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Twelve articles in a special issue "The Bahá'í Faith: Doctrinal and Historical Explorations" of the journal Religions, volume 14 (sub-issue numbers 3, 4, and 6). Links to articles offsite.
All articles online at, where they are also available in HTML and epub formats.

The Bahá'í Faith:
Doctrinal and Historical Explorations

published in Religions, 14
About: The Bahá'í Faith has been in existence for over 160 years and in that time has spread around the world such that there are now organized Bahá'í communities in almost every country of the world and, according to the statistics compiled by the Association of Religion Data Archives, over 7 million Bahá'ís.1 All such statistics can be problematized but what is undoubted is that the Bahá'í Faith has not received from the academic community the amount of attention and research that its size and rapid growth would warrant. Until recently, there have been only a handful of scholars in North America and Europe and almost none in the rest of the world who have had this religion as the main focus of their research and very few papers and monographs were published in the past one hundred years or so. The situation is improving gradually but only slowly so.

The collection of papers in this Special Issue is a small effort toward correcting this deficit in the publications available to the academic world. The theme has been made deliberately broad so that the scholars who contribute can present the research they are currently engaged in.

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An Ante Litteram Critique of Orientalism: The Case of Abu'l-Fadá'il-i-Gulpáyigání and E.G. Browne

    by Mina Yazdani and Omid Ghaemmaghami
    Religions 2023, 14(6), 765; - 09 Jun 2023

The Role of Wonder in Creating Identity

    by Todd Lawson
    Religions 2023, 14(6), 762; - 08 Jun 2023

The Báb on the Rights of Women

    by Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam
    Religions 2023, 14(6), 705; - 25 May 2023

A New Wave of Bahá'í Intellectual Thought: The Impact and Contributions of World Order Magazine

    by Seena B. Fazel
    Religions 2023, 14(4), 497; - 04 Apr 2023

The Bahá'í Faith and the Equality, Rights, and Advancement of Women: A Survey of Principles, Praxis, and Discourse

    by Wendi Momen
    Religions 2023, 14(4), 491; - 04 Apr 2023

Who Was a Bahá'í in the Upper Echelons of Qájár Iran?

    by Moojan Momen
    Religions 2023, 14(4), 469; 01 Apr 2023

A Translation of the Arabic Duʿáʾ al-Sahar (The Dawn Supplication) or Duʿáʾ al-Baháʾ (The Supplication
of Splendour) with Select Expository Scriptural Writings of the Báb and Baháʾu'lláh

    by Stephen Lambden
    Religions 2023, 14(3), 426; - 21 Mar 2023

The mi'ráj in Select Shaykhí, Bábí, and Bahá'í Texts

    by Sholeh A. Quinn
    Religions 2023, 14(3), 397; - 15 Mar 2023

Last Prophet and Last Day: Shaykhí, Bábí and Bahá'í Exegesis of the “Seal of the Prophets” (Q. 33:40)

    by Christopher Buck and Youli A. Ioannesyan
    Religions 2023, 14(3), 341; - 04 Mar 2023

The Báb and ʿAlí Muhammad, Islamic and Post-Islamic: Multiple Meanings in the Writings of Sayyid ʿAlí Muhammad Shírází (1819–1850)

    by Zackery Mirza Heern
    Religions 2023, 14(3), 334; - 02 Mar 2023

A Bábí Theology in Poetry: The Creative Imagination of Táhirih, Qurratu'l-ʿAyn

    by Anthony A. Lee
    Religions 2023, 14(3), 328; - 01 Mar 2023

“This Is a Progression, Not Conversion”: Narratives of First-Generation Bahá'ís

    by Tova Makhani-Belkin
    Religions 2023, 14(3), 300; - 23 Feb 2023
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