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Personal Page:
Sonja van Kerkhoff: arts reviews, essays



Born 1960, Hawera, Taranaki, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

She joined the Bahá´í Faith in 1981 in Dunedin while a student at art school there.
1984-86: with Sen McGlinn were caretakers of the Dunedin Bahá´í Centre.
1989: moved to Maastricht, The Netherlands to further her art studies. 1996-99: was a member of the Hague Bahá´í community.
She and Sen McGlinn have lived in Leiden, The Netherlands since 1999 with their two sons.
Sonja joined BAFA (The Bahá´í Association for the Arts) in 1989 and took over the editing of the quarterly in 1991.
She runs the website and is working on a book on the arts, "Just Let the Wind - The art and the Bahá´í Association for the Arts".


Bahá´í Association for the Arts This website has been online since 1999 and is sponsored on the Bahá´í Library website. The publications began in 1986 and continued until 2002.

Sonja's art website animation, video, performance, sculpture, installation, painting, print.Direct Link to Sonja's c.v.

Sonja's DESIGN website websites, educational games, posters, cd covers, illustrations...

Sonja's Just A Bahá´í Blog Various quotations can be found via the "Find" page.

Sonja's media, arts, travels Blog Usually monthly blogs.

Bahá´í Association for the Arts Website has been onine since 1999 and the publications began in 1986.

Rewriting the Script -some thoughts on gender roles and the Bahá´í Teachings-. 2000, a photo-essay submission for World Order magazine on the theme of gender. Not published.

Various Media Theory or New Media related Papers or Essays
Some are published. Some were given at conferences. Scroll down this page for links to presentations, art reviews and interviews with musicians, film makers, and visual artists.

Sonja's response to: "What is the Bahá´í Faith". With some links for more information.

The Bahá´í Faith in relation to Sonja's own art. Scroll down this page to articles on the theme of the arts and the Bahá´í Faith

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