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Links for and information about an American Indian artist, author, and speaker from Idaho, who has been assisting with for over a decade.

Personal Page:
Paula Bidwell


  • Facebook personal page
  • Facebook page for Early Native Baha’is
  • A compilation of over a decade of research on the early history of Native American Baha’is from 1910 through the 1960’s. This endeavor is a continuing project and is updated frequently. The website contains select biographies and history of some early Native American Bahai’s listed by Tribe and Nation.
  • A collaborative project based on healing the relationship between the early settlers and the original inhabitants of the United States, the American Indians. This project begins with the United States National holiday called “Thanksgiving”, which is often a child’s first introduction to multicultural interactions. The project addresses stereotypes used in school books and offers many culturally appropriate alternatives for teachers, parents and other educators. The project also includes a Baha’i Children’s Class coloring book using the life story of Squanto to illustrated with quotes from the Baha’i Writings. See also Manyhoops Facebook group or Baha’i Childrens' Class Squanto Coloring book.
  • Since January 2015 Paula has been contributing to and updating the Online Bahá'í Chronology.

Papers, articles, presentations and artwork

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