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TAGS: Animals; Babism; Evolution; Hasan M. Balyuzi Memorial Lectures; Human nature; Modernity; Philosophy; Science; Spiritualization
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A talk on an invited topic (the origin of humankind) from a scholar known for his unique familiarity with the works of The Bab.
See a published version of this paper, The Birth of the Human Being: Beyond Religious Traditionalism and Materialist Modernity.

Presented at "Shoghi Effendi and World Civilisation," a 6-day conference in Watford, London, organised by the Baha’i Arts and Literature Society. Audio posted to on 2011-01-08 by J.-M. Nau, with permission of author, under CC license. Video from

Birth of Human Beings in the Writings of the Bab

by Nader Saiedi

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