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TAGS: Abul-Qasim Faizi; American University of Beirut; Hasan Balyuzi; Universities
LOCATIONS: Beirut; Lebanon
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The program of the weekly meetings of the Bahá'í students in the American University of Beirut during the Bahá'í year 84-95 (1927-1928), including presentations by A.Q. Faizi, H.M. Balyuzi, Hasan and Ali Dehgan, Eshagh and Abbas Eqbal, et al.
Original document is one large sheet of paper, 11"x22", printed on both sides. Images scanned by P. Afsharian, stitched together in Photoshop by J. Winters; list of full names below provided by Afsharian, with their contemporary transcription (e.g. Abbas Adib Eghbal for Abbas A. Ekbal, or Bagheroff for Bakeroff).
Language: English and Persian.

Program for the Activities of the Bahá'í Students in the American University of Beirut, 1927-1928

Names of presenters and chairpersons:
Massih Agah
Danesh Amiri
Abbas As’ad
Habib Bagheroff
Ali Bahador
A. Baheri
Hasan Balyuzi
Mrs. Doctor Barakat
Abdu'l-Ali Dehgan
Abdu'l-Hasan Dehgan
Abbas Adib Eghbal
Eshagh Eqbal
Abul Qasim Faizi
Farkhondeh Farokhzad
Gholam Hossein Naraghi Farokhzad
Kayhan Ghorban
Nosrat Ghorban
Zabih Ghorban
Mahmoud Hafezi
Binesh Haghjoo
Abdul Hakim
Abdullah Homayoun
Reza Irani
Gholam Maraghi
Zein Nour-ud-Dine
Ali Parviz
Ali Ruhi
Hasan Ruhi
Amin Vazirzadeh
Enayat Vazirzadeh
Nurul-din Zein

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