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TAGS: Bab, Station of; Bab, Writings of; Divine nonfulfillment (Bada); Hidden Imam; Imam Husayn; Imam Jafar; Interfaith dialogue; Mahdi; Occultation; Prayer; Pre-existence; Prophecies; Qaim; Risaliy-i-Jafariyyih (Treatise of Jafar); Shaykhism; Shiism; Ulama
LOCATIONS: Iran (documents); Shiraz
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This treatise, one of the major writings of the Báb, was written before He had disclosed His complete station of prophethood to the public. It comments on an Islamic prayer for the advent of the promised Qa'im. Includes translation.
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Analysis of the Salient Features of Risáliy-i-Ja'faríyyih, An

by Foad Seddigh

published in Lights of Irfan, 20, pages 219-251
Wilmette: Haj Mehdi Arjmand Colloquium, 2019
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