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Unformatted notes, ordered chronologically, on early American Bahá'í Thornton Chase.
See also Love's Odyssey: The Life of Thornton Chase which includes an appendix "Thornton Chase Papers."

Notes on the Thornton Chase Papers

by Robert Stockman


    Notes, 1897-1899
    Notes, 1900-1901
    Notes, 1902
    Notes, 1903
    Notes, 1904
    Notes, 1905
    Notes, 1906
    Notes, 1907
    Notes, 1908
    Notes, 1909
    Notes, 1910
    Notes, 1911
    Notes, 1912

    See also: The Thornton Chase Papers

Brief introduction to "Notes on the Thornton Chase Papers"

The notes on the Thornton Chase Papers were created to gather information for The Bahá'í Faith in America, Volumes 1 and 2, and a now-published biography of Thornton Chase (available online). The notes were originally taken in pencil on 3 by 5 cards in the archives; later when photocopies of documents were reread, the notes were amplified. In 1985 they were typed into a computer in WordStar, and subsequently when I used the Thornton Chase Papers or photocopied documents from the collection, I added further notes to the files. Notes on the Spiritual Assembly of Kenosha and Racine Records; the New York City, Washington, D.C. and Jersey City Bahá'í Archives; and personal papers of various other people (such as Sarah Farmer and Helen Goodall) were created in the same fashion.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1897-1899

              from his brother to John J. Abramson 
copy                                                15 Oct. 1897

     Ref to 3 previous letters from J.J. Abramson, apparently asking about the Faith.  
Brother could obtain nothing--he lists many whom he asked.  His brother is in 
Jerusalem, Palestine.
     He confuses Bab and Bahá'u'lláh.
     Fantastic, bizarre, but interesting stories about the Faith.
     Miss Ford, a missionary, apparently gave him much of the info he quotes.  (See page 
one of 9 Nov. 1897 letter)

              from his brother to John J. Abramson 
copy                                    9 Nov. 1897

     Bahá'í men accept their wives and children as equal--this implies equality of men 
and women.

              from his brother to John J. Abramson 
copy                                    15 Dec. 1897

     Mirza Kazim Beg
     Description of Babism
     Description of Siyyid Kazim, Mulla Husayn

                  John J. Abramson to T. Chase
copy 81                  3p.            21 Mar. 1898

     mentions Kheiralla and his lessons.
     Chase had written him from Minneapolis.

                   T. Chase to John J. Abramson
copy                     8p.            13 Apr. 1898

     Answers questions why God only created so many souls--apparently Kheiralla had 
taught this, or early American Bahá'ís believed it!
     Only those who seek will become the "children of God."
     Explanation of Luke 15:28, reference to Christ being angry.
     Kheiralla's doctrine of the Fall is explained.
     Abramson had received the Greatest Name, but apparently he is still skeptical.
     Incarnation -- a brief reference (p. 4-5).
     "Sin is ignorance and weakness and the result of them."
     Truth Seekers
     Truth seeking is not an avenue for psychic powers, but "soul hunger" for God.
     `AB is referred to as "the Christ"
     Christian Science
     hypnotism--Chase had instruction in it "several years ago."
     Never reveal lessons  to others unless they are fitted, and only in the order they were 
given to you.
     E. G. Browne's book--don't show it to others.
     "It is not wise to talk about a present-day Christ."
     Ref. to first pilgrimage--probably not until after Kheiralla finishes his book.
     600 Bahá'ís in New York!

   `Abdu'l-Bahá to James, Lamson, George Kheiralla, and Chase
copy 81                                 rec'd Chicago 29 Apr. 1898

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 81                                 Chicago, 16 Sept. 1898

                    Anton Haddad to T. Chase
                              2 p.      New York, 14 Dec. 1898

     "Two days ago I sent you a translation of Dr. Kheiralla's letter--I hope it reached you 
safely and was read to the assembly there."
     "Last Tuesday evening I have read the letter to the Assembly in New York + all were 
pleased with it as they were very anxious to hear from the Dr...."
     Mentions a previous letter to Chase.
     "You will know from the Dr that it was written by him six days after his arrival 
there."  He's very busy, hasn't written anyone else yet.
     Haddad is translating a book into English--doesn't say what one, though. [probably 
Hykl or Aqdas].  It'll take another 40 days to finish, he thinks.

                    L. Getsinger to T. Chase
copy 81                                 15 Feb. 1899

     account of her pilgrimage.
     She has been at Akka at least two weeks; studying Persian, at command of `AB; Dr. 
Getsinger is also.
     Description of `AB.
     "Dr. Kh. is as changed as we are and has become less aggressive."  She doesn't know 
when the book will be published.
     Send letter to Mr. James a week earlier.  Please give half the enclosed flowers to him.  
She called James "the father of the Believers [underlines hers].
     We probably won't be back to the USA before 1 May.

                    Anton Haddad to T. Chase
                              2 p.      N.Y., 18 Feb. 1899

     "I have just received a registered letter from Dr. Kh. containing several letters or 
rather Tablets sent by the Greatest Branch to some believers, viz.--Mr. Dodge, Mrs. 
Brittingham, Mrs. Talbot, and Mr. MacNutt--another Tablet has been graciously given 
by God to Mr. Hoar but it has not been handled over to Dr. K. it will be sent to him very 
soon or will be brought by the Dr. himself + given to our brother Hoar hand to hand--"
     "The Dr. told me also that your Tablet has been sent to you."

                    Anton Haddad to T. Chase
                              2 p.      N.Y., 6 Mar. 1899

"I have finished the translation of the Dr. book and was sent to him some time ago." [sic]

                    Anton Haddad to T. Chase
                              3 p.      N.Y., 8 Mar. 1899

     Reply to Chase's letter of 6 Mar.
     Chase must have written that he wants to go on pilgrimage; Haddad writes that he 
hopes that Chase will be able to go also.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 81                                 Chicago, 21 Apr. 1899

     He had just received a tablet from `AB and roses from Mrs. Getsinger from Palestine.  
He still expresses love for Dr. Kheiralla.
     He asks for a special tablet.
     He asks to travel and visit `AB.

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 81                      4p.        Chicago, 27 Oct. 1899

     Just arrived from Winona, Minn.
     A discussion of the fine points of biblical teaching.
     A discussion of the problems of the churches.
     No mention of the Faith at all, but Chase clearly is teaching religion in this letter.

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 82                    1p.          Chicago, 18 Nov. 1899

     TC was in Kansas City 2 days earlier.
     a Mrs. Taylor is teaching the Faith--giving lessons--and causing trouble.  She 
teaches there are two classes of angels.
     Chase alludes cryptically to the troubles in Kenosha.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1900-1901

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 81                    3p.          Chicago, 24 Jan. 1900

     Christ revealed a new name of God--maybe it was "Abba."  He gave the name to His 
disciples in "strict secresy." [sic]  He appends to the one page letter two pages of notes 
on biblical verses.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
c87                                     9 Feb. 1900

     thank you for a tablet and a prayer.

                     P. M. Blake to T. Chase
copy 81                        6 p.     7 Mar. 1900

     He was taught the Faith by Chase.
     "My brother and leader" Blake thus describes Chase.
     "I call you our leader" "You seem to us as such."
     Blake has been teaching 4 at work--one has gone as far as the sixth lesson.
     15 were at the assembly meeting last Sunday; "well attended."  "Mrs. Getsinger will 
be with us next Sunday."  She couldn't make it last week.
     "You started me on the Road to Life..."
     p. 3 is missing, and Chase notes "about a small proposed loan from the Co. Thornton."  
He edited his own correspondence!
     Blake had a vision.

                    Anton Haddad to T. Chase
                              2 p.      Detroit, 21 Mar. 1900
     Chase wrote Haddad on 17 Mar.
     Chase writes about the Greatest Name--that a different one is given by Abdu'l-Karim.  
Haddad explains all the variations.
     `Abdu'l-Karim "is well competent in English."
     Getsingers have a framed Greatest Name symbol.
     "As to the last word given to K [Kheiralla] I could not find any trace of it, + who 
knows whether his statement is true or is one of his daily usual tricks and schemes.  
Mrs. Getsinger is now alright + may be able to leave Cincinnati this week.  Please do not 
show the diploma to any one as you promised as it may create a great sensation which 
may not be proper at this time."
     "The G. N. is Abha as you know with the word God (Allah u) prefixed to it; but it is not 
impossible that it was given to them as this, Beha Allah el Abha, Splendor of the Most 
Splendid, or Glory of the Most Glorious.  Also in the East the believers have the G. N. 
framed + hung in their rooms thus: Ya Beha El Abha."

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 81                       1p.       Denver, 21 Mar. 1900

     Chase plans to teach the Faith in Denver.
     Just formed a ten-member "Board of Council" in Chicago.  Its members are Thacher, 
Greenleaf, Agnew, Hoffman, Lesch, Ralph, Robinson, Purcell, Chase.  It is also directing 

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 81                       3p.       Denver, 1 Apr. 1900

     A letter from `AB to Mrs. G. [Getsinger?] about Kheiralla, and its effects.
     Chase mentions the attributes of God, but specifically discusses the Faith little.
     The tablet to Mrs. G [Getsinger?] appears to stress harmony with Kheiralla, but not 
to uphold his false teachings.

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 81                       2p.       Chicago, 26 Apr. 1900

     Chase was in Detroit four days.
     Kheiralla may or may not have broken with the Faith.  [The storm must have begun, 
tho, as Chase is anticipating trouble.]

                   Harry Thompson to T. Chase
                              3 p.      Hyde Park, Cincinnati, 27  Apr. 1900

     An article about George Washington "can be used as a lesson for the Assembly and to 
ourselves first of all."
     Thompson quotes Dodge in New York City: "We are experiencing delightful harmony in 
this city and vicinity now.  Monday evening I added my mite in assisting Brother Harris 
inaugurate a new and very interesting class in Brooklyn, and last night I attended 
Brother MacNutt's meeting, and listened to a beautiful address from him."
     "He has received a letter and a cable from Abdel Karim and expected him to land in 
New York the 26th.  I hope he came safely."
     The letter from Dodge arrived "this morning."

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 82                        1p.      Chicago, 30 Apr. 1900

     Must get Abdel Karim + party to Chicago immediately and secretly.  Getsingers, 
Thacher, a few others know.

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 82                       5p.       Chicago, 4 May 1900
     Chase writes asking for contributions to get Abdel Karim and two,others to Chicago, 
"which must be the battle field in these matters." [from previous letters, apparently he 
means with Kheiralla]
     Karim and arty are in New York City.  Chase is asking Agnew, Thacher for money.  No 
one should know that Karim hasn't got money.

              Hag Abdool Kerim Tehrani to T. Chase
                             1 p.       Cairo, 29 Sept. 1900

     The letter is written in lovely handwriting, but with horrible spelling and grammar!
     Karim arrived in Cairo on 26 Sept. 1900.
     Karim plans to return to the USA in four months.

                  Charles Greenleaf to T. Chase
                              2 p.      Chicago, 3 Oct. 1900

     The letter is on Illinois Trust and Saving Bank stationary; Greenleaf must work for 
     Mrs. Kheiralla is arriving in New York City on 7 Oct.  "I hope for much from her.  
The report is afloat now that the Publication Board has the money from Mrs. Hearst but 
is not publishing the albums."
     "Give my love to Blake, Thompson et all" in Cincinnati.

                Albert Frank Hoffman to T. Chase
                              1 p.      Cincinnati, 18 Feb. 1901

     7 present at Cincinnati meeting "on the Sabbath day."  Mr. Blake, Thompson were not 
     He writes "Beha"
     Chase is forwarding letters to Acca--some Cincinnati believers will be sending 
letters to him; Mr. Hoffman, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Parmerton.
     Hoffman shows great love for `AB.

              Hag Abdool Kerim Tehrani to T. Chase
                              1 p.      Cairo, 19 Apr. 1901

     Abdu'l-Karim mentions a tablet to Chase sent last week; Chase wrote a note on the 
letter, "it never was received."

                       T. Chase to unknown
                                        Chicago, 29 May 1901

no notes taken.

       Chicago House of Justice to New York Council Board 
copy 81                                 Chicago, 2 Oct. 1901

     About Inauguration Day.
     Sent to all Council Boards.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1902

           Haji Mirza Hassan-i Khurassani to T. Chase
                              1 p.      Cairo, 24 Feb. 1902

     `AB has prohibited teaching the Faith in the Ottoman Empire, so there is no teaching 
right now.
    He is writing the letter on his own stationary, which says in Arabic and French:

     Societe Rouhanieh          Shirkat-i Rawhaniyyih
     H. Mirza Hassan Kharasani  al-Haji Mirza Hassan Khurassani

                     Husayn Ruhi to T. Chase    
                              5 p.      Cairo, 2 Mar. 1902

     This is his first day fasting.  He is almost finished translating the Seven Valleys
     "All the believers here are united.  The [sic] have a meeting every Friday evening at 
Hagi's."  [Abdu'l-Karim's?]
     [Ruhi was in the United States as a translator of the Persian teachers]
     "Please write me again Mr. Chase.  I still remember the good talks we had with each 
     Happy Naw-Ruz.

            Haji Mirza Hassan Khurassani to T. Chase
                              1 p.      Cairo, 9 Mar. 1902

     He wants Chase to buy him seeds.

                    T. Chase to Mishkin Qalam
                                        Chicago, 21 Mar. 1902

     no notes

                   T. Chase to I. Brittingham
copy                         5p.        Chicago, 17 Apr. 1902

     references to Agnew and Greenleaf
     re. printing 1000 copies of Mrs. Br-ham's lessons, with 10 cent price printed on 
them so all Assemblies will sell them at the same price.
     I. Br-ham received a letter from the Greatest Holy Leaf.
     Chase complains that Assembly [community] matters are bad.  He says disintegration 
of the community is a danger because of Doxie, Lane, Ioas, etc.
     Chase describes his response to the crisis of disintegration of the Chicago 
community--he prays on his knees, uses his Bible heavily; the letter contains no 
reference to Bahá'í scripture.  "I doubted everything."
     Chase longs to know God, to see a vision of Him.
The women, and Mr. Lane, are to blame for Chicago's problems--they want a separate 
Bahá'í center downtown.
     Mirza Asadu'llah is the "teacher" of Chase's faction.  Trying to maintain House of 
Justice meetings is all that they can do right now.
     Reference to Ameen Fareed's donor--a woman, a Bahá'í is ending her financial 
support [Mrs. Hearst?]
     Chase describes his house.  It is the Bahá'í center.  Ameen and Asadu'llah live there.
     Description of Naw Ruz, "Rizwan" (it has three main days), Birth of Bab, Birth of 
Bahá'u'lláh, and Declaration of the Bab as Holy Days.
     Description of the requirements for a Bahá'í marriage (pretty accurate).
     "Anton Haddad said to me in N.Y.--`I don't think there are more than 50 true 
believers in the US.'  I guess he was nearly right."

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 81                                 Chicago, 19 Apr. 1902

     The letter is really from the House of Spirituality.  It is signed by 14 men.
     In Sept. of 1901, we rec'd a tablet from `AB "appointing the House of Justice."  They 
want to know when to re-elect.

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
copy 81                                 26 Apr. 1902

     Miss Bolles in Paris is mentioned.
     Mrs. Kheiralla's confusions are from reading occult philosophers.
     The dangers of New Thought.
     "You know for five years I studied Swedenborg daily and was a worker in the Sw. 
church.  Although it is most beautiful and filled with wonderful Truth, yet it does not 
contain ALL Truth...."
     Swedenborg was undoubtedly a "Divine Philosopher."
     Chase says he studied the Arcana Celestia "for years."
     New Thought philosophies, and "isms"--Chase complains about them.
     Bahá'u'lláh is for the healing of souls.
     "Jesus was as Swedenborg depicted Him."

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
copy 82                       10p.      Chicago, 2 May 1902

     Mention of the Chicago Bahá'í meetings.
     Chase likes Mirza Asadu'llah and will "miss him keenly."
     Ridvan, dates of Naw Ruz and Birth of `AB are discussed.  The Persians don't seem to 
know exactly when the Bahá'í day begins--Chase has questioned them closely.
     Marriage--there is no trial period of living together required, as Br-ham had heard 
from Mariam Kheiralla!  The Year of patience is clarified; it is a year, not nine months.
     Chase says he strives to give up his will to God.
     Chase's faith is unshakable and deep, but he feels dead.  He is struggling and the letter 
is frank about it.
     Why does `AB crave martyrdom?  Chase doesn't understand.
     Anton Haddad's brother [Abraham Haddad] is a scoundrel and a liar, and an unreliable 
translator.  He visited Mrs. Hearst and she threw him out.  He is borrowing money and 
flattering ladies.
     Mrs. Rowe is the head of the "Ladies Auxiliary."  Mrs. True is active, but "I have lost 
confidence in at least her wisdom."
     Chase loves and marvels at the Bible; he wishes to study the parallels between it and 
the words of Bahá'u'lláh.

                     P. M. Blake to T. Chase
                                        9 May 1902
     He is a Bahá'í at this time.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
                                        9 May 1902

     He recently received another tablet.
     A beautiful letter.  It shows great humility.  He asks about seeing Bahá'u'lláh's face; 
he has prayed to see it.  He has striven to imagine Bahá'u'lláh's face.  Intellectually, he 
says his understanding of the Faith is a rock, but mystically he is weak; he wants to see 
Bahá'u'lláh's face.
     How should I pray?
     For 20 years and more he knew he was being fitted for some service to God.
     Chase searched all other religions; he still felt unfulfilled; then he found the Faith.
     `AB is the Mystery of God.
     He has been troubled since his youth about the mystery of innocent suffering.  This 
was one reason he believed in reincarnation.
     What is the simplest proof of human immortality?  Is everyone immortal?

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy                                    12 May 1902

     Identical to the 9 May 1902 letter, except for the ending.
     How can one reconcile ambition for spiritual advancement and humility?

            House of Spirituality to Mirza Asadu'llah
copy 81                                 Chicago, 19 May 1902

     A beautiful letter, describing their confusion before Asadu'llah's arrival and how he 
helped them.
     Nine signatures.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
copy 81                        6p.      Chicago, 25 May 1902

     Chicago news.
     Agnew, Lesch, Hoffman, Chase, and sometimes Bartlett are preparing a catechism.
     Charles Greenleaf is inactive.
     Chase describes Asadu'llah.  Beautiful.
     Ch thought today was the Birth of `AB.  He just spoke of `AB; no mention of the Bab.
     Asadu'llah should be in Paris by now.  He plans to visit the Bahá'ís there.
     I. Br-ham is the subject of many bad rumors.
     Chase says Asadu'llah was driven from the country.  Mrs. H [Hearst] said she would 
pay for the return of Asadu'llah or Ameen Fareed, but only before 1 June 1902.  So 
there were no visits or goodbyes; Asadu'llah had to hurry to Wash. D.C., then he took the 
French steamer La Champagne to Le Havre.
     Fadists in the Faith are a major problem.
     Reference to a nineteen-day Ladies' meeting.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
c87                           4p.       Chicago, 2 June 1902

     A statement by her in her publication that the Turkish government oppresses Bahá'ís 
is poorly phrased and could cause trouble for the Faith.  Haddad and Khan (both of whom, 
apparently, are in New York) are worried about the statement.
     "I learned that there seemed to be nought but good will toward you [I. Br-ham] [in 
New York City], except in one quarter, and that was the Gs." [Getsingers]

                     T. Chase to P. M. Blake
c87                           2p.       Chicago, 10 June 1902

     Mrs. Br-ham's book is hastily assembled pilgrim's notes and is inaccurate.  Chase 
describes how they came to be printed., very hastily, and without adequate proof reading.  
A new edition will be put out with corrections.  Statements concerning the Sultan, on 
page 21, could be a problem.

                     T. Chase to Ahmad Yazdi
c87                        1p.          Chicago, 10 June 1902

     Chase lists Persian teachers in this way: `Abdu'l-Karim  and his  interpretor, Mirza 
Raffie; Khorassani and  his  interpretor, Ruhi;  Abu'l-Fadl  and his, Ali Kuli Khan; 
Assadu'llah  and  his, Fareed.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
copy 87                        5p.      Chicago, 14 June 1902

     p. 5 -- I. Br-ham had a dream about Mrs. Chase.  Chase says she is in the east, tied 
there by property matters.  Chase Jr. is 13 and hardly knows what a father is.  Chase 
hopes to relocate to New York City.
     An apparently reference to Khan.
     Hooper Harris--described as ambitious.
     New York City--obliquely discussed, on pp. 1-2.
     Miss "Berkimer" [sic] [Buikema] is mentioned.
     "In fact I have quite a library of [Bible] Commentaries, etc, which I have gathered 
from time to time."
     "We are working for the Cause, not for New York."  "We have already had some 
experience with N. Y. which do not tend to cause us to consider their opinions of the 
greatest weight."
     "How God turns everything into a 'test' and from thence into a blessing!" "We are all 
tests to each other."

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
copy 81                     7p.         Chicago, 17 June 1902

     Asadu'llah left Chicago one month earlier.  Chase says how deeply he misses him and 
loves him.  He refers to Asadu'llah as "Teacher" throughout the letter.
     Chase complains of the lack of Bahá'í literature in English; he wants to know what 
Bahá'u'lláh's new teaching is, what differs from those of Christ.  Only the Hidden Words 
are published.
     Chase asks for help to refute reincarnation.  Kheiralla is writing a book to prove that 
Bahá'u'lláh taught it!
     Dr. Hazzard of Kansas City is torn between Kheiralla and `AB.
     Another problem, for the Christians, is how to refute belief in bodily resurrection.
     Chase succinctly summarizes Christian theology.  He quotes the Bible and asks for 
ways to refute bodily resurrection.
     Nearly all Bahá'ís in the USA were Theosophists, Christian Scientists, 
Metaphysicians, Buddhists, Spiritualists, etc.
     The House of Spirituality meets every Saturday, but it doesn't always have a quorum 
of nine.  Some members are disinterested; they won't participate in a group picture.  
Should they replace group members after one year?  Or should the whole be re-elected?  
But we don't have twelve active Bahá'í men in Chicago!
     Women.  No politicking will be allowed,
     The word Assembly used to refer to entire community.
     The House of Spirituality is preparing a catechism.  Agnew, Hoffman, Lesch, Windust, 
and Chase are doing it.
     Chase calls `AB the Annointed One--a Christian term.
     Mr. Greenleaf appears to be alienated from the others.
     Chase's son is 13 years old this month.  He says Bahá'í prayers.  Chase hopes both his 
son and his wife will become believers.

                 T. Chase to Mirza Husayn Ruhi
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 21 June 1902

     Thanks  for translating my tablet from `AB.  Where  is  your translation of the Arabic 
Seven Valleys?
     "All matters in this country are quiet, and it seems to be a time of great and severe 

            T. Chase to Haji Mirza Hassan Khurassani
copy 82                       2 p.      Chicago, 21 June 1902

     Ali Kuli Khan and Mirza Abu'l-Fadl are in New York.
     Chase hopes to visit `AB some time.
     475 W. Monroe St house is the Chicago Bahá'í center.  Mrs. Spence cares for it.  Chase 
lives there.
     The House of Spirituality meets Saturday nights.
     Mirza Asadu'llah's book Sacred Mysteries is published.

            Haji Mirza Hassan Khurassani to T. Chase
                              2 p.      Cairo, 11 Aug. 1902

     No notes.

                T. Chase to House of Spirituality   (also CHS)
                                Small Point, Maine, 12 Aug. 1902

     Anton Haddad plans to leave for Akka on the 15th (of August?).
     "Matters in New York seem to be much as in Chicago--quiet."
     He quotes Matt. 4 (Parable of the Sower?).

