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TAGS: Harper John Pettypiece
LOCATIONS: Canada; Iceland; United Kingdom
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Detailed life of a Canadian who found the Faith in 1952 in Toronto, and had personal experiences with many well-known Bahá'í figures and authors across North America and Europe.
The epub file was freely available online at a website now gone (and URL lost). Text was extracted from this ebook and a Microsoft Word version was then proofread, edited, and formatted by Mike Thomas (2023), and turned into the PDF below.

See more at J. Paul Pettypiece Family Tree, including an uncorrected HTML of this text, and see also an online biography of Paul Pettypiece.

Autobiography of Harper John Pettypiece (1921-2002)

by Harper John Pettypiece


1. PDF (see Word and epub below)

2. Word version (prepared by M. Thomas, 2023)

Click to download: pettypiece_harper_john_autobiography.docx.

3. Original ePub file (date unknown)

Click to download: pettypiece_harper_john_autobiography.epub.
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