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Video talk by a person who had a life-changing near death experience as a teenager, became a seeker and Bahá'í, and did talks about her experience which also gave her the opportunity to teach about the Bahá'í Faith.
See also the author's obituary. See also her book Answers from Heaven: The Near-Death Experiences of Reinee Pasarow. (

Near Death Experience

by Reinee Pasarow

About: Thousands of people have been entranced by the videos describing Reinee Pasarow’s Near Death Experiences. Now, for the first time, her full story has been told in print.

Here is one of the most detailed descriptions of an NDE ever recorded. Reinee was clinically dead for several minutes as a result of an allergic reaction to medication when she was a teen. During this time, she witnessed from “above” the dramatic events surrounding her trip to the hospital and the extraordinary efforts made to revive her.

Even more inspiring is her description of “moving on” and her meeting with her deceased uncle and a radiant “Being of Light.” This Being let her review the significant moments of her life – moments of love, connection and compassion – and then gave her a glimpse of the future of humanity. (from

1. Short version

This is a clip of a much longer video [below] recorded at the Denver Bahá'í Center in February 1993. This excerpt is from the Q&A, answering questions about individual self, time, and suffering. Her answer may not be satisfying and it is certain that from our limited within-time-perspective cannot be fully understood, but this an exceptionally clear explanation. (from

2. Full video

This is the original video that was filmed and brought to Youtube by Rahmat1919 and is one hour and 30 minutes long , Renee Pasarow was as a teenager when she had a NDE after she became unconscious following an allergic food reaction. Her NDE is unusual because it contains mystical elements such as an encounter with and immersion into the Sacred Light. (from
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