                Haji Hassan Khurasani to T. Chase
                               Akka; rec'd Chicago, 19 Aug. 1902

     No notes.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
copy 81                     6p.         Chicago, 14 Sept. 1902

     Chase just returned from Grand Rapids;he leaves for Minneapolis today for a week in 
Minnesota and Wisconsin.
     Chase was in New York, New Jersey a short time earlier.
     Doxie, Lane, Ioas, the "discordant elements" of the House of Spirituality, "practically 
     Anton Haddad has left for Haifa.  Haddad just left.
     Fareed mentioned.  Chase is helping him with translations.
     Miss Bolles married a Mr. Maxwell.
     Ithaca has several Bahá'ís; a Miss Hopper and a Miss Chandler.
     There is no general meeting in Chicago now.  Chase is disgusted with matters right 
now, except for the House of Spirituality.
     The women hold nineteen day meetings.  The women want the men to assist them; 
Chase wants to know why the women won't assist the men instead.
     The high station of the House of Spirituality; its world-wide work.
     Mirza Yusuf Khan has come to the USA.
     Baltimore news.
     Chase's reputation--p. 4.
     The Bahá'ís don't want any "teachers" not even from the East.  The Bahá'ís are very 
independent.  In Chicago, "each one is for himself."
     Mirza Abu'l-Fadl's book is published.
     While Haddad was in the USA he was receiving financing; Chase speculates that Mrs. 
Hearst is still helping him.  Mrs. Hearst liked Haddad the "most."
     Miss Barney helps Ali Kuli Khan.
     The Bahai Publishing Society's copyright has been infringed. (p. 3-4).

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy                         4p.        Chicago, 27 Sept. 1902

     Chase just returned from a trip "in the north."
     The house he lives in in Chicago is very difficult; he plans to move.
     No general Bahá'í meetings in Chicago right now, only small group meetings.
     The House of Spirituality plans to rent space down town for its meetings, and for use 
by the Bahai Publishing Society as well.
     In Denver, Mrs. Calloway and Mrs. Clarke have become Bahá'ís.  The information 
apparently comes from Mrs. Bryant.
     Chase positively assesses Corinne True.
     Chase will be in Denver in late Oct. or early Nov.
     Chase says it is hard to keep large Assemblies large; the Bahá'ís scatter fast.
     Chase refers to his previous letter to Mrs. Bryant of about 13 Sept. 1902.  Note, it is 
no longer extant.
     Mrs. Nash.
     Lucinda Chandler.
     The House of Spirituality does nothing local, but has a great world-wide 
correspondence.  `AB has sent a tablet about the House of Spir. to it.
     Most Bahá'ís in America send their supplications to `AB through the House of 
Spirituality, except New York.  Chase sees this as very important.
     Mirza Abu'l-Fadl's book has been published through New York City.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Frank Fenno
copy 82                       10 p.     Chicago, 27 Sept. 1902

     The faith of many is shallow; it is then swept away by tests.
     Jesus Christ is discussed.
     Mrs. Fenno apparently is not a Bahá'í; certainly she isn't a deepened Bahá'í.  The 
letter is a teaching letter.
     `AB has never claimed to be Christ.  His station is discussed extensively.

               Haji Hassan Khurassani to T. Chase
                              3 p.      Akka, 28 Sept. 1902

     Asadu'llah writes from the Middle East--he's now home.
     A tablet to Mrs. Bryant is enclosed.

                     Ahmad Yazdi to T. Chase
                              2 p.      Port Said, 29 Sept. 1902

     2 photos of House of Spirituality have arrived, one for Yazdi, one for Khurassani.
     2 letters of Chase to Yazdi, 10 June and 3 August, are mentioned.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Frank Fenno
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 7 Oct. 1902

     She lives in Hoopeston, Ill.
     Mrs. Fenno now is a Bahá'í.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy 81                      5p.        Chicago, 9 Oct. 1902

     The name has been changed to Bahai Publishing Society.  They are renting space at 84 
Adams St.
     House of Spirituality troubles over the last four months.  "certain ones have 
remained away from our meetings."  Greenleaf is one.
     Assist the ladies.
     Chicago meetings.  The geographical significance of Chicago.
     Chase will be in Cleveland on Sunday; then Zanesville, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville.  
Later St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver.  [Note, however, the House of Spirituality minutes 
show that Chase did not make the eastern tour.  He remained in Chicago 15 days more.  On 
8 Nov. the H. of S. minutes show he sent a telegram from Denver.  Other letters show he 
was in Denver a long time.  He must have canceled the eastern trip.]

                     T. Chase to Ahmad Yazdi
c87                          2p.        Chicago, 9 Oct. 1902

     Thank you from the House of Spirituality for the ring stones.  Nineteen received them 
last night, at Bartlett's.

               Paul K. Dealy to Mrs. Miriam Haney
                                   Fair Hope, Al., 10 Oct. 1902

     Dealy's lessons have been approved by `AB.

        T Chase to Mr. Alphonso Steigner of New York City
c87                       3p.           Chicago, 10 Oct. 1902

     Mrs. Fenno has become a Bahá'í; Chase taught her.  She  says she was "led to the 
     Chase speaks about `AB's tests and trials; we must follow in His footsteps.

                 T. Chase to Benjamin R. Taylor
copy 81                    2p.          Chicago, 29 Oct. 1902

     The fewness of Bahá'ís is not a reason for discouragement.
     Chase is going to Denver.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Frank Fenno
c87                           7p.       Denver, 14 Nov. 1902
    She is addressed "Dear Sister in the Cause of God."  She wrote a letter to him on 2 Nov. 
1092; he is now replying. 
    Chase was in Denver "last Sunday."
    Chase discusses the station of `AB again.  Mrs. Fenno wants to send a supplication to the 

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
                           4p.          19 Nov. 1902

     Chase refers to a Bahá'í in Boston.  "Sister Mariam" is the Bostonian.
     "I think it may be possible that He will at some time visit this country....yet" full 
freedom of `AB will only come through His death.
     Reference to Mrs. Bryant's "wonderful experience."
     Chase is sending a notice of the Feast of the Master.  Last year, Asadu'llah annointed 
everyone present.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 30 Nov. 1902

     Chase is helping set into poetry a poem written to `AB in Persian.
     Remnant of the old Assembly still meets.  There are no general meetings.  There are 
10-12 weekly meetings in Chicago, at Roe's, Nash's, True's, Lesch's, Ort's, Tobin's (all 
women), and Dr. Bartlett's.  The remnant of the old Assembly meets there.
     Tomorrow Chase leaves for Grand Rapids, Detroit, then New York City.
     Two hundred attended the Feast of the Master at the Athenaeum.  It was a good time.  
Many older believers "we seldom see" came.
     Abu'l-Fadl's book has just been published recently.  Chase sent a copy to Mrs. Bryant 
and wants her opinion of it.

             T. Chase to Mr. J. H. Seek of Los Ang.
c87                     1p.             Chicago, 30 Nov. 1902

     "I don't know if there are any other believers than yourself in L. A. [Los Ang.] right 
now."  "if we find any other located there, I shall be happy to let you know."
     Bahá'ís are always moving; this has been the experience of New York City as well.
     Chicago news.  There are twelve meetings a week.  The Feast of the Master was 
celebrated on the 26th; it was a "delightful" time.  Two hundred were present.  Some 
stayed as late as 11 PM.
     A new Bahá'í publishing society catalog has been issued.

                   Paul K. Dealy to Mrs. Haney
                            2 p.     Fair Hope, Al., 13 Dec. 1902

     Dealy is farming in Alabama!  He calls it "pioneer farming."

                   T. Chase to Howard MacNutt
copy 81                                 Chicago, 22 Dec. 1902

     Chase makes suggestions for cooperation between New York and Chicago on publishing.

                      I. Br-ham to T. Chase
                          17 legal p.             Dec. 1902

     "How glad I am that you met Mrs. Maxwell.  Does she not remind you of a flower?  She 
was `raised up' from a bed of illness, about the time she received the Message, by the 
laying on of hands of Mr. Getsinger + Dr. Kheiralla when in Paris--and thus she was 
enabled to make the Blessed Pilgrimage, a little later; and you see that Lua G. having been 
her teacher, she is all under that influence--"
     A long letter--I read only 2 or 3 pps.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1903

                T. Chase to Dr. Edward Getsinger
c87                       1p.           Springfield, 3 Jan. 1903

     Chase is in Springfield.  Getsinger wrote him and asked to apologize.  Chase says there 
is no need.
     Lua is visiting with `AB; Chase asks Edward to send his love to her.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
                              1p.       Chicago, 4 Jan. 1903

     M. Barakatu'llah can't be used as a translator [`AB said so] but we may be able to use 
him in the future.  They say we don't need his help; we have enough translators.  And they 
ask about his "nationality and native locality."

                     T. Chase to C. M. Gates
copy 81                      7p.        Chicago, 14 Jan. 1903

     The inner significance of everything is love.
     "The practice of `occultism' in its many branches... is not at all required in the 
teachings.  I do not know that they are anywhere forbidden, but they are looked upon 
rather as the efforts of man to attain by self-evolved and arduous paths that which is 
either not well for him, or which in this new Day may be received by him as the Gift of 
God to whomsoever it is fitting."
     "I have tried to express the idea that the proper occult exercises, intelligently 
pursued, may be of assistance to one in service for God, if he seeks the will of God only, 
but that the tendency of such a pursuit is to fill the inner `ego' with pride and keep him 
from seeking God's way only, without regard to him own personal attainments."
     Definition of a Bahá'í.
     "The whole body of believers is called the `Assembly'"
     "We are in the condition of the earliest Christians, poor, humble ones..."

                   T. Chase to I. Brittingham
c87                           1 p.      Chicago, 18 Jan. 1903

     It is rumored that Badi`u'llah has repented.  Its causing people in Kenosha to abandon 
Dr. Kh.  "This report has already had the effect of causing some of the Kenosha believers 
to leave Kh. and come with those who are loyal to the Master." (p. 1).
     "Mrs. Miller" [Mariam Miller Kheiralla?] and Mrs. Herron:  "She talks about the 
same as Mrs. Herron, telling of the things done in the Holy Household, which show that 
their life `is not the highest' such as smoking, etc."
     Wrote a letter to Mrs. Newton of "Fayette, I'a [IA]."
     One Madame Mountford soon leaves for Jerusalem.  She hopes to meet `AB.
     Zella Fuller is holding a meeting tomorrow evening; Chase will speak.  Five seekers 
are expected.  Mrs. Fuller: "She was a lecturer (McGraw, I think), recently married a 
Mr. Fuller."

                       T. Chase to unknown
                               11p.     Chicago, 18 Jan. 1903

     This may be the letter to Mrs. Newton of Fayette, IA; see Chase to I. Br-ham, same 

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy 				8 p.	Chicago, Sun. 18 Jan. 1903

     The letter was composed on the 19th and 20th of Jan as well.
     The problem of fixing Bahá'í dates in the solar calendar.  Chase tries to get all the 
dates right.  He isn't sure whether `AB's birthday is 23 or 24 May, 1844.  Browne gives 
a date too.
     Kh. is losing followers because of the defection of Badi`'ullah.  The defections are 
especially in Kenosha.
     Mrs. May Maxwell is a "saint."
     Madame Mountford, a lecturer on the Bible, is much interested in the Faith, and is on 
her way to Jerusalem.
     Abu'l-Fadl's book is badly translated.  Ali Kuli Khan was the translator.  He refers to 
the Exordium.
     Aqdas is not yet published; this is because of wisdom.  Chase gives as a reason 
opposition to Moses when He came down from Sinai; Biblical reasoning.  He quotes that 
we shouldn't cast pearls before swine, also.
     "guided yet natural" selection" -- Chase accepts evolution!
     Teaching--the effort to teach brings knowledge and ability.
     Abandonment of self is the key--Chase discusses the theme on p. 7.
     In Chicago there are 10-12 weekly meetings in homes.  The House of Spirituality is 
arranging a downtown meeting.

                   T. Chase to "Seek of Truth"
c87                                     Chicago, 18 Jan. 1903

     An essay

                  Mrs. A. M. Bryant to T. Chase
                              7 p. Colorado Springs, 23 Jan. 1903

     Probably in reply to Chase's letter.  Personal, no significant content.

                   Fannie G. Lesch to T. Chase
                              1 p.      Chicago, 24 Jan. 1903

     She's sending him another installment in "Mrs. Herron's notes."  They're biblical 
notes; possibly of Abu'l-Fadl's lectures.

                   Mariam I. Haney to T. Chase
                              2 p.      New York, 31 Jan. 1903

     Re. Dealy's book of lessons.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
c87                         4p.         Chicago, 1 Feb. 1903

     Chase has been ill and in a sanitarium for 2 weeks.
     Mrs. Bryant is in Denver.
     "The group meetings have been an open door for the machinations of Mrs. H. 
[Herron?] and she is using Mrs. Miller insidiously among the ladies, meeting one and 
two and three at a time, here and there and poisoning them.... An example of the method 
pursued: Mrs. Kelting (and daughter I suppose) gave a little `tea', and invited Mrs. True 
to come."  But she remained firm.  "Even Doxey stands as firm as a rock against the wiles 
of Mrs. H."
     Chase invites Mrs. Br-ham to come to Chicago and speak, as she is firm and may 
counteract the Covenant Breakers.  Only a woman can do this.
     The women are being effected by Covenant Breakers Herron and Miller.  The House of 
Spirituality is strong, tho.
     Mrs. Fenno has become a Bahá'í.
     More on Barakatu'llah: he can't be employed.  No mention of `AB's command.
     Sister Sanghamitta is in Akka, taking extensive notes.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
                                        4 Feb. 1903
     Mrs. Herron and Mrs. Miller are "seditious spirits" "sowing the seeds against the 
Holy cause of El-Abha in Chicago."  Chase asks whether he should go back to Chicago.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
c87                          2p.        8 Feb. 1903

     Mr. Gates has become a Bahá'í as a result of Chase's letter to him.
     The Chicago community hopes to begin regular Sunday meetings on 22 Feb. 1903, in 
the evenings.
     Sunday 22 Feb. 1903 is his birthday (p. 2).

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                       5p.           Chicago, 9 Feb. 1903

     A very inaccurate article has been published in the Denver Times on the Babis 
     An article on the Faith in the Chicago Times, 2 Feb.
     Chase has been in a sanitorium for 2 weeks--he doesn't say why.  He's been "under 
the weather."
     Ameen Fareed is very overworked.  Chase speaks highly of him.
     Ishqabad Temple news.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
c87                           4p.       Chicago, 10 Feb. 1903

     "I think there has been a great improvement, deepening, and getting away from self-
purposes, etc. in Mrs. T [True] this year."
     Chase urges Mrs. Br-ham to come to Chicago--he fears bad effects of the Covenant 
     Mr. True is giving Mrs. True a lot of trouble.  He is against the Faith.
     Chase leaves for St. Louis tomorrow for one week.
     Abraham Haddad is a problem--he fools people into buying goods from him.  He says 
he was sent by the Master.
     25 attended a Chicago feast at Mrs. Waite's.
     "Coming back a long ride on the elevated, I had a good talk with Mrs. True, concerning 
your coming, conditions, etc."  True says Covenant Breaking is not that serious among 
the women.  She says the Keltings are firm.
     Mrs. Olsen has translated the Hidden Words [into Danish].  She is a "large, matronly, 
gentle woman."

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
copy 82                            6 p.  Chicago, 21 Feb. 1903

     Chase was in Louisville, Kty [presumably since 10 Feb. 1903 letter].
     I. Brittingham is not coming to Chicago right now.
     The problem of preserving tablets sent to believers all over the USA.  Ameen won't 
give out even general parts of tablets to others.
     Miss Buikema and Miss Lesch provide copies of tablets if asked--a massive job!
     "I love him [Asadu'llah] very dearly"
     Great station of women.
     Chase describes the Holy Spirit in feminine terms.
     Chase is very humble--he isn't sure whether he is "one of the chosen." (p. 3).
     Madame Mountford has become a Bahá'í.
     Chase compliments Mrs. Harrison.
     Chase speaks of Mr. Gates and his belief in occultism.

                  Mirza Abu'l-Fadl to T. Chase
                              3 p.      2 Mar. 1903

     "You have been the source of the Spread of the Cause of God in these lands.  God willing 
you will also be the source of illuminating other regions through the light of the 
     "Will you please offer my love and devotion to our spiritual friends Messrs 
Greenleaf, Dr. Bartlett, Agnew and the other revered members of the Spiritual 
     The probable translator of the letter is Ali Kuli Khan.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl
copy 83                     1p.         Chicago, 4 Mar. 1903

     A letter of love and encouragement to Abu'l-Fadl.  Abu'l-Fadl is ill, he can't speak 
English, and is mostly alone.

                   T. Chase to Mr. C. M. Gates
copy 82                        2 p.     4 Mar. 1903

     3rd para--The fast began on Mar. 2.  Many in good health are "observing [the Fast] 
with pleasure."
     Chase describes the laying of the cornerstone of the Temple in Ishqabad.  It will take 
three years to complete.  1800 were present and the cornerstone laying.  He describes 
an auxiliary building as having 19 rooms.
     Chase is going away on business in a few weeks.
     Mr. Khan's translations--Chase doesn't like them.
     Sunday meetings have begun at the Athenaeum Building in Chicago.  A women's 
"nineteenth day meeting" on the same day (22 Feb.), so they held theirs at the 
Athenaeum in the afternoon, and stayed for the service.

              House of Spirituality to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 81                                 no date

     A letter in response to the 7 Mar. 1903 meeting, asks to build the Mashriqu'l-

                  T. Chase to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl
c87                        2p.          Detroit, 13 Mar. 1903

     Abu'l-Fadl is still in Wash. D.C.  Chase's wife attended a meeting there, the first 
meeting she had ever attended.  The only Bahá'í in Springfield, Mass (where she had been 
staying) was O. S. Greenleaf, uncle of Mr. Charles Greenleaf of Chicago.  Mrs. Chase was 
     Regular Sunday meetings at the Athenaeum; 60 are attending, which is good when one 
considers the weather.  There are twelve meetings weekly in Chicago right now.  The 
community is getting stronger; there is no disharmony now.  The members of the House 
of Spirituality who have returned to the meetings are not causing disunity, but are 

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
                           2p.          Detroit, 13 Mar. 1903

     Chase is selling Mishkin Qalam's calligraphy in the USA--he's amazed at how little 
the Bahá'ís will pay.  They don't realize how long the calligraphy takes.
     Khan translated the Ighan [Iqan].  Chase hopes it will soon be published.

                   T. Chase to Isabella Br-ham
copy                        3p.         Detroit, 29 Mar. 1903

     Reference to severe troubles at work--he is accused of things unspecified.  They 
center, apparently, on his non-business activities.  Chase is thinking of looking for 
another job.
     Chase went to Chicago for Naw-Ruz.
     Chase refers to another letter from Br-ham, dated 19 [Feb?].
     Separate Bahá'í meetings are held on Sundays in Chicago by a Bahá'í group--the 
women?  There is reference to Mrs. Harrison and Mr. and Mrs. O.  But there is no 
disharmony in Chicago now.
     Kheiralla is still around--Chase says he held his own Naw-Ruz celebration.  Mr. and 
Mrs. Kelting went to it--Chase is suspicious of them.
     Ref. to Badi`u'llah's confession.
     Chase confesses his utter unworthiness.
     Mrs. Fenno declared on 12:10 AM on 1 Jan. 1903.
     Chase praises Mrs. Br-ham.

                    T. Chase to Mishkin Qalam
                                        Chicago, 29 Mar. 1903

     Chase sold a pair of cocks cheaply to Dodge.
     Thank you for the one sent for Chase himself.

                T. Chase to House of Spirituality
                          1p.           Detroit, 3 Apr. 1903

     He has heard the House of Spirituality is about to receive a tablet from `AB.

                    T. Chase to Mr. Finey (?)
                             4p.        Chicago, 7 Apr. 1903

     A non-Bahá'í.  Chase's letter answers his questions and offers the Faith.

                  T. Chase to Mr. John A. Frey
                             3p.        Chicago, 27 Apr. 1903

     Mr. Frey lives in Milwaukee, Wisc.
     Chase has returned from a southern trip.
     A non-Bahá'í, Frey has asked why he should believe in God.  Chase replies using an 
analogy with the sun.  No one can look straight at the sun, except when its obscured by 
clouds; and then it isn't really the sun.  Chase argument is very clever, and similar to 
one `AB would use.
     The letter has a handwritten comment on the back: "Keep.  Existence of God. Good. 
H.B." H. B. is probably Helen Bishop. who with the Bosches went through Chase's papers.  
This is evidence they did indeed selectively destroy some items.

                      A. Dodge to T. Chase
                               1 p.      New York, 5 May 1903

     About some correspondence school lessons of Dodge's--I guess on the Faith.

                T. Chase to House of Spirituality
                                        Denver, 7 May 1903

     Also in House of Spirituality papers.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
copy 81                     6p.         Denver, 12 May 1903

     Chicago news.  Mrs. Br-ham is in Chicago and is speaking at meetings.
     Why have women been chosen to exceed men in teaching the Faith?
     Ameen Fareed is praised.
     Chase taught the Faith to Mrs. A. M. Bryant in Denver two years ago.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
                            1p.         Chicago, 17 May 1903

     Chase sends him copies of two letters that he wrote to seekers.  One has been printed; 
he wants to print the other, but is submitting it to `AB first for His approval.  Chase 
asks Asadu'llah to have the letter translated and present it to `AB.

        T. Chase to Mr. Frank E. Osborne, Brooklyn, N. Y.
                          2p.           Chicago, 18 May 1903

     Chase has hoped for months to visit New York, but has been unable to do so.  He goes on 
the road again tomorrow. Osborne sent Chase some of his tablets; he wants them printed 
as a booklet.
     All disharmony has faded away now in Chicago.  The women will soon sponsor a 
celebration of `AB's birthday for everyone.  Sunday meetings are well attended.

        T. Chase to Mr. Steigner Alphonso, New York City
c87                       1p.           Chicago, 18 May 1903

     Just returned from a business trip in the west.  Chase leaves tomorrow for 
Minneapolis, then for Manitoba.
     Chase's family is still away from Chicago.
     Mrs. Br-ham is a "rare woman and a wonderful teacher."
     Alphonso is a musician, apparently.  Chase apologizes for not being able to arrange a 
recital for him in Chgo.

                     T. Chase to Ahmad Yazdi
c87                        1p.          Chicago, 24 May 1903

Please forward a letter to Asadu'llah for me.  Chase praises Fareed.

         T. Chase to Frank Durbon Clark of Oswego, N. Y.
c87                        3p.          Chicago, 19 July 1903

     Clark is a Bahá'í.  Chase notes the Bahai Publishing Society looses money on every 
publication it puts out, and that they have few means.  The album of phots of the Holy 
Land can not be reissued because the plates were "spoiled in the color process" and "can 
never be reduplicated."

                    Mishkin Qalam to T. Chase
                              2 p.      rec'd 9 Sept. 1903

     Mishkin Qalam is sending Chase a pair of calligraphic cocks and pair of parrots; they 
are to be sold for $25.00 each. If Chase doesn't want one of them, sell it to another 
believer or return it.

             Mrs. A. M. Bryant to Mrs. Lua Getsinger

c87                          1p.        Sept. 1903

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Mariam Haney
                              1p.       Chicago, 22 Sept. 1903

     "I start for the West tomorrow." [Chase]
     Business matters discussed; it involves an inventor, a company to develop his 
invention, and investments.
     Chase encloses a talk by Br-ham and says they are more articles than lectures.

              T. Chase to Putnam's Sons, Publishers
                                        Chicago, 24 Oct. 1903

     The spelling of Beha/Baha.

                  T. Chase to Edward G. Browne
                                        Chicago, 29 Oct. 1903

     "It is over nine years since the spring of 1894 when the writer came to the 
knowledge of the appearance and teachings of Bahá'u'lláh."

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Moon
                         1p.       Louisville, Kty, 2 Dec. 1903

     On ringstones.  She wanted a ringstone with the Greatest Name on it; Chase got her one 
from Dodge in NYC.

