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Really Simple Syndication page for new Bahá'í Library content.

RSS Feeds

Bahá'í Library RSS:
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RSS is a computer language which allows various programs to easily import (or "aggregate") news data from various sources into a format desired by the user. Because these programs are dealing with news, they offer different ways of conveniently notifying the user whenever a new item becomes available. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems all have various programs which allow access to RSS feeds. The free, cross-platform "Thunderbird" email program allows RSS feeds to be received similar to how email is received, giving the option to even have the whole page of the new item appear as a kind of email, while the free, cross-platform "Firefox" web browser (and many others) allow RSS feeds to be accessible as a kind of bookmark (this extension can also be installed on Firefox and is useful for browsing RSS feeds in the sidebar). Other programs offer system-wide alerts or notification through global menu bars, "docks", etc.

We are offering RSS at Bahá'í Library Online so that our users can be kept informed of new items to our site, without requiring them to manually check our new items page to see when new item(s) may have been added to the site.

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