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TAGS: Mashriqul-Adhkar (House of Worship); Poetry
LOCATIONS: Chicago; United States (documents)
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2-page description of the Bahá'í Temple in Wilmette, with a poem about it by Charles Collins published in the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago the Pagan

by Weimar Port

pages 167-168
Chicago: Judy Publishing Company, 1953

1. Poem by Charles Collins
from the Chicago Tribune (date not given), from page 168 of the book

Bahá'í Temple, domed from gray to white,
Is tipped with folded wings, all angel-wise,
Symbolic of the peace of prayer that lies
In sanctuaries, be it day or night
How intricately lovely to our sight,
Few things more exquisite beneath the skies —
A symphony to rest one's weary eyes
Or fill a heavy heart with quick delight.

Nonagonal, its delicate design,
With infinite detail of wonder, shows
Devotion from a people at a shrine.
Whatever one's belief, religion grows
When great harmonic beauty looms divine;
Then blessing from God's heaven overflows.

2. Complete excerpt from book Chicago the Pagan by Weimar Port

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