                  T. Chase to Madame Mountford
                                   Louisville, Kty, 3 Dec. 1903

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                      3p.       Cleveland, 11 Dec. 1903

     She wrote to him a month ago.
     Chase was in Louisville Kty on 29 Nov.
     The House of Spirituality and the Woman's Assembly are worshiping together weekly.  
Seventy-five attend the weekly worship service; 200 attended the Feast of the Master 
     Mr. Phelps's book uses the spelling Beha--Chase doesn't like that transliteration.  
The book has now appeared; Chase has bought a copy.  It can be ordered.
     There are two Bahá'ís in Cleveland, the Nobles.  He thinks they're the only ones.
     The Dodges have been visiting Chgo for 3 or 4 weeks.
     The mails to the Orient are disturbed; Ameen wrote his mother weekly, and recently 
got a letter from her saying that she hadn't heard from him in six weeks and was 
     Sister Sanghamitta wrote the Bahai Publishing Society; he quotes the letter.  She says 
she has accepted BH as the "new messiah."  Chase was out of Chgo when she visited there.
     Mrs. MacKinney has "made the step toward the Master."

                    T. Chase to Fred E. Coe
copied 87              3p.         Cleveland, 11 Dec. 1903

     Fred Coe is probably a non-Bahá'í.  Chase describes how Bahá'ís teach the Faith: "We 
offer what we have (some of it), and, if we find that it seems at all welcome, we try to 
offer more, but if it is of little or no interest to the listener, we do not seek him strongly 
or urge him overmuch."
     Chase is very pleased with Phelps's book.  It is well-adopted to western tastes.
     Chase says the teachings of the Faith can be best summarized by one word--LOVE.

                  T. Chase to Edward G. Browne
                                        Chicago, 14 Dec. 1903

     No notes.

                     T. Chase to Myron Phelps
c87                      4p.            Chicago, 19 Dec. 1903

     The spelling of Baha'Ullah.
     Chase praises Phelps's book; he discusses its strong points.
     Kheiralla "knew but little of the teaching, and was not skilled in language.  He soon 
became acquainted with `The History of the Bab' (Browne)...."
     Pronunciation of Bahá'u'lláh in New York is incorrect.  Its BE-ha-OO-llah.
     Mirza Ameen Fareed is 21 years old; he is the best translator available.  He has 
graduated from school (the Lewis Insititute).  He's now enrolled in a medical school.

   T. Chase to Sister Sanghamitta, Countess M. de S. Canavarro
c87                     3p.             Chicago, 19 Dec. 1903

     Chase details how he taught Mrs. Bryant.
     Chase writes her concerning the spelling of Baha/Beha, as she helped on Phelp's book.
     A friendly letter, with general news, and a list of all the times the two of them have 
just missed meeting each other.

                   T. Chase to Mr. C. M. Gates

     Occultism--the Faith does not forbid it, but Chase says they are a distraction, not an 
aid.  Chase is right, here.
     Chase defines a Bahá'í as one who believes in Bahá'u'lláh, `AB, and obeys the laws.
     There are 1-12 meetings in Chicago per week.
     "The whole body of believers is called an Assembly."
     There are no general city-wide meetings at this time.
     Chase describes the duties of the House of Spirituality.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1904

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Frank Fenno
                           1p.     Springfield, 3 Jan. 1904

     Chase spent Christmas in Springfield, Mass; the first time in twelve years.  He must 
go to Portland, Maine, then spend two more days in Springfield, then go west.  Next year 
his family (Mrs. Chase and Chase Jr.) will probably move to Chicago; probably next 

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
c87                           4p.       Chicago, 8 Jan. 1904

     p. 4 -- Chase says he is not a Chicagoan, but only living there temporarily.  Mrs. 
Chase is living there with him.  She is not a Bahá'í but is studying the Faith.  She attends 
the women's nineteen day meetings.
     "I am glad to hear of the good work being done by Mrs. Getsinger.  I have heard that 
she has changed greatly during the past two years.  How could it be otherwise, dwelling 
in the presence of the Master!... I know naught of Mr. Kheiralla since he was in Kenosha a 
few weeks ago with Shua'u'llah, the son of Moh. Ali.  God will protect His Cause in truth 
from all the efforts of the puny man."
     Sunday meetings "fairly well attended" -- "ladies nineteen day meetings are always 
well attended"  "good work is being accomplished by and through them."
     Mr. Winterburn's pilgrimage notes.
     Mr. and Mrs. MacNutt, Abu'l-Fadl are going on pilgrimage; Abu'l-Fadl is in Naples.
     "wherever I go, and know of any friends, I seek to meet them.  That is in fact about the 
only thing I am permitted to do for the Cause, and I do not know that that is of any 
moment, but I long to offer what little I am permitted to the friends everywhere."
     Mrs. Chase hosted the last nineteen day women's meeting.

                 T. Chase to Sister Sanghamitta
c87                          2p.        Chicago, 9 Jan. 1904

     Chase's wife hosted the last nineteen day ladies' meeting.
     "The greatest difficulty here of which I know arise from the strong inclination of 
several toward psychic phenomena...."

                  Edward G. Browne to T. Chase
                         4 p.      Newcastle-on-Tyne, 13 Jan. 1904

     A reply to Chase regarding the spelling of "Beha" instead of "Baha."  Browne favors 
"Baha" also.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
c87                         2p.         Chicago, 27 Jan. 1904

     Chicago has no discord right now.  Chase gives general news of the meetings.
     Chase praises Ameen Fareed (to his father).  Fareed is living with Chase.
     Chase is concerned about preserving `AB's guidance in his tablets to individuals.
     [Firesides] every Monday and Thursday evenings in Chase's and Fareed's house.
     The House of Spirituality meets tonight.

                  T. Chase to Edward G. Browne
                              1p.       Chicago, 14 Feb. 1904

     Chase had received a reply from Browne about transliteration.  This is his letter of 
thanks and apologies, in case he was seen as too forward to request the advice he asked.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy                         5p.     Chicago, 17 or 27 Feb. 1904

Chase prays to `AB for help to overcome self.
     `AB appears to have promised to send Chase a photo of Bahá'u'lláh!
     Chase describes the spiritual state of America.
     Peace reigns now in the Chicago Bahá'í community.  But no one knows the size of the 
community; and all cannot meet at once.
     There are no public meetings; private meetings only.  If someone speaks at a public 
meeting jealousy will result and all will want to speak.
     Reference to "Brother Dodge."
     Bahá'ís have abandoned the churches, followed occultism, etc., then became Bahá'ís, 
but kept their former beliefs.  "Psychics are more important to some than is the life."
     New Thought--a loose association of various societies, including Bahá'í.
     Reference to Mrs. True.
     Chase's employers won't let him go on pilgrimage.
     Chase wants to retire and serve the Faith full time.
     A beautiful closing, in which Chase devotes himself totally to Bahá'u'lláh and `AB.
     Five Bahá'ís are "associated" with the New Thought Executive Committee: Agnew, 
Lesch, Harrison, True, Chase.  True, Chase addressed a gathering of all New Thought 
people last night, apparently about the Faith.  Nothing about the independent nature of 
the Faith in the letter.

           T. Chase to Mr. Clarence Smith of Honolulu
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 18 Feb. 1904

     Agnew, Greenleaf, Chase meet at Kimball's restaurant for lunch daily.
     Chase met Miss Alexander at Green Acre in 1902.
     Isn't Mr. Phelps's book useful?

         T. Chase to Mr. Lincoln Smith, Zanesville, Ohio
                             3p.        Chicago, 18 Feb. 1904

     No notes.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
1/2 copy 82                    2p.      Chicago, 26 Feb. 1904

     Many tablets of `AB are not preserved for posterity; Chase is concerned about it.  The 
House of Spirituality should keep copies, and individuals should be able to state how the 
tablet may be used.
     Cincinnati--Br-ham is there.  "Our dear Cincinnati friends have a hard battle to 
fight, the battle of enduring patience, and a few `have fought the good fight' most nobly."

            T. Chase to Dr. Edgar M. Webster, Chicago
                             1p.        Chicago, 29 Feb. 1904

     Chase is leaving for Denver later this week, then maybe he'll go to the Pacific Coast.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Agnew
c87                          1p.        Denver, 9 Mar. 1904

     Chase spoke to 27 on Sunday and 30 "last night" in Denver.  The Faith is "spreading 
finely now" there.
     Some House of Spirituality business, which is unspecified.
     Chase spoke at a New Thought meeting.  He sends a corrected copy of his talk to Agnew, 
to give to a Mr. Whetmore, who may print it in a New Thought periodical.
     We must write to `AB about our problems; otherwise He won't know about them.  
Chase quotes someone that `AB is "under the law."

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
1/2 copy 82                    3p.      Denver, 9 Mar. 1904

     Efforts now being made to keep instructional portions of tablets to individuals in a 
public file.
     The problem of bad translation is serious.  Chase cites instances of translations done 
in New York City.  One tablet is circulating that is in terrible shape.  Ameen Fareed ia 
the only good translator available.  Chase implies the network of circulating tablets, too.
     The Faith is spreading well in Denver under Mrs. A. M. Bryant.  Last sunday 27 were 
at her house for over 2 hours. On Friday evening some sent supplications to `AB.

                    T. Chase to Carl Scheffler
M27B2F43 (CHS) (also TC)   c87  2p.     Denver, 9 Mar. 1904

     We must write to `AB about the hindrances to spreading the Cause.  He is "under the 
law" and must be informed.
     A tablet to Dodge is in circulation that is poorly translated.  The H.of S. will ask `AB 
about it.
     Chase addressed 25 at a Denver meeting last Sunday.  Last night 30 were present.  
Apparently he will be there next Sunday too.
     "On Friday evening the `friends' meet, those who have accepted and supplicated the 

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
                              1p.       Denver, 10 Mar. 1904

     Cover letter for following letter.

                T. Chase to House of Spirituality
                           1p.          Denver, 10 Mar. 1904

     Chase reminds them that "Nawrooz" can be celebrated Sunday night, 20 Mar. -- it 
would be more convenient, and that is the way it is celebrated in the Orient.
     Chase probably will go to Texas next.  [But he didn't until later.]
     Chase notes that 20 March is the last day of the Fast.

                     T. Chase to Mrs. Chase
copy                         4p.        Denver, 12 Mar. 1904

     A letter re. guardianship over Joe's inheritance.
     Reference to several previous letters by him to her, and one from his wife 
insinuating dishonesty over the guardianship idea.
     Mrs. Chase is temporarily in Springfield--Joe is in school there.
     Chase will meet with the "friends" tomorrow night; 27-30 at previous meetings.
     Tuesday Chase goes to Pueblo.
     Thursday Chase goes to Ogden, Utah.
     Portland, OR, 14th to 19th.  Chase then goes to Seattle.  San Francisco, 20th-27th.  
Los Ang. 28th to 31st.  Arizona.  Then El Paso, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, 
Detroit.  Then maybe Chase will go to Springfield.
     Chase complained he has many more letters to answer.

                     T. Chase to Mrs. Haney
                             1p.        Denver, 13 Mar. 1904

     Denver news; 27 attended a meeting at Mrs. Bryant's last Sunday; 30 on Tuesday.  
Chase met with ten believers last night.
     Chase will be back in Chicago in about four weeks.
     "You know this was my old home for so many years, and I was permitted by God to sow 
the first seed here with Miss Clark and Mrs. Bryant, about three years (a little more) 
     Chase spoke to a gathering of 16 New Thought societies on Sunday 28 Feb. in Chicago.  
It had good results.

                      T. Chase to Mr. Haney
                              2p.       Denver, 14 Mar. 1904

     Chase is on his way to the Pacific.  Thirty-two attended a meeting at Mrs. Bryant's 

      T. Chase to Mrs. Louisa Ruddiman, Goblesville, Mich.
c87                      2p.            Denver, 14 Mar. 1904

     She offers Ameen Fareed a copy of Gray's Anatomy, and a skull for his medical studies.
     Chase describes `AB's station using biblical verses and Bahá'í titles.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
                            3p.         Denver, 15 Mar. 1904

     Chase is leaving for the Pacific coast; he will return to Chicago probably in April.
     Tomorrow he leaves for Pueblo for a day or two; thence to Ogden, Utah, for 1 day; 
Portland OR for 3 or 4 days; Seattle; San Francisco; Los Ang.; Phoenix; Dallas; Kansas 
City; St. Louis; Louisville; Chicago.
     Lots of business dealings in it [the letter?]
     Mr. Phelps calls Asadu'llah "`our dear teacher' as we called him, a lovely soul."

                   Fred E. Coe to `Abdu'l-Bahá
c87                          1p.        20 March 1904

     Coe's supplication to the Master.  Chase taught him the Faith and he is thankful.  He's a 
Denver Bahá'í.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Dodge
                            1p.         Chicago, 2 May 1904

     Just returned from a 2-month trip to Pacific coast.  Denver, Los Ang., San Francisco.  
He comes to New York soon; he will visit then.

                T. Chase to Mrs. Louisa Ruddiman
c87                      4p.            Chicago, 2 May 1904

     Chase left Chicago on 5 Mar, traveling.  Went to the Pacific Coast.  "Just arrived 
     She wrote Chase because of statements in Phelps's book that seemed at variance with 
what Asadu'llah taught her and what `AB has written.  Chase reconciles the statements.  
He writes an essay on the purpose of life and the nature of death.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Mariam Haney
c87                         3p.         Chicago, 6 May 1904

     Chase leaves for Detroit Monday night; then Massachusetts, Portland (Maine), back to 
Springfield, maybe New York City, in three weeks.
     Chase was away out west for three months.
     "What went ye out for to see?" is to be printed and available.  Haney is distributing 
typed copies of it to people.  `AB has received it, read in translated form, and had it sent 
to Persia.

                   T. Chase to Louisa Ruddiman
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 8 May 1904

     Mrs. Ruddiman's mother apparently has gone senile.  Chase consoles Ruddiman that 
her soul is not damaged.

                   T. Chase to Mr. J. P. Cook
copy 81                     1p.   Springfield, Mass., 12 May 1904

     Chase writes from Springfield.  Cook is a delegate of the "circle of light" in Chicago to 
the New Thought Federation.  Chase says how much he deplores the emphasis on healing 
and other lives, whgile the laws of God and how one should live are ignored.  But he sees a 
change in attitude for the better in the more recent New Thought conference he has 

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
c87                        4p.     East Coast, 20 May 1904

     Chase has received a promise from the President of Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
that he may have a two month vacation "in a year or two."
     Chase has been traveling for the last five months; 13,000 miles in the last three 
     Denver -- four Bahá'í meetings in Mrs. Bryant's home in eight days.   At one of them, 
30 were present.  Nine Denver Bahá'ís attended a Bahá'ís-only meeting.
     Chase visited San Francisco and Los Ang.  Nine of the "friends" met him in L.A.  He 
will be in New York City "Sunday or Monday."  Sunday evening commemoration of the 
Birth of the Bab.
     Bahá'ís never gather into large communities; they are always moving, establishing 
new centers of activity.
     Ameen Fareed is now in Akka.
     Asadu'llah has "physical trouble" -- Chase says he hopes he will improve.
     Chase yearns for release from his material cares.  He wants just to serve the Faith.  
He even yearns for death, because of his current situation.  And then he crosses out the 
part of the letter where he expresses his emotions.
     Chase wants to buy land in the Holy Land.  But he still doesn't have the money; he 
alludes to Cornelia's estate, and legal problems over obtaining what is rightfully his.

                    Arthur Dodge to T. Chase
                              1 p.      28 May 1904

     The letter is on "International Correspondence School of Prophecy and Bible Study" 
stationary, and gives as its address what I assume is Dodge's home.
     No notes on body of letter.

                     T. Chase to Mrs. Haney
c87                     2p.        Louisville, Kty, 2 June 1904

     A Mr. Hall is running for Congress [probably Albert Hall; he was taught the Faith by 
Mrs. Haney and Chase knew him].  He's very busy; Chase was in town and never had a 
chance to meet him.  Hall gave up his church, which Chase regrets.
     "My faith in N. Y. [New York] as a fruitful field is not great."
     "What went ye out for to see?" is now printed.

         T. Chase to Prof. Harold Hume of Raleigh, N.C.
                                   Louisville, Kty, 3 June 1904

     Cuban oranges --  how well do they ship and related business questions.

                   Roy Wilhelm to Ameen Fareed
c87                        2p.          23 July 1904

     Wilhelm is providing Fareed with $15 per month and $25 for a summer trip, and 
will provide more for postage and clothing.
     Wilhelm hopes to go to Europe on business about 1 September, then on pilgrimage via 
Port Said.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        3p.          8 Sept. 1904

     Extract from a letter; a mystical essay by Chase.

                  T. Chase to George Winterburn
c87                          1p.        Chicago, 12 Sept. 1904

     Winterburn is living in Berkeley.  His pilgrim's notes made quite an impression in 
Chicago.  Chase is sending copies elsewhere.

       T. Chase to Mrs. Charlotte Morton, Milwaukee, Wis.
                           2p.          Chicago. 23 Sept. 1904

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Bernard Jacobsen
copy 81                     1p.         Sept. 1904

     Reference to Chase's visit to Kenosha in the days of Vatralsky.

               Mrs. Rosa V. Winterburn to T. Chase 
                              1 p.    Berkeley, Cal., 2 Oct. 1904

     The Winterburns have just returned from pilgrimage.  Apparently the letter 
accompanies tablets Chase is sending to them.

            House of Spirituality to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl
copy 82          Chase papers    2 p.   Chicago, 29 Oct. 1904

     A goodbye letter to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl.
     The letter mentions his problems and his personal strengths.  His health is bad, too.

                T. Chase to Dr. George B. Charles
                     1p.           Louisville, Kty, 3 Nov. 1904

     Chase will probably be in Denver on 21 Nov.  He will be traveling and will not be in 
Chicago.  He will return to Chicago by next week.
     The letter is about citrus fruits; Charles is an expert.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Mariam Haney
c87                           3p.       Chicago, 8 Nov. 1904

     Peace reigns in the Chicago Bahá'í community now; two women have made their peace, 
so Chase is happy.
     Translating of the Hidden Words, Words of Wisdom, Communes.  It is to be published 
as one book.
     The New York Board is also approving publications.
     Mirza Abu'l-Fadl is a wonderful man, but hampered by a lack of good translators.  
He's a "saint, that old man.  He has suffered and endured in absolute silence far more than 
we have conceived.  Neglect, insult, misrepresentation and deliberate deception have 
been added to the trials of loneliness, illness, and inability to speak a word to those 
around him."
     Chase found some believers who had accepted `AB only; when told of Bahá'u'lláh, they 
left the Faith!  "What do you think of that?  It was an `eye opener.'"

              T. Chase to Clarence Smith, Honolulu
c87                         3p.         Denver, 19 Nov. 1904

     Chase is replying to Smith's letter of 29 July!
     Chase was at Green Acre on 29 July for two days only.
     Mr. Winterburn is now in Los Ang.  Both he and his wife are artists, Chase thinks.  
They became Bahá'ís in Paris, then went on pilgrimage.
     Chase's wife and boy are now living with him in Chicago.
     Good news from Chicago.
     Chase's son is a student at the Morgan Park Academy, "a preparatory branch school of 
the Chicago University."

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
c87                                     Chicago, 26 Nov. 1904

     Chase begs to go on pilgrimage:   "The heart of this servant is sustained by hope that 
the visit to the Holy Centre of the New Jerusalem may be attained within the year..."
     The letter was carried to `AB by Mrs. Haney, who is going on pilgrimage.

                   T. Chase to Jonathan Barnes
copy 81                    2p.          Chicago, 6 Dec. 1904

     Barnes is a Springfield, Mass lawyer.  The letter is about Cornelia Chase's estate.  
Part of the property is owned by Eleanor Chase, and part by other heirs.  This makes 
sale of the property difficult.  Chase wants to buy the whole thing so he can sell it as a 
whole.  He explains his offer to Barnes.

                   T. Chase to Jonathan Barnes
                             1p.        Chicago, 6 Dec. 1904

     About the certificate of title of the property.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1905

                 T. Chase to Mrs. and Mr. Haney
c87                      3p.       Louisville, Kty, 2 Jan. 1905

     Sister Sangamitta spoke in Chicago recently.  It was taken down stenographically, and 
must be corrected before distribution.
     The Haneys sent Chase clippings from New York newspapers; he expresses his 
gratitude and says he'll keep them for posterity.
     Worship of `AB is a problem, like worship of Jesus.
     Albert Hall has a great intellect, which is a barrier to accepting the Faith, but Chase 
thinks he'll come around.
     Mr. Winterburn's pilgrim's notes were written up at Chase's request.

                  T. Chase to George Winterburn
c87                        5p.          Chicago, 8 Jan. 1905

     Chicago and New York Bahá'í communities are in good shape.
     The spelling "Beha" is wrong.  Chase gives the history of the spelling.
     The House of Spirituality has thought of gathering the originals of all tablets in one 
place, but the time is not yet.  The House may have that job eventually.
     Dealy's book was to be published in New York, with another chapter added.
     It would cost $60 to publish Winterburn's pilgrim's notes.  The book containing the 
Hidden Words and communes will be out at the end of the month.
     A concert was recently held for the Temple Fund; it netted $100.00.  It may be loaned 
to the Publ. Society for printing books.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                         2p.         Chicago, 9 Jan. 1905

     Chase is replying to a letter of hers of 6 January.
     Ameen Fareed is badly overworked; this is a common comment.
     Kheiralla has moved to New York City.  Shu`au'llah is with him; he can't speak any 
English and is at Kheiralla's mercy.
     Chase sends her a copy of Sanghamitta's address.  Bryant is sick; Chase says this is a 
warning that we "are still under the law."
     The MacNutts have left on pilgrimage.  They are accompanying Abu'l-Fadl home.
     Mrs. Harrison says she has received a "new and most wonderful and authoritative 
revelation" and she wishes to tell Chase about it.

            T. Chase to Mr. Clarence Smith, Honolulu
c87                       4p.           Chicago, 11 Jan. 1905

     Ameen Fareed is studying at Hanneman Homeopathic College.
     There are two new believers in Hawaii.
     A book will soon be published with the Hidden Words, Words of Wisdom, and 
communes.  It will probably appear in early February.
     `AB was serving dinner at His table recently when some beggars came to the door and 
asked for food.  He had the whole dinner given to them.  Chase speaks about the lesson of 
sacrifice this teaches.
     Chase says that Abu'l-Fadl and the eight Americans left for Akka on 1 December.

            T. Chase to Ben. R. Taylor of Cincinnati
copy 81                    2p.          [Chicago], 11 Jan. 1905

     Kheiralla's life and history is described.
     Most of the Kenosha Bahá'ís are Swedish or Danish.  The community there is 

                     T. Chase to Postmaster
                              1p.       Chicago, 14 Jan. 1905

     Chase seeks to trace an item lost in the mails [it was mailed to Mrs. Bryant].

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy                       2p.          Chicago, 17 Jan. 1905

     Chase mentions a joint meeting of the officers of the House of Spirituality and the 
Ladies Board "last Tuesday."
     The New York Board of Counsel has agreed that all future publishing would be done 
through Chicago.  Chase was surprised.  This was because of the poor quality of the New 
York publications, and because one there is out of favor; Chase says, because of lack of 
wisdom on the man's part, though he is sincere. (who? Sprague?  Dodge?)
     Charles Mason Remey is the "Main Stay" of the Wash. D.C. Bahá'í community.  Chase 
describes him, but says he has never met him or corresponded with him.  He calls Remey 
the "salt of the earth."

      Louise Waite to the Officers of the Woman's Assembly
          and the Officers of the House of Spirituality
c87                           4p.       n.d. [mid Jan. 1905?]

     The letter mentions the concert for the Temple fund, given at Christmastime 1904, 
so the letter must date from that time.  The letter also mentions a joint meeting of 
officers, like the one mentioned in the letter above, so probably dates from mid January 
     Waite has been accused of teaching the Faith too widely and broadly.  Insulted and 
hurt, she resigns as corresponding secretary of the Woman's Assembly.  The accusation 
apparently stems from a broad-minded song she wrote, and which she quotes.
     She should have all the concert money collected by Wednesday.  The musicians who 
performed are now interersted in the Faith.
     The letter is earnest, but drips with bitterness and anger.  It seems to capture the 
way Waite deals with personal accusations.

                  T. Chase to "Sister Servant"
c87                        1p.          17 Jan. 1905

     A package has been lost in the mail.  Many want the address you gave; please correct 
the enclosed manuscript and return it.  Miss Buikema will make copies on her 
     The letter must be to Sister Sanghamitta, who had just spoken in Chicago.

