The following information if from the Solomon Star Newspaper:

The Baha'i Faith in Solomon Islands have launched three stamps when celebrating its 50 years in the country on Monday. The stamps features the founder, Mr Alvin and Mrs Gertrude Blum, The Earth is one Country and Unites Mankind. Design by Riswan Saunders, the stamps depict the very history of the church and message of spiritual oneness of mankind and unity in diversity in the earth. Baha'i Faith was introduced in the country on 1 March 1954 by Alvin and Gertrude Blum who were accompanied by their daughter, Keithie.

They left the United States in 1947 for New Zealand. In 1953 a global crusade to spread the teachings of the Baha'u'llah was initiated and the Blums responded by setting sail for Solomon Islands arriving on the vessel, M.V Malaita. It was at this time that 12 other countries in the South Pacific also had Baha'is arriving on their shores to share the Baha'i Faith. Alvin and Gertrude saw many opportunities to assist the growing township of Honiara and to earn a living. The Solomon Islanders were attracted to the Blums because they treated Solomon Islands as equals without prejudice or discrimination. They shared the Baha'i message with whoever was interested and soon many people declared their belief in Baha'u'lla's Revelation, thereby establishing the Baha'i Faith in the Solomons. Today Baha'is can be found in all provinces with 57 communities.


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