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Compilation of all the Guardian's messages, arranged in chronological order as individual "rich text" files. This arrangement allows us to see the flow of guidance from Shoghi Effendi over time, and perhaps identify patterns.
This collection is an updated version of — which we're keeping online because it includes HTML versions of many of these letters, not just zipped rtf files as below.

Letters of Shoghi Effendi, Arranged Chronologically

by Shoghi Effendi

compiled by Don Calkins
date of original: 1922-1957
About: This is a compilation of all the messages from Shoghi Effendi I can find, arranged in chronological order as individual rtf files.

There are currently nearly 4700 files extracted from the various national/regional compilations, the Compilation of Compilations, and Lights of Guidance, plus about 2300 additional files taken from a wide variety of sources for a total of about 7000. Many are found in several sources. Some I’ve been able to combine due to an overlap. All identify the date sent, recipient and what I used as a source. I have not included the text from the World Order letters, Advent of Divine Justice, Promised Day is Come or God Passes By, but have included a dummy file at their location in the chronology.

All files in this collection are in "rtf," a format readable by any word processor. This archive is regularly updated, as more letters come to light. See the latest version at

  1. [850 letters, 2MB]
  2. [1985 letters, 5MB]
  3. [1944 letters, 5MB]
  4. [2443 letters, 6MB]
  5. [55 letters, 75KB]
  6. [184 letters, 100KB]
  7. sources.rtf
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