review by: Iain S. Palin
Review published in Bahá'í Journal UK November/December 2000

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