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TAGS: Bahaullah, Writings of; Prayer texts; Reunion Prayer; Salat-i-Hajat (Prayer of the Needs)
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Presented at the Irfan Colloquia Session #76, Centre for Bahá'í Studies, Acuto, Italy (July 6-10, 2007).

Mirrored with permission from See also translator's introduction to this tablet. See also proofread Microsoft Word version, prepared by Mike Thomas (2023).

In the Partial Inventory, BH00305, this is titled "Namaz-i-Hajat" [-A.B.]

Tablet to Jináb-i-Mullá 'Alí-Akbar fí ardi'l-álif

by Bahá'u'lláh

translated by Julio Savi and Faezeh Mardani
published in Lights of Irfan, Volume 9, pages 351-362
Wilmette, IL: Irfan Colloquia, 2008
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