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If humanity has more than enough food and resources for everyone, why do so many live in poverty? Humanity's materialistic rulers have failed to solve this issue. The solutions to extremes of wealth and poverty go beyond economic theories and norms.

Removing Poverty Through Virtues

by Badi Shams

About: The challenge of global poverty in our unequal world is far graver than what is reflected in the government and other statistical data. Billions of people live in extremely miserable conditions. Almost half of the world's population lives on less than US$5 a day. In fact, people live in poverty in every country of the world which is not often talked about. On the other hand, a miniscule percentage of people possess the wealth of trillions of dollars and pursue a lifestyle of ultra-luxury and extravagance. In fact, the richest 1% holds more than 43% of the world's wealth.

The question often asked when humanity has more than enough food and resources for everyone, why do the majority of people live in poverty? Evidently, humanity´s rulers have failed miserably to solve the issue due to their materialistic ideals based on misconceptions, vested interests and prejudices. Therefore, every conscientious citizen now must contemplate on this stark reality and work towards its correction. Every individual that truly cares for the future of our society can´t afford to be a passive observer, and must contribute positively by applying spiritual and moral precepts to obliterate the despair caused by this protracted malaise of extremes of wealth and poverty.

The discourse consulted on this subject in depth. Mr.Badi Shams, the noted Canadian writer explained beautifully that the solution to extremes of wealth and poverty goes much beyond the economic theories and norms. After his address, the floor was kept open for consultations. [description from]

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