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TAGS: God (general); Interfaith dialogue; Manifestations of God; New Age; Progressive revelation; Relativism; Salvation; Udo Schaefer; Unity of religion
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Religious pluralism and associated issues: diversity and unity of religions, absoluteness, relativity of truth, New Age thought, and interfaith dialogue
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Also available online in French, and can be ordered in German.

Beyond the Clash of Religions:
The Emergence of a New Paradigm

by Udo Schaefer

translated by Geraldine Schuckelt
Prague: Zero Palm Press, 1998
originally published as "Heilsgeschichte und Paradigmenwechsel. Zwei Beiträge zur Bahá'í-Theologie" in German.
Prague: Zero Palm Press, 1992
Abstract: Religious conflict and prejudice are two of the most critical issues facing the world today as it stands at the threshold of a new millennium. This book offers the reader a new understanding of religious pluralism and the issues associated with this subject: diversity and unity of religions, absoluteness and relativity of truth. New Age (new offers of salvation) and interfaith dialogue. Above all, a new theological paradigm is presented, that of a cyclically recurring progressive revelation.  
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