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A treatise on the history and the spiritual, social, and economic principles of the Faith, with special regard to the application of these principles to, and their influence on, the coming peace of nations and the tranquillity and welfare of humanity.
This document is online in a variety of formats at, including a fairly clean text version; this version is from Google Books. Some content in this book is similar to essays in "The Bahá'í Movement: A Series of 19 Papers."

While Remey later broke the covenant (see uhj_mason_remey_followers), at the time he wrote this book he was an influential figure in the Bahá'í community and was later appointed Hand of the Cause. This document is thus not "covenant-breaker" material.

The Bahá'í Revelation and Reconstruction

by Charles Mason Remey

Chicago: Bahá'í Publishing Society, 1919
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