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Book excerpts, sympathetic portrayal by a non-Bahá'í of Abdu'l-Bahá and the small band of Bahá’ís who lived in Haifa and 'Akká early in 20th Century.
World Order excerpted this book in a two-part serial in 1970.

The preface and dedication praise Abdul Baha and apologizing for attempting to portray Him in a work of fiction. He emphasizes that he has the greatest respect for the Bahá'ís and that his intentions in writing a novel are "honest."

The editors wrote that they were not able to find out who E.S. Stevens was (below). Denis MacEoin identified her as "a minor novelist, later better known (as Lady Drower) for her excellent academic studies of Mandaean religion and culture."

PDF below exported from the Microsoft Word version (prepared by Alexander Meinhard).

The Mountain of God

by E. S. (Ethel Stefana) Stevens

published in World Order, 4:3-4:4, pages 28-52; 33-50
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