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PDF Support

For ease of reading, most PDFs are "embedded" in the webpage. That means, the document will display in your browser like a normal webpage. If you do not see the document, try the following:
  1. First thing to try: click on the "download" link. You will then have the option to save the document to your computer, where you can open it with a PDF reader of your choice (e.g. Acrobat Reader for Windows or Preview for Mac).
  2. Different computers will show PDFs at different sizes. If it's the wrong size for your window, try right-clicking (Control-click on Mac) to change view size.
  3. If accented letters (e.g. Bahá'í) look funny in your PDF, it's probably a font issue in the browser; just click the "download" link, then open it from your Downloads folder using Acrobat or Preview.
  4. Firefox: If you're using Firefox as your browser, see Opening PDF Files within Firefox. Windows machines should automatically use the Acrobat plugin; Macs will need an add-on like PDF Viewer.
  5. Safari: On a Mac or Windows, Safari should automatically display a PDF if Acrobat Reader is installed. If you've installed Acrobat (and restarted your computer) and it's still not working, see Apple's help page.
  6. Chrome: On both Windows and Mac, Chrome should automatically display a PDF.
  7. Any other tips or corrections? Send us an email.
  8. Do any PDFs not load for you, or any other problems? Send us an email.

Note: I recognize that embedding PDFs in the webpage can present problems, such as the embedded window for the PDF being the wrong size for the PDF itself. This varies by browser, but I have made the windows the proper size for the majority of browsers. Hopefully a better solution will come along. [-J.W.]
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