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Romania - Queen Marie

Queen Marie of Romania was a Baha'i.

Romania 192
2 -  MIC # 289

Romania 1934, Queen Marie
Fight Against Tuberculosis

Charity set - Circa

This seems to be a FDC for the complete set - dated Dec 12,1922

This information has been kindly provided by Sharaf Funk, Behzad Mirzaei & Thelma Batchelor.

Somoa - King Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili II

King Malietoa, who recently passed away, was the first reigning sovereign to become a Baha'i.

Samoa 1972 - (Scott# 357-360)
10th Anniversary Independence

Samoa 1963 (Scott# 233-236, SG # 249-252)
1st Anniversary Independence

Samoa 1987 (Scott# 687-691, SG# 744-748)
25th Anniversary Independence

Samoa 1983 - (Scott# 479-482 SG # 634-637)
Commonwealth Day

Samoa 1992 (Scott# 801-804, SG # 872-875)
30th Anniversary Independence

Samoa (Scott# 670-674, SG # 726-730)
Queens's Birthday

FDC Featuring a 2 Tala Banknote


This one includes a 10 Tala Silver Coin
showing the House of Worship

This information has been kindly provided by Sharaf Funk and Behzad Mirzaei.

Switzerland - Featuring August Forel

August Forel was a Bahá'í. The Scott number for this stamps is 536, issued Sep. 23, 1971.

The first day cover below features the complete set.

Post cards featuring Forel:

U.S.A. - 75th Anniversary of PTA

Various covers were issued featuring Ms. Phoebe Apperson Hearst who was a Baha'i.

Issued by Fleetwood

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Another cover containing a commemorative coin:

Issued by the Postmasters of America

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Great Britain - Studio Pottery

The 18p stamp is to honour Bernard Leach who was a Baha'i.

The first day cover:

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  Another version of many different FDCs available

The Pottery Studio - Leach, Bernard Web Site

Mordovia - Dizzy Gillespie

The Republic of Mordovia (also known as Mordvinia) is located in the centre of European part of Russia in the Volga basin. Stamps issued by Mordovia are considered cinderellas, as they have no postal values. They are only issued for collectors. This stamp is featuring Dizzy Gillespie.

Here is the first the cover:

If you have a catalogue number for this please let me know.

U.S.A. - Dizzy Gillespie on a First Day Cover

Dizzy Gillespie was a Baha'i.

Another cover:


Leo Tolstoy

While Tolstoy wasn't a Baha'i, he demonstrated a favorable attitude to the Faith and was attracted to it.

Here is the first day cover and some other items from Russia and U.S.A.:

France - April 15, 1978

Russia 1935 (Scott # 577-579) The 25th anniversary of Leo Tolstoy's Death


Nelson Évora

Nelson Evora is a Baha'i and originally from Ivory Coast. He is now a Portuguese citizen and the world champion in the triple jump and won gold at Osaka 2007 Athletics.

Nelson Evora has often expressed his gratitude for the support
of the Baha'i community in his adopted homeland.

This cover was discovered by Payam Afsharian.

Andrew Robeman

Micronesia issued the following set called Micronesia Leaders in 1993.  The set features a prominent Baha’i Mr. Andrew Robeman.

Andrew Robeman


Full Sheet

This was discovered by Sharaf Funk.

Mark Tobey

Mark Tobey
from (

This was discovered by Robert Stauffer.

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