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Dianne Bradford: Deepening and teaching materials

I don't really know what to say for a bio. I'm just a humble maidservant deeply in love with Baha`u'llah and grateful for any service He assigns me and enables me to complete. The Seeker's Passage, The Hidden Words Course and the Course on Teaching the Bahá'í Faith to Christians are such services and I only wish for them to be useful in the teaching and deepening efforts of the friends. My degrees are in nursing (LPN) and an A.S. in computer programming. I was unable to complete my B.S. due to a stroke I suffered in 1991. Interestingly enough (and hopefully encouraging to others working also with a handicap of some kind), it was my stroke that afforded me the time I needed to complete those three projects as well as to increase my prayer, study and memorization of the Writings.

I am currently [1999] working on compiling stories of the Hands of the Cause, and of course anything else my Beloved guides me to work on. I am divorced and have 2 grown children and one son-in-law. The Seeker's Passage's newsletters and the Hidden Words course and the course on teaching Christians have all passed review.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please email me at

    In His service,
    Dianne B.
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