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A new vision of economics inspired by unity in diversity, respect of nature and other humans, and thermodynamic principles like conversion-of-energy to describe economical processes. Includes foreword by Ervin Lazlo.
See also an Italian version of this book at the author's site, and a presentation in Italian.

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Economy for a New World Order

by Giuseppe Robiati

Forewordpage 4
Introductionpage 6
Chapter 1 "The point"page 8
Chapter 2 "History and evolution"page 11
Chapter 3 "The old world order"page 18
Chapter 4 "Economy, energy, entropy"       page 27
Chapter 5 "Economy for a new era"page 32
Chapter 6 "A new world order"page 43
Biographypage 75
Bibliographypage 76
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