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Variations on a script for 1-3 voices, with both monologue and presentation versions, consisting of fictionalized retelling of stories about Abdu'l-Bahá visiting America.

Remembering The Master

by Rhonda Palmer and Anne Gordon Perry

About: These scripts are variations on the same original one, by Rhonda Palmer, with additions by Anne Perry. Palmer and Perry have prepared multiple variations on this script, some with one character, others two or three characters, some with the characters switched, and some versions shortened. In other words, the material is flexible to fit a situation. There is also a version designed for presentation, with PowerPoint images to go with various scripts. Microsoft Word versions are included, so users may add the images as they like.

Though the characters in the scripts are fictitious, they are referring to actual events connected to 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Stories are drawn from Allan Ward's 239 Days: Abdu'l-Bahá's Journey in America (1979), Jacqueline Mehrabi's Stories of 'Abdul-Bahá, (1996), Howard Colby Ives' Portals to Freedom (1937), Lady Blomfield's The Chosen Highway (1940), et al. (Download an audio production of this monologue at

Version with one character: palmer_perry_remembering_master_one_character.pdf
Version with one character,
Version with two characters: palmer_perry_remembering_master_two_characters.pdf
Above two-character version
with slide cues:
PowerPoint slides for above version,
or for using as you like:
palmer_perry_remembering_master.ppt (42 MB)
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