             T. Chase to Mr. C. M. Gates of Chicago
                             1p.        Chicago, 17 Jan. 1905

     Chase mailed letters from Denver on 24 Dec 1904.  Gates is a friend of Mr. and Mrs. 
Chase; probably a non-Bahá'í.  Possibly he's Jewish; Chase sends him two letters 
written by Jewish Bahá'ís in Iran.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 22 Feb. 1905

     Chase was in "Milwaukee and elsewhere since my return from the East."  He was in 
New York City also.  He describes two visits with Sister Sanghamitta and Dr. Phelps at 
their farm in N.J.  Mother Beecher, May Maxwell, and Mrs. Br-ham visited as well, as 
did other Bahá'ís.
     Chase met with the New York Board of Counsel.  He spoke to the friends at their 
regular meeting at the Genealogical Hall, and in Brooklyn.  MacNutt was able to stay in 
Akka only one day; Mrs. MacNutt stayed a week.  There are lots of troubles in Akka right 
     Mrs. Getsinger has "changed greatly and for the better."  She is "older, and more quiet 
and reserved."  She wears blue.  She's studying Persian at the university [Columbia 
     Chase has company permission for a two month vacation.
     Chase may visit Denver this spring [he did on 9 Mar.]
     Mr. Brittingham has a printing press in Mr. Sprague's house and is making his living 
doing odd printing jobs.  Mr. Sprague is interested in printing also.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Dodge
                             1p.        Denver, 9 Mar. 1905

     Chase was in Texas.
     Chase leaves tomorrow for Omaha, thence to Des Moines, eventually to Chicago.
     Chase was asked by Dodge to supply some essays for a book Dodge wants to publish.  
Chase apologizes; he has no time, because of work.

                     T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm
c87                           2p.       Denver, 9 Mar. 1905

     Chase was in Texas.
     Chase--or Fareed--plans for a 1905 pilgrimage--Ameen Fareed has no money to get 
there with, tho.
     Costs of pilgrimage--$119 for a ticket, New York to Port Said.  $20.00 more to get 
to Haifa.
     Chase is going to Omaha, then Des Moines, then Chicago by the middle of next week.  
Then St. Louis, and Minneapolis even later.
     It takes 40 days for a letter to go over and a reply to come back, or twenty days for a 
letter with a cable reply.  Twenty days is the fastest mail goes, one way, to Akka.
     Various routes to Akka are discussed.  Chase fears a delay because of quarentine.  He 
doesn't have much vacation time.

          T. Chase to the Hon. John F. Shafroth, Denver
c87                     1p.            [Chicago], 16 Mar. 1905

     Chase's wife also plans to go on pilgrimage.  Chase asks Shafroth, or Senator Teller, 
for a letter of introduction.
     Chase visited him with Fred Coe several days earlier.
     Chase plans to go on pilgrimage in late April or early May.

             T. Chase to Mr. Wayland J. Chase, Dean
copy 81                 1p.             Chicago, 17 Mar. 1905

     He is dean of the Morgan Park Academy.
     Thornton Jr.'s escapade in a saloon.

             T. Chase and Amen Fareed to Roy Wilhelm
copy 81                    4p.          Chicago, 17 Mar. 1905

     Letter written by Fareed.  Apparently Chase is in Chicago though; he is present (as is 
Mrs. Chase) as Fareed writes.
     Chase says: I just arrived yesterday from my business trip.
     Pilgrimage plans, costs, etc.

                     T. Chase to Ahmad Yazdi
c87                            1p.      Chicago, 19 Mar. 1905

     The letter is from the House of Spirituality.  Enclosed are 29 letters to Bahá'í 
Assemblies throughout the Orient.
     Fitz-Gerald stopped in Chicago recently and spoke about his pilgrimage.  He stayed a 
few days.  [He's probably on his way back to Washington state from Akka.]

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Louise Waite
c87                        1p.          Chicago, 24 Mar. 1905

     Chase edits her poem about New Years.  He stresses that he's only trying to be of 
service to her.  The BPS may publish it.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
                                        Chicago, 21 Apr. 1905

     "I hope to visit Thee at this time in company with my loved brother and friend, Mirza 
Ameen'ullah Fareed.  Ten years ago, before any American had found Thee, I hoped then to 
visit Thee."

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
c87                        2p.          Detroit, 25 Apr. 1905

     Chase praises Ameen Fareed as "a good youth, upright in character, wise in action, 
and an attainer in study.  He is endeared to many hearts and has the confidence of all that 
know him.  A large burden of responsibility is already upon his young shoulders through 
the love and trust of the friends and the respects of his associates."
     There is much unity in Chicago now.  The House of Spirituality and Bahai Publishing 
Society are better recognized and respected now.
     Chase lists the Bahá'í centers as New York, Wash. D.C., Cincinnati, Kenosha, Racine, 
Milwaukee, California, and Chicago [the list is mostly the same as 1899!]

              T. Chase to Ellen V. [Mother] Beecher
copy 82                  2p.            Grand Rapids, 27 Apr. 1905

     Chase is "on the road."
     He apparently was booked on a passage to the Orient, but isn't going.
     Chase refers to a vision he had many years ago.  "It has been the anchor of my life 
through many years"; but he doesn't give much of a description.
     He asks her to convey his greetings to Sister Sanghamitta.

                 T. Chase to Sister Sanghamitta
c87                       1p.      Grand Rapids, 28 Apr. 1905

     Mother Beecher wrote him that Sister S. has not been well.
     "My hope of going East this month is destroyed by conditions in the Orient."
     Fareed should meet Phelps in New York.  Fareed sails today for the Orient.

                T. Chase to Mr. Thomas F. Dawson
                            2p.         Chicago, 3 May 1905

     He is a non-Bahá'í.  Chase is trying to get a letter from Senator Teller, a letter of 
introduction to go to Akka.
     Chase refers to a poem he once wrote, "Tom Bowen's Ride," a "political doggerel."  He 
says this and other old articles by him are in Springfield.
     Chase had pilgrimages dates, but had to cancel them because of conditions in Akka.  And 
he didn't have a letter of introduction from Senator Teller.

                     T. Chase to Mr. Phelps
                              2p.       Chicago, 4 May 1905

     Chase is replying to Phelps's letter of 23 [Apr.].  At the time he was on a trip to 
     Phelps wrote him to express sympathy that Chase can not go meet `AB this year.  
Phelps invited him to Green Acre instead; Chase says he can't go.  Apparently Phelps 
referred to Ramanathan as the great teacher who will be at Green Acre; Chase says he 
hopes to meet the man some time.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Dodge
                             1p.        Chicago, 5 May 1905

     Chase again apologizes for not sending Dodge any material.  Dodge wants essays, 
probably for a magazine.  Chase says its premature for a magazine; the costs are too 
high; the community is too small for it to show a profit.  One could easily loose 
$100,000.  Dodge has no money, either.

                      T. Chase to I. Br-ham
copy                            4p.     Chicago, 10 May 1905

     The last letter from her was "long ago" it referred to the situation in New York.
     The Faith in Chicago is "in pretty good shape."  There is "constant growth."  
"Outwardly there is harmony"; no bickerings and jealousies.  But the Bahá'ís are not 
working together.
     The major problem is too much enthusiasm and not enough wisdom.  The Bahá'ís are 
like children; when they learn a little they think they know better than their father; 
later they realize how little they know.
     A major problem is that the Bahá'ís bend the Faith to fit their own fancies--this is 
the main cause of disharmony.
     Chase seems to be at inner peace at this time.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copied 87               4 p.            Chicago, 16 May 1905

     A lot on Sister Sanghamitta.  Chase complains that Phelps wrote him and said he didn't 
have to go to Akka; a great spiritual Master would be at Green Acre this summer.  Chase 
notes that this is the sort of attitude Sister S. has to deal with.
     The Bahá'ís tend to move a lot and thus scattered, starting the teaching work 
     Marian [Kheiralla?] will stay at the Dodges for a few days on her way to England.  The 
MacNutts have returned from pilgrimage, radiant, and are teaching a lot in New York 
City and Brooklyn.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
copy 81                      2p.        Chicago, 21 May 1905

     Fareed should be in the "Holy City" by now [Akka]
     Mrs. Greenleaf was just elected President of the Chicago Woman's Assembly of 
     Chase calls his son Joe.
     Chicago will commemorate the Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh on Sunday, 28 May.

                     T. Chase to Sarah Farmer
                              1p.       Chicago, 30 May 1905

     Chase was at Green Acre at the end of July last year [1904].  Maybe he will be able to 
go this year.
     He thanks Farmer for the invitation to speak.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
copy 81                                 Chicago, 31 May 1905

     Chase refers to Mrs. Chase and "Joe"--in quotes.
     Phelps, Farmer, Sister Sanghamitta all urge Chase to speak at Green Acre this 
summer.  But he's undecided.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Dodge
                             1p.        Chicago, 2 June 1905

     About the teaching of deacons and ministers of Chicago churches.  They invite them to 
dinner, one or two at a time.
     Chase has written domething for Dodge's proposed book.
     The lunchtime meeting at Kimball's has grown from 3 to 5 or more.  As many as eight 
attend.  There are at least 5 for lunch.  Agnew, Greenleaf, Chase were the nucleus.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
                             2p.        Chicago, 25 June 1905

     Chase can't leave on pilgrimage this year now.
     Ali Kuli Khan now has a son.

              T. Chase to Mr. Scotford of Los Ang.
c87                       11p.          Chicago, 29 June 1905

     Description of Manifestations and the role of Bahá'u'lláh.  BH is not greater than Xt, 
but the same.  Jesus was a puified earthly mirror for the Xt that was in Him.
     God.  Chase describes God using the analogy of a light in a room filled with transparent 
objects; an analogy from Kheiralla!
     This world is a womb-world for the next life.
     An introductory letter, seemingly to a non-Bahá'í.  Its 11 pages long!
     Chase mentions the visions of Swedenborg and says they "are not to be ignored."
     "It has been the writer's fortune to be somewhat familiar with like teachings [ancient 
doctrines] in past years..."
     He quotes Charles Wesley [a hymn?].
     Love and obedience.  "Both are one in essence."  Love must be given freely, to be true 
love.  The text here echoes Bahai Revelation.

                Laura Clifford Barney to T. Chase
                         2 p.      Port Said, 4 July 1905

     All letters sent to the Master must be sent care of Mr. Ahmad Yazdi in Port Said, 
starting immediately, because of "some difficulties [which] have arisen in Acca..."

                   T. Chase to Mother Beecher
B3F12                              Portland, Maine, 24 July 1905

     Chase tells her not to send any letters to `AB to Akka, but to Port Said in stead.

                     T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm
copy 81                 1p.        Portland, Maine, 29 July 1905

     Chase still has permission to go on pilgrimage, but circumstances in Akka are very 

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy                       3p.          Chicago, 3 Oct. 1905

     Chase refers to a letter by Bryant to him, dated 24 Sept.
     Chase is going to Michigan for a week or more; he's about to leave.
     A friend on the West Coast [Nathan Fitz-Gerald] is writing to Bahá'ís asking for 
money so that he can serve the Faith full time.  Chase says `AB discourages this and 
forbids asking for funds.  The House of Spirituality has consulted on the matter.  The 
individual is referred to only as the Colonel.
     Charles Remey referred to in glowing terms.  Remey asked `AB whether he could give 
up his profession in order to serve the Faith full time; `AB said he shouldn't.
     All publications henceforth must be approved.
      A Bahá'í magazine has been discussed for five years now.  The Publishing Society 
feels the time is not yet right.  Someone [Fitz-Gerald] has started a magazine 
independently and Chase doesn't like it.  It lacks wisdom; Chase hints he may be 
     References in the letter to Miss Clark of Denver, Mr. Hanna [Hannen], Mrs. 
Knoblock, and Mr. Jacobsen.  Hannen and Knobloch spoke in Chicago last night.
     MacNutt has sold his business and will devote all of his time to the Faith.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Corinne True
copy 82                       2 p.      Chicago, 4 Oct. 1905

     The letter is all about the "Nineteen Day teas" being held for teaching.  At this time 
there is no real feast.  This is the nearest equivalent, and it is open to non-Bahá'ís.
     Chase traces the evolution of the nineteen day teas; 1) worship and social 
acquaintance foe the ladies; 2) business was introduced also; 3) now it is being used for 
teaching the Faith.  Chase himself doesn't like this change.  The women want to invite 
speakers; Chase says a committee should do this.
     [A Spiritualist--a non-Bahá'í--was invited to speak at the tea.]
     Chase refers to the need for consultation.

                    T. Chase to Mirza Raffie
                                        Chicago, 17 Oct. 1905

     Chase has just returned a few days ago from Louisville.
     Chase's flat is in Edgewater on the Chicago north side.
     Chase is having trouble making ends meet.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Louise Waite
copy 81                    4p.          Chicago, 22 Oct. 1905

     Asadu'llah taught the value of consultation.
     `AB is called Christ in her manuscript.  Chase says that must be changed.  But Chase 
doesn't exactly deny the idea; perhaps out of kindness to Mrs. Waite.
     The House of Spirituality and the Women's Assembly met "last evening."
     The House of Spirituality approves all publishing decisions of the Bahá'í Publishing 
     A beautiful letter where Chase criticizes someone's writing most lovingly.

        T. Chase to Mr. Harrison D. Barret, Canaan, Maine
                          2p.           Chicago, 17 Dec. 1905

     Chase has been traveling for several weeks.  He hasn't had time to write anyone.
     The letter is a general one to a non-Bahá'í about the Day in which we live.

      T. Chase to Mrs. Margaret B. Peeke of Sandusky, Ohio
                           1p.          Chicago, 17 Dec. 1905

     She has asked for a copy of the Seven Valleys; he sends it.
     Chase met her in Sandusky.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1906

                     T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm
copy 81                    6p.          Chicago, 25 Jan. 1906

     Chase moved in Sept. to Edgewater, 10 miles out on the North Side.
     Chase calls Ameen Fareed a "prince" sarcastically.  Fareed wants to be paid for 
translating for the Faith.
     Chase advises Wilhelm not to give Fareed any money; he has plenty.
     Mirza Raffie, in contrast, is poor and refuses help.  He's in the University of Chicago 
Medical School.
     Later in the letter Chase softens his criticism of Fareed a little.
     Bahá'í Publishing Society mentioned.

                 T. Chase to Charles Mason Remey
copy 81                   2p.           Chicago, 25 Jan. 1906

     Chase describes the way the Bahá'í Publishing Society operates.
     Chase leaves for Portland, Maine, on saturday.  He will be there through Tuesday at 

                     T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm
copy 81                       2p.       Chicago, 13 Feb. 1906

     `AB has forbidden indiscriminate distribution of literature in public places [He 
forbade it two years earlier].
     Chase discusses a publication of Wilhelm's.
     The enthusiasm of new Bahá'ís is like that of an adolescent.
     Chase went to Portland, Maine from Chicago twice recently.
     Mrs. Br-ham is on her way to Chicago; is expected 21 Feb.

              T. Chase to Mr. Hannen of Wash. D.C.
                                        Chicago, 18 Feb. 1906

     Chase was in Maine, returned to Chicago via Albany route.  He had hoped to visit Wash. 
     There are now twelve meetings weekly in homes in Chicago.  Washington, he 
understands, has two meetings.  Do you have a Sunday meeting too?

                  T. Chase to Charles M. Remey
copy 81                    3p.          Chicago, 18 Feb. 1906

     Chase's wife and son wintered in Wash. D.C. in 1902/03.
     There are 400 tablets in the archives.  The House wants to publish them
     A translating board is desirable, but is not yet possible.
     The business of the House of Spirituality takes 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour; 2 hours are 
spent studying the Ighan together!  Average attendance is 14 men.
     The faith of many collapses in tests.

   Chicago House of Spirituality to New York Board of Counsel
                                        Chicago, 19 Feb. 1906

     Dates of the Fast, Ayyam-i-Ha.  They quote the Aqdas.

     Ali Kuli Khan to T. Chase and the House of Spirituality
                                        Boston, 8 Mar. 1906

     He sends the Seven Valleys for publication.  Other manuscripts will follow.
     Chase had discussed publications with Khan earlier.  Manuscripts are being sent to 
the Bahá'í Publishing Society through Chase.

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
copy 81                  2p.            Chicago, 12 Mar. 1906

     Consultation is always used in Chicago.
     Khan just gave the BPS the Seven Valleys to publish.  Chase thanks him.  It will be set 
up in the same style as the Hidden Words.  Chase hears that the "Words of Paradise" are 
almost finished also.

     Ali Kuli Khan to T. Chase and the House of Spirituality
                               1p.      15 Mar. 1906

     He approves of publishing the Seven Valleys like the Hidden Words.  He has sent the 
"Words of Paradise" to Agnew.  The Tarazat and Tablet to the World will follow within a 
week.  They are incredible works.
     Note: this letter is filed in the Chase papers under outgoing correspondence.

                     T. Chase to Fred E. Coe
                        1p.             Chicago, 16 Mar. 1906

     Chase will be in Texas in a few days, then Denver.  Coe apparently is a business 
associate, probably from Colorado.  Mrs. Chase is in correspondence with Mrs. Coe.  Coe 
apparently just became a Bahá'í; he sent a supplication to `AB.

            T. Chase to Mr. Justin Wright of Chicago
c87                      1p.            Chicago, 16 Mar. 1906

     Chase has studying prophetic teachings now for 25 years (=1881).

           T. Chase to Myron Phelps, Old Bridge, N. J.
c87                      1p.            Chicago, 16 Mar. 1906

     Phelps has written Chase about Ramanathan; Chase replies.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                           3 p.      Chicago, 16 Mar. 1906

     A Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg of Oak Park, contacts of Miss Rosenberg, will be visited.
     Chicago meetings have a weekly average attendance of 80 (p. 2).
     Abraham Haddad, the brother of Anton Haddad, "under the claim of Bahá'í brotherhood 
and acceptance, sold goods, borrowed money, etc."  "Many of the friends have already had 
unpleasant experiences in pecuniary dealings" with Abraham.  "we know nothing but 
good" of Anton Haddad (p. 1).
     The Bahá'ís in Chicago "are not growing greatly in numbers."  They have no 
headquarters, but have Sunday meetings.
     There are twelve groups meetings a week in different homes, mostly in afternoons.  
There are nineteen day teas; a nineteen day supper will be inaugurated.
     Mrs. Miller-Kheiralla and Mrs. Herron are now in Chicago--the former has not yet 
returned to the Faith.
     Chase asks for the news in England and Paris.

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
copy 81                2p.         undated [spring 1906]
                                   [probably about 20 Mar 1906]

     The translation of the Tarazat has arrived at the Bahá'í Publishing Society.
     Chass started using a typewriter a few years ago, for speed in corresponding.
     This letter is a reply to that of 15 Mar. 1906, included in the same folder.

                  T. Chase to Charles M. Remey
c87                     4p.             Chicago, 20 Mar. 1906

     Chase notes its the last day of the Fast.
     Remey is publishing his own works; Chase asks him that he associate with the Bahá'í 
Publishing Society.  He notes that they need money, but don't ask for it.  He hints that 
Remey could be of great help to them.
     Chase discusses translators and translations.  Ruhi doesn't know cultured English.  
Haddad was too literal, though he knew English well; as a result his translations 
sometimes were stilted or confusing.
     The Aqdas has been translated into English by Anton Haddad--but it has not been 
spread around.  Haddad wanted to consult with `AB first.  Remey understands `AB has said 
yes to its publication; Chase doubts it.
     Remey sent to Chicago a supplication, for them to sign and send back to him, for 
mailing to `AB.  Chase encloses it.

              T. Chase to Mary F. Lee, Portland, OR
                                        Chicago, 29 Mar. 1906

     Ms. Lee is a non-Bahá'í, asking about the Faith.  Chase's reply is an introductory 
letter on the Bab, Bahá'u'lláh, and `AB, their titles and stations.

            Bahá'í Publishing Society to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 81                                 Chicago, 19 Apr. 1906

     The Bahá'í Publishing Society was formed "some five years ago."  It has four current 
members; Chase, Agnew, Windust, Greenleaf.  The letter lists its purposes and 
publications.  They have publication agreements with New York City and Kenosha; now 
have one with Wash. D.C. (Remey).
     There are 350 tablets stored now.  The Publishing Society requests permission to 
publish them.
     Are the three principles of the Bahá'í Publishing Society okay?

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
copy 81                      3p.        Chicago, Tues. 24 Apr. 1906

     Dr. Rufus Bartlett died 3 months ago.
     Letters to `AB from the House of Spirituality and Bahá'í Publishing Society are 
enclosed; could you please translate them?
     Chase submits all of his writings to the Bahá'í Publishing Society and House of 
Spirituality for approval, to guarantee their accuracy.  He sends copies with Khan to 
give to `AB, hoping for His approval of them, so they can be published.  Much of "Before 
Abraham was, I am" has been translated into Persian by Mirza Raffie, but it isn't 
finished yet.
     Chase complains that women try to lead the Faith (p. 1, 3).
     Women "cater" to Ameen Fareed; he to them.  It is a great test for him.
     Khan obviously is going on pilgrimage.  Chase is sending piles of thing to Khan to take 
to `AB.
     Ameen Fareed leaves for pilgrimage 12 May; 19 May he sails from Montreal.  Chase 
wonders who's paying for the trip.
     The American Bahá'í community: "Never until there is recognition of some American 
body of authority will there be unity..."

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
part copied                             19-24 Apr. 1906

     Chase abandoned all Christian churches about 26 years earlier because of their belief 
in the virgin birth.  Chase was empty of all belief for a time.  Swedenborg taught the 
virgin birth also.  Chase asks for an explanation.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copied                                  Chicago, 24 Apr. 1906

     Apparently this is a separate letter from the previous one; perhaps it wasn't sent.
     Reference to Socialists, anarchists.
     Chase complains about the women.
     The House of Spirituality was formed under the guidance of Mirza Asadu'llah.  At the 
same time a Women's Assembly of Teaching was formed.  The latter was independent of 
the former.
     "They call this `Woman's Day' rather than the `Day of God.'"
     The old President of the Women's Assembly of Teaching--for the last five years--
was not re-elected and she complains she had a mandate from `AB.
     Some women follow visions.
     Chase begs that `AB clarify the role of the House of Spirituality as final authority.
     Chase describes the House's policy as "non-resistance."
     Women are trying to "overthrow" the House of Spirituality!

                  Charles M. Remey to T. Chase
                              2 p.      Wash. D.C. 30 Apr. 1906

     Remey asks all communities to pen a few lines to `AB on His birthday; he's sending a 
sheet of parchment with the Greatest Name on it for this purpose.  Remey will collect 
them all and forward them to `AB.
     Remey sends a list of Assemblies to whom he sent the request.  The Assemblies as a 
body, not as individuals, are to sign them.
     A circular letter; it begins "Dear Friend."  It was sent to Chicago through Chase.

                    T. Chase to Helen Goodall
                             1p.        Chicago, 2 May 1906

     Anna Bailey receiced a tablet from`AB in 1903, but no one in Chicago knew where she 
lived.  Chase just figured out that she lives in California and sends the tablet to Goodall 
for transmission to Bailey.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        1p.          Chicago, 7 May 1906

     San Francisco earthquake--no Bahá'ís were injured.  The Haneys escaped with their 
clothes on their backs only.
     Mrs. Br-ham has visited Chicago, and helped conditions there.  Now Chase expects 
there will be greater harmony.

                  Charles M. Remey to T. Chase
                        1 p.        Wash. D.C., 7 May 1906

     New York getting the money together to send Hooper Harris to India.  Please send 
money to help in this effort to Howard MacNutt, President of the New York Board of 
     Apparently attached is a pamphlet explaining the Fast.  It has Asadu'llah's explanation 
of the Bahá'í calendar and Naw-Ruz, given in 1901.

        T. Chase to Mr. G. Herbert Rich of New York City
                           1p.          Chicago, 9 May 1906

     He is a Bahá'í.  Chase wrote him asking--very politely--for support of the Bahá'í 
Publishing Society.

