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Papers on the topic of spirit and the never-ending journey of the soul, originally delivered at the third Bahá'í Studies conference in Singapore, April 1998.

Singapore Bahá'í Studies Review:
Volume 3

edited by Anjam Khursheed
Association for Bahá'í Studies of Singapore, 1998
Journal of the Association for Bahá'í Studies of Singapore
1998 - Volume 3, Number 1

Note from editor (& title pages)                                 1

The Soul in Chinese and Bahá'í Belief                            3
   Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew

An Introduction to the Doctrines of Soul and Enlightenment
      in Mahayana Buddhism and the Bahá'í Faith                 35
   Yeo Yew Hock

Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife                                  69
   Lynette Thomas

The Mystic Journey of the Soul                                  89
   Gul Afroz Zaman

Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit                                    109
   Anjam Khursheed

Biographical Data of Authors                                   183

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      [189 pages, 18 MB]
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