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A nine-part set of deepening materials on the Covenant, including study guides, a book-length compilation on the covenant, a crossword puzzle, and group discussion topics and activities.
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Covenant Deepening:
Workshop Materials

by Mona G. Seow and Jimmy Seow

In 1990, the then International Chinese Teaching Committee (ITC) based in Macau asked Jimmy to prepare a deepening course on the Covenant for the purpose of deepening the mainland Chinese and the overseas Chinese who were enrolling in the Faith in large numbers. The project took about a year and approved by the ITC. Over the years, we have used it to conduct courses and deepening on the Covenant and used by various other people. It has since been further improved with addition of new materials such as Lesson Plans, Activities and inclusion of a Chart. The new course document now consists of the following:
    COVENANT: This file contains the main body of the deepening programme. The programme is 76 pages long and consists mainly of contents, nine lessons, references and other information.

    PLANS: This file is Appendix A in the contents and consists of lesson plans for each lesson as well as general notes for the facilitators. It is 19 pages long.

    ACTIVITY: This file is Appendix B in the contents. It comprises suggested activities for the lessons. This section consists of 8 pages.

    CHART: This file depicts a model of the different covenants. This is Appendix C of the contents. The chart is one page and is to be printed in landscape.

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