                     T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm
c87                     3p.             Chicago, 9 May 1906

     Bahá'í Publishing Society news.  They will publish Asadu'llah's book, to beneifit 
Fareed's education and living expenses.
     Ameen Fareed is even called the Prince by some of the friends!
     Chase, Greenleaf are individual members of the Federated new Thought Committee, 
which coordinates various Chicago New Thought groups.  They are individual members; 
they don't represent the Faith.  The committee's President is Dr. Pratt.  He has written 
`AB and received a tablet.  He wrote Asadu'llah and the book is his reply to Pratt [when it 
was published, Pratt wrote its introduction.]
     The BPS was asked informally to publish the book.  They said yes, tentatively.  Then 
people began to run around and raise the money for the book's printing, saying the BPS 
would do it, before it was official.  Now the BPS doesb't want to publish it.  Chse bemoans 
this unprofessional, unbusinesslike behavior on the part of Fareed's friends.  [The BPS 
did publish the book.]

                 T. Chase to Miss Celia Richmond
                          1p.           Chicago, 11 May 1906

     No notes.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                         3p.         Chicago, 11 May 1906

     Mrs. Kellogg had studied the Faith in Paris; Chase says the situation here, though, is 
very different.  She has now met several believers in Chgo.
     The difficulties of teaching the Faith in the USA: "Here the difficulty is that there are 
so many `fads,' cults, ideas, etc. that, although it is easy to meet people and talk of these 
things, the matter is at first placed mentally in the above category, and that mental 
attitude has to be later overcome."
     Chase had planned on going on pilgrimage with the Khans.  he'd even engaged a berth.  
But his company refused to give him the time.
     Khan's translations have "some crudities of expression."  But his translations will be 
published soon, in about a month.
     Abraham Haddad recently died suddenly of pneumonia.
     Chicago wants a more reliable way of communicating with `AB.  Often things get 
mistranslated or never arrive at all.  He asks Rosenberg what route European Bahá'í 
mail takes.
     Could you send me a French translation of the Iqan by Dreyfus?  Chase has heard the 
translation is better than Khan's English translation.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        5p.          Chicago, 17 May 1906

     Death of a Mrs. Rogers--a possible suicide.
     Death of a Mrs. Coles too.
     The problem of personal ambition among the Bahá'ís.
     Reference to a Mrs. B. who "runs" the Woman's Assembly.  He cites clear signs of 
ambition in her.
     Chase doubts the authenticity of a peculiar tablet by `AB that says one should not rest 
anywhere for more than nineteen days (apparently while traveling teaching).
     Ameen Fareed spoke at women's meetings, made a scene by chanting in Arabic, saying 
the Greatest Name. The House of Spirituality told him to stop.  He didn't; Chase calls him 
the "Prince."  Chase says Fareed feels a strong ambition, which is a test.  Women adore 
him; Chase lists Mrs. Russell, Moody, Lesch, Phillips, Harrison, etc.
     Mrs. Honore Jaxon is now President of the Woman's Assembly of Teaching.
     Ref. to a Beilhard--could this be Mrs. B.?  [Its probably Mrs. Br-ham.]
     A split is developing between the Fareed clique and the House of Spirituality.
     Mrs. Haney is living in Minneapolis.  There are "two or three" good believers there, 
and "several on the way approaching."  Mrs B. is going to Minneapolis; Chase fears the 

                     T. Chase to Mary F. Lee
                                        Chicago, 18 May 1906

     She asks more questions about the Faith.
     Miracles; free will; Bahá'u'lláh; `AB; the unity that the Faith establishes between 
different peoples.

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
                                        Chicago, 19 May 1906

     Chase has been "confined to the house with an attack of rheumatism."
     "I do feel that my ability (if I have any) must be in the directions of writing and 
lecturing, and I pray that our Lord will give me permission."
     Most of the Seven Valleys is typeset.
     Chase sends his two publications with Khan; also the essay "Living Knowledge."  I 
guess he wanted to publish it.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
c87                          1p.        Chicago, 21 May 1906

     Chase asked Fareed to convey his love, devotion, and obedience to the Master.  He 
stresses the submission of his will to God's.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy                       5p.          Chicago, 24 May 1906

     Chase received a letter from Mrs. Bryant dated 19 May 1096.
     Chase notes that personal aggrandizement and service to the Faith are incompatible.
     Reference to Mrs. B., Mr. Woodcock, and Ameen Fareed.
     Mrs. Bryant has sent in seven more supplications to `AB!
     Sister Sanghamitta.
     Mrs. Chase is living in Chicago now.
     The House of Spirituality is bending backward to be nice to Mrs. B.  Mr. B. is pleased.
     Chase and Agnew consult together about everything.
     Green Acre.
     Need for unity in Chicago is great.  Chase lists the city's cliques: a Jaxon-True-
Phillips clique (the "Woman's Assembly"); an Ameen Fareed-Russell-Lesch-Moody 
"devotees"; a Nash group of intellectuals; the "B---------m followers"; the 
"Harrison-Roe spiritual perfectionists."  Average attendance at Chicago meetings is 

           T. Chase to Miss Julia Goodman, Salem, Mass
                            1p.         Chicago, 29 May 1906

     She is a non-Bahá'í seeker.  Chase advises against her reading the Suriy-i-Haykal, 
because it was translated too literally and thus is incomprehensible.  But the Seven 
Valleys should be out by mid June, and its better.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        5p.          Chicago, 9 June 1906

     Teaching the Faith by living the life; by Love; by words.  Chase's letter is dominated 
by the need to submit one's will to the will of God.  Love is a theme also, but I think 
submission is a more important theme.

                   T. Chase to Mr. Alfred Lunt
copy                                    Chicago, 16 June 1906

          Ameen Fareed, Ali Kuli Khan, Dr. Moody, Mrs. Russell, Mr. Crowley are all 
     Mrs. Brown of Denver--a Bahá'í (?) who used to be a member of the Swedenborgian 
church in Denver, back in the 80's.

             T. Chase to George and Rosa Winterburn
copy 81                  2p.           Minneapolis, 28 June 1906

     Bahá'í Publishing matters
     Los Ang. news.
     Khan's translation style is very literal.

                     T. Chase to Alfred Lunt
copy                                    Chicago, 30 June 1906

     Received a letter of 21 [June].
     Chase was a member of the Denver Swedenborgian church, 1886-87.  Mrs. Brown is 
not a Bahá'í--Chase doesn't hold out much hope, either.
     The Greatest Name--Chase describes the old way it was used, which was seldom, and 
with great solemnity.  It was given only to declared believers. Chase wishes it were so 
respected now.  He describes its public use (cf. Shoghi Effendi later).
     The Greatest Name is constantly used in prayer.
     Reference to the prophecy of Acchor being the door of hope.
     Chase is returning to Chicago "tonight."

        T. Chase to Miss Grace Gay, Secretary of Organiz.
                         1p.            Chicago, 17 July 1906

     Egypt Exploration Fund, Greco-Roman Branch, will receive papyrii.
     Later in the year Chase will be at Aliquippa House, Small Point, Me--he will stay 
there Aug 1 -  Sept. 1.

                     T. Chase to Alfred Lunt
                                        Chicago, 17 July 1906

     Biblical prophecy.
     Chase is coming east on Tuesday.

                 T. Chase to Mrs. Helen Goodall
M9B1F43             Congress Hotel, Portland, Me., 27 July 1906

     A handwritten note.  Chase won't be in Chicago until Sept.  He is on his way to Small 
Point, Maine, the Allinquippa House.  His wife and son are already there.

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
c87                      3p.            Chicago, 14 Sept. 1906

     p. 3: The House of Spirituality election on Sunday night after Sept. 15th, once in five 
years.  It was a command of the Master to elect every five years.
     Chase gave five talks at Green Acre in the last week of its season.
     Tablet from `AB on the unity of the Council Boards.

                  Charles M. Remey to T. Chase
copy 82                     3 p.   Wash. D.C., 16 Sept. 1906

     A reply to Chase to Remey, 12 Sept. 1906 (not extant).
     "It will probably be a long time before we have an organized Assembly of Believers in 
Washington, [Wash. D.C.] such as you have in Chicago, and such as assists in New York.  I 
say a long time, by that I mean that I feel that the Cause in Washington will have to pass 
through many stages of development before this will come."
     So Chicago House of Spirituality does not have to consult with Wash. D.C. re. 
publishing, as `AB recently commanded, because we aren't yet organized.  All the Bahá'ís 
in the USA support the efforts of Chicago and New York.
     "... [LSAs] are established elsewhere besides in New York & Chicago..." " in 
Chicago and New York are alone in this organization."
     Wash. D.C. does have a librarian, Mrs. Knobloch.
     [Remey doesn't seem to think that organization is that necessary.]

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
copy 81                  2p.            Chicago, 21 Sept. 1906

     p. 2: The election of the House of Spirituality occurred in peace, harmony, and love.  
Twelve members, nine of whom were re-elected.
     Members of the House of Spirituality: Agnew, Greenleaf, Windust, Scheffler, 
Currier, Ioas, Chase, Lesch, Thacher; new members are von Hof, Sutherland, 

                 T. Chase to Mrs. Helen Goodall
M9B1F43                            Dallas, Texas, 18 Oct. 1906

     Chase is on his way to California; he will be in Los Ang. next Tuesday, will stay there 
2-3 days, then head to Oakland, then north.  He will return to Chicago in November.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 82                       2 p.      Oakland, 2 Nov. 1906

     Chase attended two meetings in Los Ang. last week, then went to Oakland.  "Next 
Sunday" he'll be in Portland, later in the week in Seattle.  Soon he will return to Chicago.
     Chase has again been elected President of the Chicago House of Spirituality.
     This letter will be carried to the Holy Land by "Brother Ober."  Chase has written 
several letters to `AB without receiving a reply.
     Ober and Harris are going to India; everyone rejoices.
     Chase refers to the House of Spirituality as the "House of the Covenant."
     Chase asks whether he may write for the Cause.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
c87                          1p.        Chicago, 23 Nov. 1906

     Chase has just returned from a long trip to the Pacific coast.

                    T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan
c87                       7p.           Chicago, 19 Dec. 1906

     Chase has returned from a 2 month visit to the Pacific Coast, Los Ang. to British 
Columbia.  He visited Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle.
     Chase mentions minor changes in Khan's translations before printing.
     Chase can't go on pilgrimage; Agnew, the Trues leave in February.
     Ameen Fareed is now in his last year of medical school.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1907

                     T. Chase to Alfred Lunt
                                        Chicago, 16 Jan. 1907

     How is the Faith progressing in Beverly, MA?

          T. Chase to Mr. W. A. Page, Bahia Honda, Cuba
                          1p.           Chicago, 16 Jan. 1907

     All about Cuban oranges; the cost of oranges in California and Florida.

                  T. Chase to Charles M. Remey
c87                        1p.          Chicago, 17 Jan. 1907

     Chase asks Remey to get the Wash., D.C. friends to approve the publication of their 
tablets in Tablets of Abdul Baha Abbas.  Agnew will take a typescript with him to Akka 
for approval of `AB.  But the BPS wants the permission of NY, Kenosha, and D.C. first.

               William Hoar to unknown [T. Chase?]
c87                         1p.         19 Jan. 1907

     Hoar asks Chicago for funds to bring Mr. Harris home from his teaching trip to India.  
Chicago is asked for $750; greater N.Y. has contributed $1500 to $2000.  Harris can't 
go to Persia; there isn't enough money.

                 T. Chase to Mr. George H. Rigby
                          1p.           Chicago, 24 Jan. 1907

     Chase is writing in order to obtain books on Islam.

              House of Spirituality to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy 81                                 Chicago, 26 Jan. 1907

     Is the Temple necessary?  Publishing needs money, Chicago needs a center; the poor 
and the sick need relief.  Teaching costs money.
     Mustn't Bahá'ís obey the House of Spirituality?
     Are the terms House of Spirituality, House of Justice, Board of Counsel, and House of 
the Covenant, all the same?

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        5p.          Chicago, 1 Feb. 1907

     Chase is replying to several letters.
     Mrs. True is going on pilgrimage.  She sails on 23 February from Boston.
      Sister Sanghamitta has lost herself in her effort to save Mr. Phelps.  Chase again 
speaks of submission to the will of God, and of faith.  "It is not a question of believing; it 
is living, which is Loving, and the only roadway of love is obedience."  `AB has 
demonstrated this strongly; he is LOVE.
     The Agnews were about to go on pilgrimage but had to change their plans; their son got 
sick, and the doctor feared it was scarlet fever.  But it wasn't after all.  Chase wonders 
what the divine wisdom of the delay was.
     Asadu'llah's book is being bound today.  It is ready for sale.

                  Mrs. A. M. Bryant to T. Chase
                      2 p.    Woodland Park, Col., 4 Feb. 1907

     A reply to a letter by Chase.

                 T. Chase to Mr. O. S. Greenleaf
                             1p.        Chicago, 19 Feb. 1907

     Chase is forwarding a tablet from `AB to him with the letter.
     Next Tuesday Chase will be in Portland, Maine.

                    T. Chase to Mrs. T. Chase
                       en route, Naples to Alexandria, 3 Apr. 1907

     He was in Naples "nearly three days."  He arrived Sunday.
     Mrs. True is in Naples, on her way home.  They left for Rome Monday.  Then they go to 

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
c87                          2p.        Cairo, 24 Apr. 1907

     Chase leaves today for Alexandria, thence to the Occident.

            `Abdu'l-Bahá to the House of Spirituality
                              written 29 May 1907

     Published in Tablets of Abdul Baha Abbas, vol. 1, p. 23.

                 T. Chase to Mr. and Mrs. Bailey
copy 81                      6p.        Chicago, 19 June 1907

     Chase describes his pilgrimage to Akka.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Husayn Ruhi
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 27 June 1907

     Enclosed in a letter sent to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl and four packages of books.
     Chase loved his visit to Cairo.
     Please send your translation of the Seven Valleys.
     "The sweetness of Acca and of the Rizwan is still vibrating in our hearts."

                  T. Chase to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl
                                        Chicago, 27 June 1907

     Chase has just returned from pilgrimage.  He is about to go to Kenosha with Carl 
Scheffler to tell the people there about his trip.

                    T. Chase to Helen Goodall
M9B1F43    copy 81           4p.        Chicago, 27 June 1907

     Chase describes how `AB teaches.
     Chase describes his pilgrimage.

     T. Chase to Bernard M. Jacobsen and the Kenosha Friends
copy 82  M135B2F32                       Chicago, 6 Aug. 1907

     A beautiful letter, short, accompanying a letter of `AB to Kenosha.

                     T. Chase to Mrs. Haney
                        1p.             Chicago, 7 Sept. 1907

     A Denver man is causing trouble.  He married a woman Chase gave the message to. 
Chase knows no details.

                     T. Chase to Mr. Martin
c87                     3p.             Chicago, 18 Oct. 1907

     The letter is about death and eternal life.  He interprets the term "death" in the Bible 
to refer to "spiritual death" and gives many passages as examples.  Bodily death is 
usually called "sleep" in the Bible instead.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Nash
copy                                    Chicago, 31 Oct. 1907

     A reply to her letter to him.
     Discussion of tablets from `AB.
     Green Acre discussed; apparently Chase didn't get there in 1907.
     The election of the House of Spirituality was powerful and spiritual.  Membership is 
hard work; none of the nine desired re-election from the point of view of personal 
ambition.  Chase feared electioneering by cliques; but it didn't happen.
     Chase described the election procedure in detail.
     Chase also describes the byelection procedure of the House of Spirituality.  An 
individual is nominated by the House, and submitted to the Assembly [community] for 

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy 80, c87                 2p.         Chicago, 1 Nov. 1907

     "I do not think that in the next world we will ever be asked `What do you know?' nor 
even `What do you believe?', but rather the question will be what have we done with our 
hearts, which are our lives."
     Ober wrote Chase on 25 Oct.
     Chase mentions Hoar, Lunt, Harris, Cobb, Crowley.
     There is a possibility of a "Bahai Greenacre."  Chase is glad.
     Bahá'í unity will be more achievable among those raised in the Faith; they won't have 
been tainted by ancient superstitions.
     The Faith contains all valuable spiritual truth of the previous traditions.
     I suspect Ober's letter of 25 October is the one where he says "we are all makeovers." 
Chase quotes it often.  Chase emphasizes the theme a lot in this letter, as if agreeing with 
a point in Ober's letter to him.
     Chase wrote up his pilgrimage at the request of someone else.  Miss Buikema is typing 
copies of it for limited distribution.  One copy will go to either Ober or Nash (who is also 
in Boston).

                 T. Chase to Mrs. Emogene Hoagg
copy 81                   2p.           Chicago, 13 Nov. 1907

     Chase says Bahá'u'lláh must be spelled thus.  Other ways of spelling the name are not 
as good.
     Hoagg told Chase a consultative body had just been organized in Oakland.
     Chase speaks of the importance of the House of Spirituality.  It should be legally 
recognized.  It is like the human body to the human spirit.
     Chase wrote a poem to teach Bahá'ís how to pronounce Bahá'u'lláh.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Nash
                                        Chicago, 18 Nov. 1907

     About `Abdu'l-Bahá.

                     T. Chase to Alfred Lunt
copy 83                      3 p.       12 Dec. 1907

     Chase is going to Minneapolis in a few days.
     A committee of nine men and women has been established in Oakland (p. 3).
     Minneapolis has a "few good staunch believers."
     The effect of the Faith in the soul is like puberty.
     The Chicago women have organized a sewing circle to repair old clothes to give to the 
     Oakland has a "Conference Committee."  It also has a women's "auxiliary" of nine 
ladies "who will look after the sick, charity, and the works that women best do."

            Howard MacNutt to Rev. Madison. C. Peters
c87                        2p.          Brooklyn, 16 Dec. 1907

     The letter has MacNutt's address.  Perhaps he's a friend of MacNutt.  The letter tels 
the minister of Bahá'u'lláh.
     There are copies of this letter in at least two places in the Chase papers.  One copy, in 
the outgoing correspondence, looks like Chase wrote it; but a copy later in the Chase 
papers includes MacNutt's name on it.

                     Harlan Ober to T. Chase
M4B1F24                  19 p.     Beverly, Mass., 20 Dec. 1907

     A travelogue of Ober's journey to India, Akka, etc.  He went with Harris.
     150 Bahá'ís greeted Ober and Harris in Bombay; with much love.  The Board of 
Counsel there meets regularly.
     A nice letter.  It contains impressions of India not found elsewhere.
     Most Bahá'ís in Bombay are small businessmen; shop keepers or restaurant owners.
     The station of women in the Orient is much better among the Bahá'ís than among the 
non-Bahá'ís.  Qurratu'l-`Ayn is their example.
     "They look forward to the time when all can go unveiled and where it is possible, they 
do so."  Men and women meet together in India and Burma.  They are interested in 
     Most believers in Mandalay were former Muslims.  The women there attend meetings 
also, unveiled.
     Bahá'í children are in school everywhere.
     All the Bahá'ís gave up smoking because `AB condemned it.
     Ober asks for advise about career, marriage, and teaching the Faith.
     Reference to Mishkin Qalam, also.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1908

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
c87                           4p.       Chicago, 14 Jan. 1908

     Chase's reply to Ober's long letter describing his trip.  Chase thanks Ober for reading 
his account of his pilgrimage.
     Chase returned from Urban, Ill., "some days earlier."  There he met a Hindu who had 
welcomed Ober at a Brahmo Somaj meeting.
     Ober apparently asked Chase about marriage.  Chase replies that it is a command of 
BH and `AB to marry, but it must be tempered by conditions.  Abu'l-Fadl never married.
     Chase foresees a population explosion during the millennium.
     Love pulls; it doesn't push.  Chase elaborates on the theme.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                         3p.         Chicago, 19 Jan. 1908

     Chicago holds its unity feasts on Feast night.
     Charles M. Remey is in Chicago; a "sincere, intelligent worker."
     Miss Rosenberg's mother has died; Chase expresses his condolences.  The letter isn't 
anywhere nearly as moving as his later letter to Dreyfus, yet it has many similar ideas.
     The tablet of Ishraqat is not published yet.  Grundy's Ten Days in the Light of Acca has 
     Chase's acount of his pilgrimage may be published; a gentleman has offerd to pay for 

                      Agnes Alexander to ?
c87                            1p.      January 1908

     She writes about a woman whose hunsband forbade her to read Bahá'í literature, until 
she pleaded that it would make her a better wife and mother.  Agnes then gave her a copy 
of Chase's [pilgrimage?] letter.  The woman says now she "has been living in Acca ever 
since.  I feel as though I knew my Lord...I have caught a glimpse of heaven."

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
copy                                    27 Feb. 1908

     Chase thanks `AB for the title Thabit -- "Thahbet."

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
copy 81, c87                3p.         Chicago, 27 Feb. 1908

     Chase has just returned from visits to Beverly, Boston, Cleveland, Sandusky.  Soon 
he'll be going to San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Portland.
     Kimball's restaurant mentioned.  Daily, 5-9 gather there.
     Chase yearns to return to Akka.  He was unable to speak to `AB there, because he 
wanted to listen.
     Chase says he's not worthy of the title thabit and prays that he will be.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                         4p.         Chicago, 3 Mar. 1908

     Chase recently returned from a trip to Boston and the eastern states.  It lasted four 
     Myron Phelps is not a Bahá'í.  His beliefs are described.  He is an ardent admirer of 
Ramanathan of Columbo, Ceylon.  His "is not apparently interested at all in Bahai 
matters."  Ramanathan was Sister Sanghamitta's Buddhist teacher.
     The way the Faith spreads: by the moving of Bahá'ís from the big communities to 
virgin territory.
     The Ishraqat is better translated than the other works by Khan.

                Albert Windust to Aurelia Bethlen
c87                              5p.    Chicago, 16 March 1908

     He quotes Bible prophecy at her for 4 1/2 pages.
     He says the Aqdas is not available in good English translation.  `AB will have that done 

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase
                        1 p.            Chicago, 6 Mar. 1908

     Talks given by Miss Barney in 1901 is copied.

                  Mirza Munir Zayn to T. Chase
c87                     1p.             28 Mar. 1908

     `AB says that Baha'o'llah is the correct spelling (with a small "o".)

                     T. Chase to Ella Cooper
copy 82.  Cooper papers, San Francisco. 5 p.  Denver, 1 Apr. 1908

     Chase refers to a recent "time of severe personal trial."  He elaborates: Mrs. Chase 
was exposed to smallpox and quarantined in Chicago; he, on the road, had severe troubles 
with his teeth; and his eldest daughter has died.  "A beautiful girl."
     Mrs. Chase has many staunch friends in Santa Cruz.
     Chase felt a presence, while on pilgrimage at the tomb of the Bab.

                    L. D. Lehmann to T. Chase
                              3 p.      Spokane, 15 April 1908

     "We are very much in need of you" [in Spokane].
     "We are getting along more harmoniously than we used to, we have our trials, but I 
suppose it is all for the best."
     The letter is actually undated, but Chase wrote the date--perhaps when he received 
it--on the back side, and noted he replied to it on 10 May 1908.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
                                        Chicago, 24 Apr. 1908

     Denver news is extensive.  Chase just visited there and apparently Mrs. Bryant was 
away (visiting Chicago, I guess).

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 83               1 p.              San Francisco, 29 Apr. 1908

     Concerning purchase of land for the House of Worship; was $2000 all the cost?
     Miss Rosenberg -- revise Seven Valleys.
     There were 6 meetings in Los Ang. [while Chase was there?].  He lists the friends 
there, including the women's maiden names.
     W. B. Remey--Charles M. Remey's brother--is 26 years old, lives in Los Ang., and 
is interested in the Faith.
     A reunion at Kimball's is planned; maybe the tenth anniversary of their meals there?
     Chase won't be back in Chicago until June.  The first anniversary of his pilgrimage; 
Chase has much joy in reminiscence.
     Meeting Friday at the Goodall's in Oakland.
     A Bahá'í friend in Greenwich, Conn., contributed; Mrs. Louise Stapfer.
     Chase is editing photographs for In Galilee.

                     T. Chase to Mr. Lehmann
                              2p.       10 May 1908

     About rebirth, and its difficulty.  This is only part of the letter; its all that Chase 

                   T. Chase to I. Brittingham
copy                          2p.       Chicago, 4 Sept. 1908

     Chase just returned from Kansas City.
     The Temple fund is slowly growing.  Chase is positive about it.
     Chase made it to Green Acre this summer.

