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A study of White's verse with a short biography and an analysis of the Bahá'í Faith.
Begun in the last years of Roger White's life, this book had an initial approval by White who read the first draft before he passed away in 1993.

This book is also available as a formatted PDF.

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Emergence of a Bahá'í Consciousness in World Literature:
The Poetry of Roger White

by Ron Price

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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
             (page numbers below differ from the Juxta edition and PDF)
  I.   Introduction  
         a. The Emergence of a Bahá'í Consciousness in World Literature    1   
         b. The Poem Not the Poet                                          14  
         c. Canada's Third Wave                                            35  
  II.  Biographical Account  
         a. The First Twenty-Five Years: 1929-1954                         43  
         b. The Second Twenty-Five Years: 1954-1979                        67  
  III. The Letters of Roger White                                          75  
  IV.  The Major Works of Roger White   
         a. Another Song Another Season: The Canadian Who Lives Here       98  
         b. The Witness of Pebbles                                         126  
         c. One Bird One Cage One Flight                                   150  
         d. A Novella: A Sudden Music and The Shell and the Pearl          184  
                'Martyrdom and Doing What is Under Your Nose'  
         e. A Poetry Reading: "Lipstick and Bruises"                       194  
         f. The Language of There                                          197  
                White: Meant for Beginners   
         g. Notes Postmarked: The Mountain of God                          216  
                White Exits: Smiling and Heading for 'There'   
         h. Occasions of Grace: An Introduction                            234  
  V.   Special Topics  
         a. White's History                                                239  
         b. A Galaxy of Characters                                         272  
         c. White's Future                                                 286   

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