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TAGS: Bab, Burial of; Bab, Life of (documents); Bab, Martyrdom of; Bab, Remains of; Bab, Shrine of; Mount Carmel
LOCATIONS: Akka; Haifa; Iran (documents); Tihran
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Accounts by Mirza Hasan Adib Taliqani, Fadil Mazandarani, ‘Abdu’l-Husayn Avarih, and Aqa Husayn ‘Ali Nur.
See last page of PDF (below) for the illustrated "Journey of the Remains of His Holiness the Báb."

Efforts to preserve the remains of the Bab:
Four historical accounts

by Ahang Rabbani

published in Bahá'í Studies Review, 11, pages 83-95
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