Bahá'í Publishing Society to Mr. Andrew Hutchinson of New York City
copy 81                                 Chicago, 5 Sept. 1908

     A report to the New York Board of Counsel through Hutchinson.
     A meeting of the Bahá'í Publishing Society was held on 23 Aug.
     New York has initiated a Bulletin.  Does this end the previous publishing agreement?
     The treasurer's report of the Bahá'í Publishing Society.  The inventory report too.
     There was an article on the Faith in the Los Ang. Times a few weeks earlier, by 
Woodcock, who just moved there from New York City.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                         2p.         Chicago, 5 Sept. 1908

     Since March Chase has been absent from Chicago completely except for one week, a 
few days in July.  He has just returned east.  This has delayed the publication of In 
Galilee.  2000 copies were printed; they came off the press on 19 August.  There are a 
few minor errors.  Total printing cost was $350.00; the illustrations were expensive.
     Chase visited Los Ang., Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Boston, 
Green Acre.  He gives news of Portl., Seat., Green A.  Nine meetings were held in Portland 
in one week; average attendence was 40, and over 70 came to one.
     Chase's pilgrim's notes are a frame for Agnew's in In Galilee.
     Chase has a huge pile of letters to answer.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
c87                          3p.        Chicago, 7 Sept. 1908

     Will `AB visit other lands?  Will His pension be cut off?  Will enemies of the Faith in 
Cyprus be freed too?
     "I felt towards you as to my own son, and found the greatest delight in working with 
you to bring the beautiful words of Life into fitting English form."
     The Temple project is progressing.
     "Since early March I have been in Chicago only one week until now.  For 3 1/2 
months I was on a western trip to the Pacific Coast, and since then, on the Atlantic."  
Nine days at Green Acre, 2 Sundays as well.
     "I, too, took some pictures with my stereo camera."
     The Greenleaf boy was almost asphixiated by gas from the gaslight in his room.  He 
threw his coat over it and accidentally turned the gas on.  The Greenleafs are in serious 
poverty and have given up their apartment.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        3p.          Chicago, 14 Sept. 1908

     Chase has been away from Chicago since March, except for a few days.  He was at 
Green Acre for nine days, two of which were Sundays.
     Chase gives Green Acre and Sarah Farmer news.  Farmer's mental health is okay, but 
she's physically weak and in seclusion.
     Mrs. True had a dream that `AB would visit her house.  `AB says "God willing, He 
might sometime visit the friends in America."  But Chase doubts it.
     `AB has been freed by the Turkish Revolution.
     "I have been blessed with another tablet from Abdul Baha, in which he again mentions 
the name `Thahbet.'  O, pray, dear Sister, that I may become worthy of that Name."
     In Galilee is now published.  Chase describes his essay as a frame for Agnew's.
     Helen Campbell has become a Bahá'í.  She bitterly opposed the Faith at Green Acre last 
year.  But Ober showed her the Tarazat, Ishraqat, etc., and now she has become an 
"ardent Bahá'í."  Chase describes her: "a calm, level-headed, earnest person."  She 
lectured at G.A. on "Bahai Social Economics."

              T. Chase to Ellen V. [Mother] Beecher
c87                         3p.         Chicago, 15 Sept. 1908

     Chase seeks news of Green Acre.
     Theosophy has split.
     Lunt is in Chicago; Ober may come.
     The Revolution in Turkey frees `AB; Chase marvels at it.
     Miss Farmer is still ill.
     Chase was in Kansas City two weeks ago.
     The Bahá'í Revelation soon will be printed.
     A letter from Moneveh Khanum has arrived, in which she said `AB has said "God 
willing, perhaps, He might visit the believers in America some time.  I hardly expect 

                  T. Chase to Mr. G. Claybrooke
                           3p.          Chicago, 15 Sept. 1908

     Claybrooke apparently wrote to Chase often.  But where are the other letters?
     Claybrooke isn't a Bahá'í, or if he is, he isn't very deepened.  Chase's letter is simple 
and general.  He speaks how one can only gather knowledge for so long; one must use it 

        T. Chase to Mrs. Hattie Latimer, Portland, Oreg.
c87                      3p.            Chicago, 15 Sept. 1908

     Chase has been at Portland, Maine and Green Acre and other points in the East since 
     Flying machines are a fulfillment of prophecy, and a sign of the millennium.
     `AB is now free.
     She wants a ringstone.  Chase doesn't know anyone who has them; maybe Sohrab.
     She sent him a list of Portland Bahá'ís.

                      T. Chase to Ida Finch
copy 81                        3p.      Chicago, 16 Sept. 1908

     p. 3 -- Mrs. Finch wrote to Chase's wife, who is interested in Christian Science and 
makes a point of saying she is not a Bahá'í.  She often brings it up.  The friends say she's 
the best Bahá'í in the city, though.  She can't accept Bahá'u'lláh as an equal to Jesus; He 
is the finality of all revelation.  She believes BH was sent for the Orient only; that He is 
equal in rank to Tolstoy!  Chase is praying for her.
     Mrs. Chase wrote Ida Finch--does the National Bahá'í Archives have the letter?
     Reference to Mrs. True.
     Chase was at Green Acre eleven days.
     This is the first time he's been in Chicago since March, except for one week.
     Miss Farmer mentioned.
     The Faith is growing slowly.

                 T. Chase to Mr. and Mrs. Haney
c87                       3p.           Chicago, 17 Sept. 1908

     At different times, Chase spent eleven days at Green Acre.  He gives news of Green 
Acre and of Sarah Farmer.  Only Maria Wilson sees Farmer.
     In Galilee -- "What I wrote was but the frame for the beautiful picture drawn by 
Bro. Agnew."
     Seattle and Portland news.  Chase was there, and in San Francisco.  Nine meetings 
were held in Portland in six days!  Seattle had six meetings in a week.  Forty attended in 
Portland, on average; 70 at one meeting.
     `AB may visit the USA, "God willing."
     "Bro. Lunt is here for several weeks on political matters."
     `Abdul Baha says for us to provide a gathering of delegates from all assemblies, and to 
form a Temple Committee in addition to the H. of S. to provide ways and means and 
forward the Temple movement."
     Hall has "great abilities and strong ambitions."  He's a "peculiar man."

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy                       3p.          Chicago, 2 Oct. 1908

     Nettie Tobin's stone carrying to the Temple site is seen by Chase as ad "old world act."
     Tobin is under the influence of "an ardent Temple builder, Mrs. T."
     Chase says much about the Temple.  Chase believes the Temple is important, but says 
others on the House of Spirituality "do not consider it important."
     Chase was in St. Louis last week.  The Bahá'ís there are all former Theosophists.
     The House of Spirituality makes Mrs. True a "corresponding sec. of the H. of S." to 
give her effort officiality and to make her consult with them.
     The Temple site is not necessarily the final one.
     The first Temple will be commemorative, not a center of activity.  But Chase qualifies 
this by adding that it will be internationally special.
     Chase doubts `AB will come to the USA.
     Chase refers to his pilgrimage.

     T. Chase to Miss Elizabeth Kristjanson of Spokane, WA.
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 7 Oct. 1908

     The Bahá'í Publishing Society desires to publish as cheaply as possible, so they 
rarely break even on a book.  Hence, they're constantly struggling financially.
     Chase speaks about living the life (he usually calls it the LIFE).
     Jews can now return to the Holy Land, in fulfillment of prophecy, as a result of the 
Turkish Revolution.
     The "Bahai Revelation" is planned to be published by the Bahai Publishing Society, 
when money becomes available.
     "What went ye out for to see?" was written "a few years ago."  Its now out of print.

                Haji Mirza Haydar Ali to T. Chase
                              4 p.      9 Oct. 1908

     A letter full of teachings.

                       T. Chase to Mr. Das
                                1p.     Chicago, 30 Oct. 1908

     Chase was in Cincinnati a few days ago; probably the 26th or 27th.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Nash
copy 81, c87                   2p.      Chicago, 30 Oct. 1908

     p. 2 -- Chase suggests that Miss Sarah Farmer is a bit egotistical.  Green Acre is 
hers; she must give herself up.   And she's under the influence of Mrs. Bull, who is 
gardly a Bahá'í.
     `AB won't come to the USA, at least for a while.  Chase says it wouldn't be beneficial.  
Palestine is the center of the Cause, not America.  Pilgrimages would have to stop if `AB 
     Green Acre problems.  Ambitions of the Green Acre Board members.   How  to  phase  
out the  Monsalvat  school,  with  its plethera of religions.
     Mrs. Brown is helping Mirza Raffie financially.
     Ober and Lunt are in Chicago because of political involvement [this fact is 
corroborated by the Lunt entry in the 3rd report of the Harvard Class of 1903, 1913.  
Lunt was involved in the Republican party.]
     Mrs. Campbell will be a "tower of strength" in the Cause.  Her work at Green Acre 
was very effective.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Rice-Wray
c87                         1p.         Chicago, 30 Oct. 1908

     Chase just returned from Cincinnati.  One hundred attended a mmeting at the Odd 
Fellows Hall there, and most were nonBahá'ís.

                T. Chase to Haji Mirza Haydar Ali
                         1p.            Chicago, 31 Oct. 1908

     Chase met him on pilgrimage; he gave Chase lessons.  He just sent Chase a letter of 
instruction; Chase thanks him.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
copy 86, c87 (2)              5 p.      Chicago, 31 Oct. 1908

     Chase is sending Zayn a typewriter.  Agnew, Scheffler, helped to pay for it.
     Chase quotes Matt. 2 and 26, and 2 Thes 3:3-4.  These verses cause trouble in 
teaching Christians.  What is their explanation?
     Mrs. Ida Finch is described.
     Chase was in St. Louis "three weeks ago" "where, until recently, there has not been a 
believer..."  Meetings in St. Louis were held.  "Mrs. Rice-Wray and her daughter, Ella 
Rice-Wray, the first St. Louis believers, were there.... All of these [three others too] 
have been members of the Theosophical Society and are coming up to a conception of 
realities rather than imagination."  There are four new believers in St Louis: Mrs. Abbie 
B. Campbell; her daughter, Mrs. Bartlett; Mr. Bartlett; and Mrs. Campbell's father.
     Cincinnati has twelve believers.  Meetings were held there too; one hundred came to 
one recently.
     There are actually two letters to Zayn by Chase written on this day.  They have 2 and 
3 pp. respectively.  I don't know how they got conflated together in my notes.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
                                        5 Nov. 1908

     Chase signs his letter in Persian, Thabit.
     Chase mentions purchase of land for the Temple.

                     T. Chase to Ella Cooper
San Francisco Archives        2 p.      Chicago, 14 Nov. 1908

     Mrs. Rabb of Portland, Oreg., is mentioned.
     Some Episcopal clergymen are interested in the Faith; one, Mr. Fisher, is a Bahá'í.

                  T. Chase to Charles M. Remey
c87                        2p.          Chicago, 14 Nov. 1908

     Remey wants to write a book on his Oriental travels.  The BPS is willing to publish it.
     Chase tells Remey about the Bahá'í Publishing Society's financial difficulties.  They 
give books away freely.  But books really shouldn't be given away too freely, if the 
person can pay; it cultivates the wrong attitude.
     Remey wants his publications to be distributed on the west coast.  Chase suggests who 
could, and who could not, do it.
     Madame Bethlen is in Chicago.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                           2 p.      Chicago, 17 Nov. 1908

     Rosenberg and Thornburgh-Cropper had sent the BPS money to help in the publishing 
work.  Chase thanks them again.
     Catholicism and a Catholic conference are mentioned.
     p. 2 -- Tablets of Abdul Baha Abbas is coming out.  All three volumes are ready.  
"They will go to the printer I think within a month."  "There will be three books about as 
large as Miss Barney's, all of Tablets..."
     Chase is preparing "a little book," The Bahai Revelation.
     Chase just aches to return to Akka.

                 Percy Woodcock to Corinne True
c87                        2p.          21 Nov. 1908

     Extracts from his letter only, about the Temple.  Woodcock quotes Boylan, quoting 
`AB, that the correct site has been chosen and that it should not be changed.
     NY had its first real Temple meeting last Tuesday evening.

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy 81                   2p.           Chicago, 25 Nov. 1908

     The Temple site has become a source of controversy.  Mrs. True has accused the House 
of Spirituality of "denying Abdul Baha."  Mrs. True says `AB consecrated the Temple site; 
the House of Spir. is skeptical.
     Mention of Mr. W. [Woodcock?]
     The pope and infallibility.
     Marriage, and peculiar interpretations of the Writings to endorse celibacy.
     The second issue of the Bulletin has been received.
     Some propose that a temporary Temple building could be erected.  Chase says that is 
not what `AB wants.
     The distance of the Temple site from Chicago, and the difficulty of reaching it on 
public transportation.  Chase says he would have opposed the site, if he had been in town 
when it was discussed.

                  T. Chase to Mr. Hooper Harris
copy                                    Chicago, 27 Nov. 1908

     Mrs. True is the leader of the lobby for the Temple site.
     Temple business.  Chase complains the site is too far out; he would not have approved 
of the place, if he had been in Chicago when the vote was taken.
     Harris is the editor of a Bulletin; two issues have been published.
     Someone is accusing the House of Spir. of "denying Abdul Baha."
     A P.S. discusses women's affairs.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy                       6p.          Chicago, 30 Nov. 1908

     Chase is replying to two letters from Mrs. Bryant of the 19th and 23rd [of Nov.?]
     Theosophy and New Thought; Chase discusses why individuals from these backgrounds 
have trouble understanding the Faith.  The problem is their view of God and their 
understanding of the nature of human beings.
     Chase stresses the powerless and weakness of man before God.
     A beautiful letter, expressing Chase's view of man's relation to God.
     More on Mrs. Brown (the Swedenborgian?).  Lunt, Crowley, Ober all were former 
pupils of hers.  She's not a Bahá'í.
     Miss Bush-Parsons is more or less a Bahá'í.  She is a "peculiar person."
     Trials in New York City of the Board of Counsel.  Chase describes the New York Board 
as "cool headed," as is the House of Spir. in spite of attacks.
     Mr. Woodcock of Chicago is now in New York City.  He apparently mixes much 
personal ideas with the Faith.  He says that not all the truth is in the books; he may say 
he is a bearer of the truth himself!  He is idolized by some and disliked by others.
     Mrs. Eastwood, Mrs. Clark of Denver, Nathaniel Clark of Denver, Dr. C., Steadmans 
are mentioned.  Are they all Colorado Bahá'ís?

                  T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah
copy 81                     3p.         Chicago, 1 Dec. 1908

     The Temple.
     Chase discusses the upcoming convention arrangements and its purpose.  A permanent 
Temple committee is desired.  The convention will create one, they hope.  Meanwhile the 
House of Spir. is doing the work.  Chase is very positive about the Temple and the 
Convention.  Opposition to any one locality is diminishing.  `AB's tablets are unting all 
behind the work.

                    T. Chase to Ameen Fareed
c87                       1p.           Chicago, 1 Dec. 1908

     Chase yearns to be in Akka again; he misses `AB.  "Sometimes I am almost ill with that 
     Mrs. Chase is in the east.
     Joe, Chase's son, is at Dartmouth and likes it.
     Theosophy and New Thought are crumbling.
     Chase calls his second book Bahai Religion it "will be published some time."  [Note: in 
November, however, he called it the Bahai Revelation.]

  New York Board of Counsel to T. Chase and the House of Spir.
copy 81                                      12 Dec. 1908

     How do we go about electing a delegate?
     The problems of the New York Board of Counsel are indirectly evident here.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                   5p.          Fort Wayne, Ind., 13 Dec. [1908]

     Chase is going to Detroit, then Cleveland, then to Springfield, Mass., or Dartmouth for 
Christmas.  Chase will return to Chicago in less than three weeks.
     Woodcock, in New York City, is causing trouble.  He has "adorers."
     Mrs. Bryant has been accused of "desire to be a leader in this `cult'" (egotism and 
ambition in Denver).  She is battling against metaphysical tendencies among the Bahá'ís.
     Boston news--Mrs. Nash of Denver is living there now and is helping.
     Madame Bethlen is giving shallow, childish Bahá'í talks in Chicago.  She's got a little 
stock that brings her an income of $30/month.  She wants to travel around the world.  
She's a large, distinguished woman with a good complexion and a charming smile.  She 
has a tablet from`AB telling her to visit certain countries; she reads it everywhere.  It 
says she should have a companion, but she doesn't.
     Jean Masson wants to accompany Bethlen around the world, but she has no money 
either, except the little she earns from writing, and the little she borrows from the 
Bahá'ís and doesn't pay back!
     Reference to Ober, Lunt, Campbell, Ford, Nash.

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy                       9 p.    Fort Wayne, Ind., 13 Dec. 1908

     Mrs. Ida Finch: "a level headed and sincere believer."
     Temple affairs: a group "consecrated" the Temple site.
     Mrs. T. [True] wrote the House of Spir. and accused them of "denying Abdul Baha."  
The letter was sent to Chase.  Mrs. T. and Bro. Woodcock are "two of a kind."
     Temple money problems.
     The upcoming convention.
     Miss T., Miss F [Farmer].
     Chase describes how the House of Spir. functions.  It has learned never to antagonize.

       T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Startzel of Rawlins, Wyoming
c87                      3p.            Detroit, 19 Dec. 1908

     She is not a Bahá'í.  The letter is introductory about the Faith.  Chase heard of her 
from the Latimers.

                Haji Mirza Haydar Ali to T. Chase
                              1 p.      Akka, 20 Dec. 1908

     Haydar Ali thanks Chase for sending him a photograph of himself (of Chase).

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1909

                    T. Chase to G. Claybrooke
copy 81                      2p.        Chicago, 2 Jan. 1909

     Chase has just returned from the east coast for one month.
     Chase wishes him a happy [Christian] New Year; so Claybrooke apparently is not a 
Bahá'í.  He is "trying Christian Science."  Chase discusses his view of Christian Sci.  He 
says he disagrees with its views on religion, but if it has help, thank God for it.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
                                        Chicago, 9 Jan. 1909

     Chase asks `AB to send a message to the Convention.  Notice of the convention has been 
mailed to Bahá'ís in seventy localities.
     There are now 700 tablets in the House of Spir. archives.  Tablets of Abdul Baha 
Abbas is coming along.  Vol. 1 should be available in two or three weeks.  Agnew, 
Windust, Chase are doing the work.
     In Galilee was published "last summer."

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy 81                                 Chicago, 12 Jan. 1909

     Chase was in Springfield for a few days at Christmas.
     Woodcock is going through tests.
     Temple land.
     The upcoming Bahai Temple Unity convention was scheduled for 20 Feb., but no one 
could make it then, so it's being rescheduled.
     "You know what threw Kheiralla off base.  It was the word from Abdul Baha: `There 
are to be no chiefs in that country.'" (p. 3).
     The role of Houses of Spirituality.
     Mrs. Ida Finch is just back from pilgrimage.
     Ida Finch was a Christian Science healer for seventeen years.

            T. Chase to Mrs. Goodall and Mrs. Cooper
M9B1F43                                 Chicago, 12 Jan. 1909

     Chase was absent from Chicago for one month.

                   T. Chase to Ethel Rosenberg
c87                         1p.         Chicago, 12 Jan. 1909

     Rosenberg is on her way to Akka.
     "If it is convenient, say to `AB that the House of Spirituality here is doing all that is 
possible to hasten the progress of the Mashrek-el-Azcar [sic], the Temple at Chicago.  
We are sending out notices to gather a Convention of delegates form believers in all parts 
of the country together to crystallize and carry out the work."
     "My heart is there [Akka] all the time."
     The date is confusing.  It looks like 1908 with a 1909 superimposed.  Context 
indicates it must be 1909.

                 T. Chase to Mrs. Louisa Johnson
copy 81    M4B6F27          9 p.        Chicago, 16 Jan. 1909

     Chases compares Theosophy with the Faith, especially on p. 4.  Chase seems to know it 
pretty well, too.
     p. 7 -- Reincarnation.
     Bahá'u'lláh, Adam were universal manifestations, culminating prophetic cycles.
     "for fifteen years the writer was a confirmed reincarnationist."

                       T. Chase to Mr. Das
                          1p.           Chicago, 19 Jan. 1909

     Apparently Mr. Das is from India, he may now be in India, but I doubt it.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Rice-Wray
c87                         4p.         Chicago, 19 Jan. 1909

     Accounts of Atlantis are not trustworthy.  Chase gives Haji Mirza Haydar Ali's version 
of progressive revelation.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
c87                        4p.          Chicago, 19 Jan. 1909

     The typewriter was mailed on 30 Oct.
     Chase asks `AB to send a message to convention.  The notice was mailed to Bahá'ís in 
seventy localities.
     There are over 700 tablets in the House of Spir. archives.  Tablets of Abdul Baha 
Abbas is coming along.  There will be 500 copies printed and ready for sale at 
convention.  Vol. I will be available in 2-3 weeks.  Agnew, Windust, Chase are doing the 
     In Galilee was published "last summer."
     Note, the contents of this letter are identical to the 9 Jan. 1909 letter.  Are there two 
letters?  Or is one of the dates wrong?  Note, also, my notes for both are virtually 
     "There has always been something very strange about efforts to get mail to Acca."
     Chase sends a map of the USA to Zayn, and explains the distances to him.

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase
copy 82                  1 p.           Chicago, 20 Jan. 1909

     Regarding the Bahai Bulletin and The Day, two publications from New York.  They are 
no longer being printed.
     Chase was the spiritual father of Mrs. Wagner.

            T. Case to Mrs. Mary Rabb, Portland, OR
copy 82                  6 p.      Fort Wayne, IN, 27 Jan. 1909

     Chase alludes to a passage in the writings about Adam.
     Chase says Noah's flood didn't occur.
     Chase recommends use of the doxology at Bahá'í services on Sunday.
     Chase is replying to her letter, with news of Portland.
     Chase's attitude toward the Bible; it is not infallible or literal.  Bit it contains a 
spiritual message.  On p. 3, Chase exegetes a passage in a way similar to Abu'l-Fadl 
would, or `AB, or Kheiralla [I have no idea what I meant here!].
     "the Bahai Religion."

                    `Abdu'l-Bahá to T. Chase
copy 81                            rec'd Chicago, 2 Feb. 1909

     A short tablet.

                  Mirza Munir Zayn to T. Chase
c87                           1p.       16 Feb. 1909

     A tablet to the convention was revealed several days ago and is on its way.
     Dr. Fisher (of New York) was just on pilgrimage.  He spoke, on `AB's request, to a 
gathering of pilgrims.  He's now in Italy.  He's "filled with the spirit."
     A tablet has been published in Persia, urging the Bahá'ís to contribute to the Temple 
in Chicago.  Contributions are collecting in Akka for forwarding.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
copy 81, c87               3p.          Chicago, 23 Feb. 1909

     Thank you for the tablets and ringstones.
     Wars and rumors of wars; Chase notes that the prophecy about Berlin is still not 
     Scheffler "is a beautiful Bahai."
     There are now 800 tablets in the House of Spir. archives.
     Bahai Temple Unity convention.
     Chicago meetings.
     TAB I is now at the binder; it will be out in a few days.  The other two volumes are set 
on copper plates.

                  Mirza Munir Zayn to T. Chase
c87                       1p.           2 Mar. 1909

     Excerpt from the letter only.  `AB visited Haifa and Lake Tiberias.  The Hannens have 
arrived on pilgrimage and spent "nine glorious days" with `AB.

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
c87                           1p.       Chicago, 3 Mar. 1909

     Chase will be in Quincy, Ill., tonight, then in St. Louis; he will be back to Chicago in 
one week.
     TAB I is now available for sale; its $1 each.
     The MacNutts, Ober, and others leave for Akka and Persia in May.  Chase is glad and 
wishes he could come [they never made it to Persia anyway].
     New York news.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Nash
c87                            1p.      Chicago, 3 Mar. 1909

     Mrs. Bryant is now in Chicago, staying with Miss MacKinney.  The MacNutts have 
arrived in Chicago for the convention (in a few weeks).
     Mrs. Nash is now situated in Denver.  Chase leaves for Quincy, IL, tonight.  Probably 
he'll be in Denver in 3 or 4 weeks.
     Tablets of Abdul Baha Abbas is just coming off the press.  Volumes two and three are 
on plates.  The Bahai Revelation is being prepared for typesetting.
     900 tablets in the archives.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Rabb
copy 81  copy in Portland, also.  6 p.  St. Louis, 9 Mar. 1909

     Reincarnation; Chase says he was a reincarnationist for fifteen years.
     Chase says there is no evolution.
     Chase cautions against using the Greatest Name indiscriminately.
     Chase explains the ring stone symbol.

                  Mirza Munir Zayn to T. Chase
c87                            1 p.     Akka, 22 Mar. 1909

     A description of the interring of the Bab in the sarcophagus on Mt. Carmel.
     The letter is typed; he got his typewriter!

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy 81                                 Denver, 5 Apr. 1909

     Convention news.
     Boston news.
     Stanwood Cobb.
     Miss Wilson [Maria?]
     Chase will be in Denver a week or more.

                   T. Chase to Howard MacNutt
                                        Denver, 7 Apr. 1909

     Chase's reply to MacNutt's letter of congratulations to Chase on his new book.  Chase 
replies in thanks.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
copy 81, c87               3p.         Chicago, 23 Apr. 1909

     Zayn got his typewriter!
     Chase reflects on the interrment od the Bab's remains.  He asks Zayn for a long 
description of the event.
     Chase has just returned from two weeks in Denver.  Mrs. Bryant hasn't lived there 
much in the last few years.  She has had difficulty in teaching the Faith in ways that 
others will understand.
     "I lived there [Denver] for several years (twenty years ago) and my heart yearns to 
see Denver have an Assembly of many people working in the Bahai Cause."
     The Bahai Temple Unity convention "was of value to the Cause throughout the 
country."  It had a "beautiful spirit of harmony and union."
     In New York City there are "parties" still.  Chase thinks the problem is that many of 
the active Bahá'ís have converted only recently; they don't know Bahá'í procedure yet, 
and still cling to many of their previous beliefs.
     There will be a tent on the Temple site all summer.
     In a few days Chase will send a copy of the Bahai Revelation to Zayn and one to `AB.
     The Ridvan feast will be held on the Temple grounds under a tent on 2 May.  The tent 
will be up much of the summer.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
                          2p.           24 April 1909

     Chase visited Denver.  She wasn't there, so he gives her all the news.  A Sunday PM 
meeting was held, then another, and Tuesday and Wednesday PM meetings.  Feast was on 
Friday; nine attended.  Chase attended the Divine Science meetings on both Sundays that 
he was in town; the Bahá'ís have strong contact with them.  Many Divine Science people 
are attending Bahá'í meetings.
     The Bahai Bulletin has lapsed.  Harris can't continue it.  Some New York ladies may do 

         T. Chase to Miss J. Culver, of Cambridge, Mass
copy 82                   6p.           Chicago, 26 Apr. 1909

     She is a non-Bahá'í seeker.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
                                        Chicago, 29 Apr. 1909

     Should the pronouns referred to Bahá'u'lláh and `AB be capitalized?
     Bahai Revelation must have come out.

                T. Chase to Mrs. E. A. Rice-Wray
copy 86                       3 p.      Chicago, 11 May 1909

     "This is Religion, but it is not `a religion.'"
     "I presume that I was the first one who used the word [Bahaism] in an effort to 
express briefly the Cause, but I never liked it, and all of the scholarly ones connected 
with the Cause deplore greatly its use."  We avoid it and speak of Bahai Revelation, 
Cause, Unity, etc.
     St. Louis Bahá'í activities.
     The Bahai Temple Unity convention: "We had a glorious time, and much work was done 
in providing for the furtherance of the Temple matters.  It is arranged to purchase the 
whole plot of ground, which will make a beautiful site."

           T. Chase to Miss J. Culver, Cambridge, Mass
copy                        3p.         Chicago, 27 May 1909

     "nor can it be intended that one should bring children at imminent danger to one's life.  
My mother died when I was 17 days old and my childhood was loveless and lonely, as 
there was neither mother, sister nor brother..."
     Culver is a Bahá'í
     About marriage.
     Chase notes that he has difficulties in his relationship with Mrs. Chase because of 
their different religious beliefs.
     Chase infers that `AB would not give specific advice whether to marry or not.

                    T. Chase to Mrs. Preston
copy 81                      3p.        Chicago, 9 June 1909

     Theosophy and reincarnation; Chase says he was a reincarnationist for fifteen years.  
He is writing an "article" on it, but it has become very long.

            Chicago Women's Assembly Circular Letter
copy 81                                 Chicago, 5 July 1909

     Just nine years ago the Women's Assembly was formed [summer, 1900?]  The 
Assembly went out of existence--but now they are back.  They are writing other 
communities to urge them to form similar women's assemblies.
     Mention of their nineteen day teas.

                 E. and E. Rice-Wray to T. Chase
                                4 p.    19 July 1909

     No notes

                  Mirza Munir Zayn to T. Chase
c87                         1 p.        Akka, 22 July 1909

     Typewritten letter
     As to the question of capitalizing pronouns referring to the Bab, Bahá'u'lláh, and `AB: 
`AB says "the members of the House of Spirituality must unanimously discuss this 
question and that which is approved by the majority, the same should be established and 
carried out."

               E. and E. A. Rice-Wray to T. Chase
                              2 p.      23 July 1909

     No notes.

                       T. Chase to unknown
                                        Chicago, 29 July 1909


                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy                                    Chicago, 30 July 1909

     Chase replies to a letter from Ober of 23 June.
     Company matters -- Chase says he resigns as of 30 Nov.  They want him to move to 
Los Angels and supervise only as far east as Denver.  Chase thinks he would be more 
useful in Chicago or the east.  Or he wants to move to Denver and start a land company; he 
is trying to start it right now.  This is his tentative plan.  He worked for the company for 
22 years; since 1887.
     Chase wants  to visit Green Acre this year, but he can't.
     Mrs. Campbell and Celia Richmond both work at Green Acre.  Mr. Stevens of Boston, 
Francis Lyon of Green Acre.
     Bahai Publishing Society policies about the sale of books.
     The meetings in Chicago every Sunday are going well.

               E. and E. A. Rice-Wray to T. Chase
                             4 p.       8 Aug. 1909

     No notes.

                T. Chase to Mrs. E. A. Rice-Wray
c87                      3p.            Chicago, 13 Aug. 1909

     Chase says the world's first telegraph message was at 9 AM on 24 May 1844, not on 
23 May (as she said somewhere).
     Chase says he will be moving.
     Chase gives the short obligatory prayer in an old translation.
     Chase refers to the "Order of 15."
     BH rejects reincarnation.  The "depth of polytheism" is turning from God and toward 
the self.

         T. Chase to Mr. Abner C. Johnson, Ashdale, MO
                         2p.            Chicago, 14 Aug. 1909

     Business dealings in Colorado.  Chase invites him to invest in land.  Chase lived there 
twelve years.  Chase will be involved in the plan himself.

                     T. Chase to Alfred Lunt
copy                                    Chicago, 17 Aug. 1909

     Chase hasn't heard from Lunt in a long time.
     Chase is still planning to move to Denver; his alternative is Los Ang.
     Boston is quiet because the friends are all at Green Acre.
     Sidney Sprague has returned from Persia and is going back.
     Mrs. Dr. Stone of Boston going to Seattle.
     Chicago meetings are prosperous.
     Miss Susan Moody is going to Persia with Sprague.
     Chase asks Lunt to join in the land company.
     Stedmans, Denver Bahá'ís, have been friends of Chase for 15 years.
     Mr. and Mrs. Coe are not Bahá'ís, but have been friends of Chase for 27 years [since 
     Chase must raise half the initial $5000.00 investment.  He is proposed to be the 
manager of the land agents, correspondence and advertising.
     Chase just received two tablets from `AB.

               T. Chase to E. and E. A. Rice-Wray
                              6 p.      22 Aug. 1909

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. Louise Waite
copy 81  M22F14               2 p.      Chicago, 1 Sept. 1909

     Chase hints at his own mystical experience, which "saved me from destruction."
     The bottom of page 1 has been torn off.

                    T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
                                        9 Sept. 1909

     Chase is still in Chicago.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
copy 81                                 Chicago, 9 Sept. 1909

     `AB replies that House of Spir. should decide on pronouns.
     Many believe the Bahai Temple Unity has now replaced the House of Spir.
     Chase yearns for Akka.
     The Temple.
     Chase must leave for Los Ang. "because of his ardor in the Cause of God."
     Chase wishes he could retire and devote all of his time to the Faith.

                       T. Chase to Crowley
copy 81  M-91SC, Crowley papers  1 p.   Chicago, 10 Sept. 1909

     "You know I have lost my position in business because of my attention to religious 
matter partly."
     The Faith has done well in Chicago this summer.
     Joe is in Portland, Maine, working for Crowley.
     Crowley is a Bahá'í.

                   T. Chase to Bahá'í friends

     Chase's address at the Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple, Chicago, 26 Sept. 1909.  He 
comments on Revelation, chaps. 1-2.

                       T. Chase to Crowley
M-91 SC, Crowley papers    1 p.         Chicago, 28 Sept. 1909

     "I go to Los Angeles within a week"
     Chase is going to Cleveland tonight on a short business trip.
     Handwritten letter.

                T. Chase to House of Spirituality
copy 81   M-125 SC F11             San Francisco, 19 Oct. 1909

     When are you meeting?
     San Francisco is "practically nothing" (in terms of Bahá'í activity).  There is a little 
in Oakland.
     The House of Spirituality must guide activities outside of Chicago more, and send out 
more teachers.
     Chase wants to start a "committee" in Los Ang.

                 T. Chase to Mr. Benjamin Taylor
c87                       2p.           Los Ang., 23 Nov. 1909

     Christianity was the Kingdom of the Son, the Faith is the Kingdom of the Father; the 
terms themselves show the greater maturity of humanity today.
     New Thought.

                     T. Chase to Harlan Ober
copy                                    Los Ang., 28 Nov. 1909

     a reply to Ober's 19 Nov. letter.
     Chase describes Los Ang. as full of "isms" "fads and fancies."
     Chase's finances require more work time now.
     Chase alludes that his wife opposes his Bahá'í activity.
     Denver needs a strong Bahá'í teacher.
     Los Ang. has about twenty-five Bahá'ís, but they are scattered in the whole area; in 
Hollywood, Tropico, Pasadena, Glendale, Los Ang. proper, Long Beach.
     Mrs. Haney.  Ref to Paul Haney, as a two month old baby!  Chase says `Abdu'l-Bahá 
gave him the name of `Abdu'l-Bahá and the English name Paul.
     Mrs. Winterburn is in Tropico.  Mr. George Witte is in Long Beach.
     Boston is doing well.  But Chase says four level-headed men keep the others from 
straying into "psychic and occult dangers."
     The Faith attracts many interested in occult.
     Chase stresses the importance of practical life.
     Men Bahá'ís are needed in order to balance the women!
     Chase refers to America as the center of pioneering to Orient.
     Chase alludes that he will not see Ober again in this world; a hint he would die?

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
M-21 Wind. pap. copy 82    3 p.         Los. Ang., 8 Dec. 1909

     handwritten letter; so no copy in Chase papers.
     The letter replies to two letters by Windust.
     "I am most sorry to hear that Mr. Agnew is incapacitated from giving attention to the 
proposed magazine, because it seems to me a necessity that a magazine shall soon be 
established and it seems to me to need his help--"
     Windust asked Chase to be editor: "Concerning the suggestions, so often made (and 
which I deeply appreciate) that I should be the `Editor' of it.  I am doubtful whether it 
would be wise for me to be at such a distance from its publication."
     Chase enumerates the requirements for an editor.  He adds there will be no shortage of 
material, either.
     Chase says Agnew is the only other well-known Chicago believer.

                  Charles M. Remey to T. Chase
c87                            3 p.     at sea, 23 Dec. 1909

     Typed; by Chase?  Probably, because he quotes the letter a lot.
     Remey wrote it between Honolulu and "Tokio"; he'll be in Yokahama on Christmas day.  
They left Honolulu eight days ago.
     Remey notes that women are the dominant movers in the Cause; Chase quotes this 
passage.  The Pacific coast, especially, has a shortage of Bahá'í men.
     Honolulu is now "organized."  It is in "fine shape" with "perfect unity."
     The Persian-American Educational Society began with an idea from last summer when 
Ahmad Sohrab, Sidney Sprague, and Howard MacNutt met in Chicago.  "Its object being to 
secure funds in America for carrying on of the Tarbiat School in Tehran where Sprague 
     Remey feels it should be called the "Bahai Educational Society" and have schools in 
many Persian cities, and that it should educate girls as well as boys.  Remey stresses 
that its Bahá'í identity should not be hidden.  He asks for Chase's opinion.
     Mrs. Goodall is strongly against organization; she wrote to Miss Alexander "warning 
the believers against organization in any form and going on to state that Abdul-Baha did 
not wish organization."  Remey wrote to Mrs. Goodall and disagreed; he asks Chase to 
speak to her as well.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1910

            T. Chase to Helen Goodall and Ella Cooper
copy 82    San Francisco archives  3 p. Los Ang., 9 Jan. 1910

     Mr. Mill's pilgrim's notes against organization of the Faith; Chase replies.
     "It was an idea of Mr Kheiralla's to make the Cause a secret matter, `like Masonry.'  He told 
us Abdul Baha so desired it, but this was not true."
     The Chicago Bahá'í community in the early 1900s divided into groups, divisions.
     The women are the main workers in the Faith because they have more time; the men must 
earn a living.

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
M125SCF3                                Los Ang., 9 Jan. 1910

     Please send me news!  Chase's permanent office address is 405 Exchange Building, Los Ang., 
Cal.  Chase is setting up his office there.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Nash
copy 81, c87                   5 p.     Los Ang., 13 Jan. 1910

     Chase can't write a short letter; they must be long.  So  he hasn't written practically any, 
while moving.
     Chase describes his moving hastles.
     There are difficulties in Denver.  The "first on the ground" there (Bryant?) wants to be the 
leader.  Mrs. Nash is now living in Denver, apparently she's moved there.
     The  Los Ang. Bahá'ís are scattered.  Public  transportation is slow.  But a committee has been 
formed, and a general monthly meeting, Sundays at 3 PM.
     The importance of agreement among the Bahá'ís.  Bahá'ís should come together, consult, and 
coordinate their efforts.
     Chase gives his opinion of the purpose and nature of Feast (p.3).
     The Faith must be taught wisely; "there is always the danger of introducing other and former 
philosophies and teachings and giving the impression that they are Bahai."  He elaborates.
     This is the day of consultation.  "The two pillars of success are Consultation and Kindness."  
One should never oppose; problems will fade away if one is patient.  Chase said it worked in 
     Nathaniel Clark is secretary of Denver Bahá'ís; he is responsible for keeping a bookstore 
supplied with books.  The store has sold some, too. (p.5)
     Chase describes unity feasts; their purpose and organization.
     Theosophists in Denver are interested in the Faith.  Nash is teaching them; Chase is glad.
     Miss Farmer: "It is a pity if Miss Farmer is in that condition.  It would be better if she 
passed away, rather than to suffer in that way." (p. 5).  Chase knows nothing about Green Acre 
     "Abdul-Baha says we are now engaged in gathering an army, and that its perfect organization 
will come after it is gathered."
     Note--the next letter is to Mrs. Bryant.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy 81                   5 p.          Los Ang. 14 Jan. 1910

     Chase is now living in Los Ang.
     He wishes Nash would work with Bryant; division of the few Bahá'ís makes success even 
more limited.  He urges the two women to get together and talk.  "Consultation and Kindness."  He 
disucsses the importance and nature of unity in detail.
     There are struggles among the New York Bahá'ís too.  Mr. Mills and Mr. Woodcock are 
involved [probably opposition to organization].
     "Mr. Mills is anice man, a comparatively new believer, who has been under the influence of 
Mr. W and his women upholders in N.Y.  He was not settled and grounded in the Faith at all, but 
was in the condition of wonder."  He is now Chairman of the New York Board; he was "elected by 
the bevey of `insurgents' which has Miss Boylan as an active worker."
     Chase seems confused about the distinction between the local House of Justice and the 
Universal House of Justice.  "Yes, there will be but One House of Justice in the world, but it will 
have, I am sure, innumerable Branches."  He alludes to the passage in the Aqdas.
     Resistance to organization in America.
     Women can't be members of the House of Spir.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Hahn
copy 81                                 Los Ang., 14 Jan. 1910

     The New York situation.
     The Faith is the touchstone for truth; not the other way around.
     Chase refers to his pilgrimage.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                        Los. Ang., 16 Jan. 1910

     No notes.

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase 
copy 82                      2 p.       Chicago, 17 Jan. 1910

     Chicago news.  The Sunday meetings are progressing.  There is a Thursday consultative 
meeting to plan the Sunday meeting.  Mr. Windust hold classes; 6-10 students attend.
     Buikema discusses the need for a magazine; they are waiting for `AB's instruction.
     Feast is tomorrow night at Mrs. Waite's.

                  T. Chase to Charles M. Remey
copy                    9 p.            Los Ang., 19 Jan. 1910

     Chase writes extensively about women and women not being on the House of Spir.
     Reincarnation, occultism, socialism, "women's pre-eminence" and other ideas of the Bahá'ís.
     Bahá'ís come back from pilgrimage saying `AB endorses their idle fancies.  Chase says "any 
person of even a little `common sense'" can see that their interpretations are wrong.
     Mr. Percy Woodcock and Mr. Mountfort Mills say `AB has forbidden the establishment of 
organization.  But what `AB said is that there is to be only one House of Justice; the others are 
Counsel Boards only.  He did not forbid organization.  Mills misinterpreted `AB and published his 
notes, saying there is to be no organization.  Mrs. Goodall then sent out a letter to a lot of 
persons repeating the statement.  Woodcock even said that `AB said that organization "interferes 
with the action of the Spirit."
     Chase says True wrote to `AB whether women could serve on the Chicago House of Justice; `AB 
wrote and said that there were to be no women on "that House" ("that the House should be 
composed of men only").  The letter was to True; ever since, Chase says, she has been 
antagonistic to the House of Spir.(p. 2)
     Corinne True has ability, free time, and "a strong ambition"; she works for the pre-
eminence of women.
     Mr. W. [Woodcock] agrees with True, Chase says.  He has been a firm believer only for one 
     The old New York Board of Counsel has been thrown out of office; both Woodcock and Boylan 
are on it [she wasn't on it, tho, near as I can determine].  Boylan was the head of the women who 
threw out the old Board.
     `AB wrote a second tablet to True; only men would be on the Universal House of Justice.  But 
the House of Spir. reads `AB's letter differently than True; they didn't understand it to mean 
women could be on the House of Spir.
     Chase fears the Faith will be a tool of feminism; of women.  He elaborates on the weakness of 
     Chase stresses the importance of having the authority of the House of Spir. recognized.
     Chase says the big problem among the American Bahá'ís is lack of organization; he says this 
must be made clear to `AB.  Remey is going to the Holy Land; Chase asks him to explain this to 
     Chase says the Bahai Temple Unity convention ignored the House of Spir., even though `AB 
said it should be consulted.
     Chase's pilgrimage.
     Chase feels all the Bahá'ís are his children; he has watched the whole community unfold, 
"from its very beginning on June 5, 1894."
     Chase considers himself to still be a member of the House of Spir.
     Chase describes the state of the Faith in the USA now and over the last 16 years.
     The Pasadena Bahá'ís are remaining separate from the rest of Los Ang.  Los Ang. has formed a 
committee and holds monthly meetings the first Sunday of each month in Blanchard Hall.  The 
first meeting was 2 Jan.
     Honolulu has organized.
     Letter from Agnew; the House of Spirituality is not meeting as it was.  Chase is discouraged.  
Chase quotes Agnew's letter.
     The cause of trouble in Chicago and New York is the "woman question."
     Mr. True "died instantly on an elevated train about four weeks ago, and now she is unhindered 
entirely to do as she will."  Chase expresses no grief.
     The Bahá'í Temple Unity must work with the House of Spir.
     The American Bahá'í community is like a youth going through puberty.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Agnew
copy 81    M125 SCF3 and Chase pap.  7 p. Los Ang., 21 Jan. 1910

     Mr. Percy Woodcock and his "extreme views of things"; astrology, asceticism, "and other 
dangerous and injurious practices and ideas."
     Women--especially in New York City!
     Mrs. Goodall believed `AB warned believers against organization.  Chase replies to this.
     Meetings in Oakland are arranged to exclude men; Chase quotes Remey here.
     The Honolulu assembly [community] has been organized; a letter from Miss Alexander says 
so.  Chase quotes a letter from Remey.
     Chase quotes `AB's statements in Mill's notes and explains them, sentence by sentence (p. 3).  
He also quotes the Aqdas about a House of Justice in every city.
     "The one great drawback and hindrance to the more swift advancement of the Cause has been 
the lack of organization." [emphasis Chase's]
     Individual effort is "first and last"; it has a role with organization in the advance of the Faith.
     Obedience to the House of Spir. is necessary.
     The House of Spir. is all men; it has to be.
     5 p. of pilgrim notes of Mountford Mills regarding organization during the summer of 1900 
[1909?] follows the letter.

              T. Chase to the Brothers of the Table
copy 81                      2p.        Los Ang., 21 Jan. 1910

     A letter to the men who gather weekly at Kimball's restaurant in Chicago.
     Flying machines.
     Copy of letter in Chase papers as well as House of Spir. Records.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
                           1p.          Los Ang., 27 Jan. 1910

     No notes.

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase
copy 82                       2 p.      Chicago, 22 Feb. 1910

     `AB hasn't replied about "The East and the West" magazine.  Ahmad Sohrab is lobbying to get 
it started.  "Bahai News" is to be started, because it is a smaller project than "East and West."
     There is confusion over who will start the magazine.  New York is talking about starting up a 
magazine again.  Windust wrote to New York and received a cable from Mr. Mills "last 
Saturday": "Board heartily endorses publication of News by you at once.  Writing."
     "Even Mrs. True, who was at first first very much opposed to the little magazine here, now 
is heartily in favor of it.  She opposed it because she had heard of the reviving of the `Bulletin' 
and she felt it should come from N.Y. so all opposition seems to have been removed and there is 
perfect harmony all around.  Of course the members of the Temple committee realize the 
necessity of a medium through which to communicate news of the progress of the Temple work.
     "Will you please send us, as soon as possible, some news for its columns?  Mr. Windust said 
to-day he hoped the first issue would appear March 21st."

                  Charles M. Remey to T. Chase
                    46 p.   at sea between Rangoon and Calcutta,
                                        25 Feb. 1910

     Remey acknowledges Chase's letter of 19 Jan. 1910.
     Scrawly handwriting!
    [p. 5]   "In your letters you alluded to the affairs in New York City.  To me the present 
conditions of two parties is the outcome of a course which few if any realized at the time it 
caused, nor even now.  For several years--seven I think--I have been in touch with the New 
York friends and have seen this clash [p. 6] coming, though I must say that I was prepared for a 
greater trouble than that which really is.
     "The root of the present N.Y. difficulty is, I believe, a relic of Kheiralla and the spirit of the 
Nakazeen.  The Dodge-MacNutt controversy is such a hackneyed matter that from sheer disgust 
the people have dropped it from conversation, the former acted in such a childish way that 
public sentiment was against him and with the latter.
     [p. 6]  "Mr. MacNutt does not acknowledge our Lord Abdul Baha as we do."  He visits Wash., 
D.C. with Hooper Harris. expenses paid by Miss Barney, to lecture.  "At first I detected a lack of 
something in his words, and then [p. 7] I realized the cause of the lack."
     [p. 7]  "Now Mr. MacNutt loves the Master very much.  At times I have seen him too moved to 
continue speaking about Him; but he does not regard Him as being different in Spirit from other 
men.  He believes that Baha'o'llah was different, but that Abdul Baha was not chosen, as was 
Baha'o'llah--that Abdul Baha has the highest station, yes--but that through works and service 
and overcoming all He attained to this station.  He believes that Abdul Baha is of the same nature 
as we all are..."
     [p. 7]  As a result of this idea, other Wash., D.C. Bahá'ís realized it too, and Mr. MacNutt's 
trips to D.C. were stopped.
     [p. 8]  "Mr. MacNutt is one of the most cultured men we have in the Cause."
     [p. 9]  "Regarding the `Old Board' in New York, Mr. MacNutt was the ruling spirit of it.  
Though composed of men, each of these were ruled by him, or rather reflected his attitude.  At 
various times I had the occasion, upon behalf of the Wash. Assembly, to seek the cooperation of 
the New York friends.  All of our relations with `the Board' were fruitless.  That body was not 
responsive at all.  There seemed to be no opposition, simply a lack of life."
     [p. 10]  "On Thanksgiving, about four years ago [1905], I was in New York City, and in the 
strictest confidence was called to attend a meeting of some of the younger men and women who 
wished to better the affairs of this assembly--the meetings being practically in the hands of two 
speakers had dwindled to almost nothing--the people were clamoring for a `spiritual Meeting.'  
Three young men put forth a plan for ousting the old board at the ensuing meeting for elections.  
This I strongly advised them not to do for they had nothing to take its place --It was finally 
decided to establish a meeting for reading and studying the Tablets and Holy Words..." [end p. 10] 
[p. 11]  And they started Friday evening meetings at Miss Thompson's.  These were very 
successful and re-vivified the entire community, and the Sunday meetings.
     [p. 11] "The old Board remained until a time when the younger element, largely enthused by 
certain women, arose, smashed it, and put the present Board in its place.  I feel that this action 
was very timely indeed [p. 12] although I cannot say that I approve of the methods used which, 
from a Bahai standpoint, were questionable."
     [p. 12] Remey was surprised there was "little stir" over the change of leadership in New 
York City.
     [p. 12]  "Having accomplished this end the women ought then to have turned their attention to 
working and healing over the wounds, but instead of doing this they have continued to hound Mr. 
MacNutt and his friends...."  The trouble has continued.  Remey talked to Boylan in July--but 
everyone is on the "warpath."
     [p. 13]  Remey discusses the the history of Wash. D.C.  At first, they had no organization.  [p. 
14]  Mrs. Barney provided the meeting hall.
     [p. 14]  "We called together a committee to assume the work of the Assembly.  This was 
fought most bitterly by some of the women of the Assembly--particularly those older ones who 
were the mainstay in the beginning--that it was decided to abandon for the time being the 
matter." [p. 15] An informal committee was organized by some, though, and it clandestinely ran 
things for a year.  "they didn't realize what we were doing.  After this we again presented the 
matter to the Assembly and the matter was carried and a committee appointed and authorized to 
act for the Assembly."  After this, there was an effort to try to smash it again.  When Remey 
returned from Russia, there was trouble again.  [p 16]  The "Working Committee" was then 
dissolved to keep unity.  The objectors were allowed to "take the lead" for five months and 
"things were at a standstill."  [p. 17]  The old committee was reappointed after the Bahai Temple 
Unity convention in 1909.
     There is no trouble between the men and women in Chicago [in comparison with 
Washington?]  Mr. Hannen suffered much as a result of the troubles in Wash. D.C.
     [p. 18] "It may be that you will have to dissolve [the House of Spir.] and give over all to the 
women before they will be satisfied and the balance established.  Such was what we had to do--
upon a small scale--but I pray that you may be spared."
     Remey discusses the need for unity between the House of Spir. and the Bahai Temple Unity.
     [p. 19]  "Now let me go back for a moment.  I feel that the attitude of the H. of S. in some 
matters has been rather passive.  It did not take up this Temple matter with sufficient 
enthusiasm in the beginning." [p. 20]  Otherwise the women would not have had the chance to 
arise (nor the occasion either) as they did.
     There was no appreciation of the work of the House of Spir. at all, in its efforts toward the 
Temple, at the first convention.
     [p. 20]  "In that connection as well as at the meeting to consider plans and designs--on 
August 1st 1909, I felt that there was an unwholesome segregation of [p. 21] enthusiasm upon 
one side and of judgment upon the other.  Woman supplies the motive force--the enthusiams--
which man guides and directs with judgment and wisdom.  They must be united."
     Remey says the House of Spir. must start a Bahá'í magazine.
     [p. 26]  "At present no systematic arrangement has been devised for keeping the various 
assemblies informed of the progress of the Temple work.  If people's interest is to be kept up, 
they must be in regular and constant communication with the center.  Now Mrs. True and others 
are writing hundreds of letters--long hand--and expending energy and time and only reaching 
[p. 27] a limited number of people.  An organ is needed to hold the Believers in communication. 
The Temple work needs this more than anything else..."
     [p. 27]  "Now I feel that it is most necessary to have this magazine as soon as possible."  
Remey feels the House of Spir. should start it up; it should be done by men.
     [p. 30]  "Until I toured America this past year I did not realize how much the Cause needed 
men.  Everywhere they are in the minority and in the background.  Something must be done to 
encourage them and bring them forward."  Remey wants the House of Spir. to correspond with 
men in order to do this.
     [p. 31]  Remey repeats Mrs. Goodall's comments in his last letter, he's writing to her about 
the matter.  He wants general [p. 32] meetings organized before women's meetings are--so men 
aren't forced to be inactive.
     [p. 36]  Details on the Persian-American Educational Society.  How it was started, p. 36-40.  
He states his objections again.  Remey has a real universal vision of the Faith.
     [p. 41]  "There are some firm Bahai Boys in Boston as you know.  There is good material in 
the New York Board.  The Washington [Wash. D.C.] Committee though young is striving to 
     Remey and Struven went to Honolulu, Japan, China, Burma, on his way to India.
     [p. 45]  "If the friends could have been there and seen the need for education amongst these 
people [in Burma?] they would realize the necessity of a general Bahai Educational Society."  
Remey thinks the Persian American Educational Society is 1) too narrow; just Persian; and 2) 
too indirect; it should be called Bahá'í.
     [p. 20]  "Although I never mentioned it to you, I was a party to your own personal suffering 
those days of the Convention, and I felt strongly upon the matter.  In the Convention meeting I 
remember wishing and suggesting to the people that some cognizance should be taken of `The 
Bahai Temple Association of America' for which the H. of S. was trustee, and of the work of the 
latter (H. of S.) but there was no response whatever, so I quietly sat down."
     [p. 22]  Remey expresses concern the Bahai Temple Unity is so unbusinesslike and 
     [p. 22]  `AB says they must pay for the land in full before building.

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase
filed 24 Feb. 1910		1 p.	Chicago, 27 Feb. 1910

     The Bahai Temple Unity convention will be held during Ridvan, not Naw-Ruz, per 
instructions of `Abdu'l-Bahá.  [Abdu'l-Bahá's letter copied.]
     "Mr. Agnew and Mrs. True were re-elected this morning as our delegates to the convention."  
That's all she says.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Nash
                                        Los Ang., 28 Feb. 1910

     The Denver situation:  "Of course I am sorry that there must be any `parties' there, but the 
real hunger will find its food..."

                 T. Chase to Mr. Sigurd Russell
copy                      2p.           Los Ang., 9 Mar. 1910

     Hawaii now has fifteen believers.
     Chase describes how to organize a Board of Counsel: "nine or more men of fair mental and 
spiritual capacity" are necessary.  A separate "Women's Auxiliary" or "Assembly of Teaching" 
should be created too.  Where both are impossible, a "Committee of both men and women" should 
be formed.  All three organizations should be based on consultation and kindness.
     Cremation is forbidden in the Faith.

                  T. Chase to Dr. H. C. Strong
c87                        3p.          Los Ang., 17 Mar. 1910

     Each human being is unique, and has a unique responsibility and ability to manifest God in his 
own capacity.

       T. Chase to the Bahá'í Friends gathered in Chicago
                       1p.         Portland, OR, 5 Apr. 1910

     A general letter; it may be to a convention, probably the second annual Bahai temple Unity 

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                   San Fran., 11 Apr. 1910

     No notes.

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase
copy 82                    2 p.         Chicago, 15 Apr. 1910

     News for Bahai News had been sent in by Chase.  2000 copies of the first issue were printed 
and "sent to all the Bahá'ís whose addresses we could find," which was 1200-1300.  
Subscriptions are coming in.  The first issue cost $60.00 to print.  It will cost less in the 
future; the magazine will just be sent to subscribers.  The issue after the convention has been 
offered to the Bahai Temple Unity for their report.
     "dear Mrs. True is working with us."
     Chase cut out the juicy stuff; on Mr. Thompson and his circular letter, on behalf of the House 
of Spir.

                       T. Chase to Latimer
copy, c87                 2p.           Los Ang., 28 Apr. 1910

     An article on the Faith, apparently by Thompson, has appeared in the Oregonian magazine.  It 
is unfortunate and sensational.
     Thompson is an ambitious Bahá'í.  He has not proclaimed himself Christ, but nearly so.  He is 
"devoured with boundless ambition."  He became a Bahá'í only a year earlier; he was elected to 
the House of Spir. before Chase left Chicago!  He was interested in the Faith earlier, but was not 
a Bahá'í.  Chase has known him for twelve years.  He studied Emerson, and was a student of Mrs. 
Martin of Cincinnati.  One year ago Thompson became interested in the Bahá'í Faith again, after 
reading Chase's Bahá'í Revelation.  He conducted the Sunday meetings in Chicago after Windust 
stopped; Chase says he did it too long.  Some complained that he did it too long.
     Dr. Buchanan.

                T. Chase to Mr. William Herrigel
copy                     2p.            Los Ang., 5 May 1910

     On 5 June of this year it will be 15 years since Chase heard of the Faith.
     Bahai Revelation may be translated into German by Herrigel.
     Carl Scheffler, Dr. Fisher mentioned.  Chase met Fisher once.
     Christian Science, occultism were a "preparing ground" for the Faith.  Herrigel had been a 
Christian scientist.
     Los Ang. has a metaphysical society.
     New Thought mentioned.

          T. Chase to Mrs. Frances Johnson of Honolulu
part copied 81, c87          3p.        Los Ang., 7 May 1910

     Chase didn't go to the Bahai Temple Unity convention; he didn't think it was a useful exercise 
while the Temple was being built.
     Chase has returned from Bakersfield, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.  He lists the 
meetingd held at each place.
     Isms, occultism.  Chase attended the metaphysical convention of Los Angeles last week.  Her 
brother is interested in such matters and lives in San Diego.  Chase criticizes the gathering for 
ignoring God and concentrating on material concerns, like health and prosperity.

                   T. Chase to Carl Scheffler
copy                        4p.         Los Ang., 10 May 1910

     Chase still considers himself a member of the House of Spir.
     Chase says more on Thompson.  He worked for the same company as Chase in Cincinnati.  He 
ran for governor on the Socialist ticket!  He told Chase that he had never sinned.
     Kheiralla had ambitions similar to Thompson.
     Remey has just sent Chase a letter of 45 pages.  He discusses the history of Wash. D.C., the 
community, and its troubles with women.
     `AB, Bahá'u'lláh say it is impossible for women to serve on the House of Spir.; so Chase says.
     Women should be left alone.
     A Bahá'í magazine is important.  "The Cause needs it."  It should be done by the men, not the 
     Goodall, Ameen Fareed mentioned.
     Forty attend the weekly meetings in Los Ang.

               T. Chase to H. C. Strong of Chicago
                        2p.             Los Ang., 10 May 1910

     Chase just returned from being "on the road."

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                        Los Ang., 13 May 1910

     No notes.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Rice-Wray
c87                         5p.         Los Ang., 16 May 1910

     No notes; its illegibile!

                  T. Chase to Mr. Willard Hatch
                                             17 May 1910

     p. 3 -- foods, moderation in sex and politics.
     (Spiritual) equality of men and women.
     The primacy of education of girls.
     One should seek both a physician and spiritual healing.
     Chase explains the Bahá'í view of politics; he didn't know we couldn't be involved in it.
     Chase says the universal language will grow out of Esperanto.

           T. Chase to Dr. Gordon Ives of Fresno, Cal.
copy                       3p.          Los Ang., 17 May 1910

     Chase is replying to a letter by Ives of the 14th.
     Bahá'í Revelation.  Chase criticizes it; it isn't simple enough.  He's trying to write something 
     Theosophy, the churches, the return of Christ, Christian Science.
     Education of girls is preferred over boys.
     Seek a physician; nature of the illness is important.
     Politics, political parties.
     A universal language.  Esperanto is a step toward it.
     The Faith is seeking to bring all to knowledge of God's will and to establish a relation with 
Him.  It has social teachings, but they are less important.

                    T. Chase to H. C. Strong
c87                          1p.        Los Ang., 21 May 1910

     Spiritual growth is likened to photography.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                        Los Ang., 3 June 1910

     No notes.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81                                 Los Ang., 4 June 1910

     Scheffler is discussed; the letter is hard to read, though.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Agnew
copy 81     2p.     M125SCF4, also TC   Los Ang., 9 June 1910

     "isms" and "osophies."
     Thompson and his egotism.
     Kheiralla is mentioned; he said "I must put the peacock under my foot," i.e., to control his 

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81        Bosch papers             Los Ang., 15 June 1910

     Pilgrimage in 1911 or 1912.

                   T. Chase to Dr. Gordon Ives
copy 81                     4p.         Los Ang., 14 June 1910

     The importance of pure foods; meat, drugs eventually will be abandoned.
     Mr. Dunn is "a noble soul" and a mutual friend.
     `AB is described.  Chase says he has lived in Akka since his pilgrimage.  He doesn't think it 
would be a good idea for `AB to visit America.  He'll be misrepresented by the press.
     Mankind is like a boy entering puberty.

                      T. Chase to Mr. Bates
c87                           1p.       Los Ang., 20 June 1910

     Congratulations on Elizabeth's marriage (Mr. Bates's daughter?).  He reflects about 

                       T. Chase to unknown
copy 82   San Francisco archives   1 p. Los Ang., 25 June 1910

     Chase is moving into a bigger house in Los Ang., and selling the old one.
     Los Ang. unity feast is being held at the Frankland's.  Mrs. Winterburn holds classes on the 
Ighan [Iqan].
     The letter is probably to Cooper or Goodall.  Several unnamed letters have her initials 
penciled on them, and all of them are clearly addressed to women.]

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
Bosch pap.                              Los Ang., 1 July 1910

     Chase has a cold.

                    T. Chase to Mirza Raffie
copy			2p.             Los Ang., 2 July 1910

     Chase's work territory extends as far as Colorado.
     Chase feels few opportunities to work for the Faith.  He feels "`put on the shelf' long before it 
should be so."
     Chase can't renew his insurance; Raffie must have gotten it through Chase and Chase paid for 
     Chase quotes Ober: we are all make-overs.
     "The Bahai Revelation in this country, has attracted those who are inclined to be extremists... 
delved into false occultism..."  These Bahá'ís distort the Faith.

           T. Chase to Dr. Gordon Ives of Fresno, Cal.
c87	                 6p.	        Los Ang., 6 July 1910

     Difficulties of translation.
     Chase used to be bored by the Iqan.  Now he is fascinated (p. 4).  "The Book of Ighan [Iqan] 
(Explanation or Assurance) was to me very dull and soporific when I first read it, but it has 
grown upon me with the years until now I know it to be a work of marvelous importance."
     `AB's manner of speaking.
     New Thought.
     "I have been reading the `Hidden Words' for some thirteen years (since they were first 

             T. Chase to Mr. H. C. Strong of Chicago
copy 81                  1p.            Los Ang., 6 July 1910

     A short letter; very nice.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Parmerton
copy 81                     3p.         Los Ang., 13 July 1910

     Oil exploration and the geology of southern California.

                     T. Chase to Gordon Ives
copy 81                       2p.       2 Aug. 1910

     The disastrous effects of occult teachings.
     "And the great and sole teacher of man in the way of Righteousness is the Word of God.  It 
reaches the lowest, the poorest, the weak and especially the suffering and oppressed.  
Philosophies, whether called divine or not, can not reach the hearts of the masses, indeed it i 
doubtful if the[y] reach hearts at all.  Religion is a matter of heart."
     Chase made this 2-page extract from the letter; the rest does not exist.

                  Gertrude Buikema to T. Chase
copy 82                       6 p.      Chicago, 19 Aug. 1910

     The "friends" in Chicago--she lists Agnew, Scheffler, Sophie Loeding.
     Mr. Lesch is in charge of the Chicago Sunday morning meetings.  25 attended this last Sunday; 
50 the week before.  39 were at the service yesterday.  But many were away on summer 
     Buikema's mother's funeral is described.  Mr. Windust sang and read at the service.  The 
minister of her church led it.  Protestant, Catholic, and Bahá'í were all present.  They used the 
"programme which you had arranged for Mr. Olsen's funeral.  We rearranged this..."  The 
minister "spoke first in Holland [Dutch] then in English."  It was a combined Bahá'í and church 
     Gertrude Buikema was "formerly a member" of the English speaking branch of the Dutch 
Reformed Church in America.  Was her mom in a church in the Dutch branch?
     "The Bahai faith."
     half of p. 4 is cut out.  Probably it contained a reference to the failings of some Bahá'ís.
     "Yesterday morning 39 attended the meeting" in Chicago.
     Remey and Juliet Thompson are engaged.  "I met Miss Thompson in New York last Sept., as 
you will probably remember, and was very much impressed by her.  I cannot imagine a more 
ideal mate for Mr. Remey, and he is indeed fortunate.  I was so happy when I heard it."
     Mrs. Chase's mother is very ill.
     Mr. Dreyfus is in town.  He looked over the tablets addressed to the House of Spir.  He said 
House of Spir. is a bad translation; "Spiritual Gathering" or "Spiritual Meeting" would be 
     Dreyfus says "Women's Assembly of Teaching" would be better translated "Spreaders."  [The 
word in Persian is probably tablighat; "propagation."]
     Chicago has no Sunday classes for the summer.  "Mr Windust made them interesting.  He is 
such a pure, beautiful soul and has a fine spiritual insight." He has 2 children, a wife with a 
delicate condition, and two ailing in-laws!
     Buikema was at Kimball's; the group must still be meeting there.
     The Bahai Temple Unity convention was a "terrific storm"; a reference to Thompson?

                 T. Chase to Stanford University
copy                      1p.           Los Ang., 1 Sept. 1910

     Chase wrote regarding his son, T. Chase Jr., who is applying to Stanford for this year.  He is 
beginning his senior year at Dartmouth.

                  T. Chase to Gertrude Buikema
                           1p.          Los Ang., 3 Sept. 1910

     General news.  Oscar Hinckley visited from San Diego; he is very well, in his 70s.
     Bethlen has been visiting for three weeks.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81        Bosch pap.               Los Ang., 10 Sept. 1910

     Madame Bethlen.

                       T. Chase to Latimer
c87                       2p.           Los Ang., 12 Sept. 1910

     Madame Bethlen is in Los Ang. and is drawing crowds to the Faith, but Chase thinks for 
herself also.  She makes extravagant statements about the Faith, too.  She is "enthusiastic" and a 
bit sensationalistic.  She has hired a hall by herself and sends out her own publicity.  Her 
understanding of the Faith is shallow and her use of prophecies "antagonizes" people.  Chase calls 
her a "Bahai test."  They can't stop her from teaching.
     Los Ang. is a hotbet of metaphysics.
     Buchanan has a close friend who works for the Oregonian.

                   T. Chase to Carl Scheffler
M28B1F26 Scheffler pap. copy 82         Los Ang., 12 Sept. 1910

     Scheffler is ill.  Chase writes a beautiful, encouraging letter.  "You know that I love you as if 
you were my own brother..."
     Los Ang. is growing.  It has a nice climate.  T. Chase "dreaded heat so much" but the Los Ang. 
climate has proved better for him.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                        Los Ang., 21 Sept. 1910

     No notes.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
Bosch pap.                              San Fran., 11 Oct. 1910

     Chase is leaving for Portland by boat Thursday at noon.  He will be there one week.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Rice-Wray
c87                         2p.         San Fran., 12 Oct. 1910

     Chase is on his way to Portland, Seattle; he'll be back to Los Ang. in 3 or 4 weeks.
     Most of the letter is quotations from the Bible and Hidden Words.

                    T. Chase to Mrs. Bissell
                           p.      Portland, Or., 21 Oct. 1910

     The letter is all about biblical prophecy and is 6 p. long.  Chase is introducing her to the 

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                        Seattle, 30 Oct. 1910

     T. Chase was in Portland.  He leaves for San Fran. tomorrow.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Agnew
copy 81                       4p.       Los Ang., 14 Nov. 1910

     Chase left "just after" 29 Sept. to northern agencies.  He was too busy to answer letters until 
he returned.
     In Seattle T. Chase held meetings every evening and many afternoons.  Portland was the same.
     Chase got back from the trip "a few days ago."  The pile of letters to reply to is six inches 
     Chase suggests that Atlantis sank at the time of a Manifestation. It may rise again!
     House of Spir. in Arabic is Bait el Ruhanieh.
     More on the need for unity, and on the activity of the House of Spir.  The House of Spir. is not 
meeting at all.
     Women again.
     Chicago is the center of the Faith in America.  Chase misses the place very much.
     Chase just got a letter from Scheffler.  But none of Scheffler's letters to Chase exist in the 
papers; they must have been destroyed.

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 81                     2p.         Los Ang., 16 Nov. 1910

     Chase says he was up north for several weeks.
     Equality of men and women.
     Chase says the main fault with the Bahá'í Revelation is that it is not simple enough.
     The station of the House of Spir.
     Is `Abdu'l-Bahá coming to America?

                  T. Chase to Gertrude Buikema
copy                       3p.          Los Ang., 16 Nov. 1910

     Letter from Buikema dated 5 Oct.  Chase received it in San Fran.  He had just started a 
northern trip; now he's home.
     Mrs. Goodall, Dr. and Mrs. Cooper.  There are many small Bahá'í meetings in the Bay area.
     Mrs. Mary C. Bell is a Bahá'í in San Fran.
     Mr. Hyde Dumn and Mr. and Mrs. Matteson are mentioned.  The latter two don't seem to be 
Bahá'ís yet.  But they have left Christian Science.
     Portland, OR: Mr. and Mrs. Latimer organized several meetings.
     Chase's teaching efforts were successful.
     Seattle: Mr. and Mrs. Finch organized many meetings.  A unity feast had 20 in attendance!
     Portland has few believers, and they are scattered.
     Mrs. Nash and her daughter have settled in Eagle Rock, a Los Ang. suburb.
     Mr. and Mrs. Rice-Wray have moved to Los Ang.
     Madame Bethlen is visiting Los Ang. at the moment.  She seems to have "improved very much 
in her presentation" of the Faith.
     Mention of three Haneys--Mr., Mrs., and Paul.  They just published "A Heavenly Feast."
     Bahá'í News.
     The pilgrim's notes of Knobloch, Finch are mentioned as just published too.
     Chase just received letters from Scheffler and Windust.  He will write them back.
     Rumor has it `Abdu'l-Bahá is traveling in Europe, or will.
     Ellah Rice-Wray of St. Louis send to Chase supplications of three new believers in St. Louis.

                     T. Chase to W. Herrigel
c87                           2p.       Los Ang., 16 Nov. 1910

     Chase was traveling for six weeks to San Fran., Portland, Seattle.
     News from Germany and Switzerland.  Chase is glad to hear the Faith has reached 
Switzerland.  He lists all of Herrigel's plans for translating Bahá'í works into German.

                   T. Chase to Carl Scheffler
copy                        7p.         Los Ang., 17 Nov. 1910

     Scheffler's letter to Chase reached him in Seattle.  Chase wrote Agnew on 16 Nov. about the 
"heedlessness of the H. of S." [House of Spir.]  Agnew wants the men to work separately, not 
together.  Chase asks Scheffler whether Agnew is reading his letters to the House of Spir. as 
requested.  Chase says the House of Spir. should meet at least once a month [apparently it 
     Mrs. True--the House of Spir. is men only, `Abdu'l-Bahá said.  A tablet from `Abdu'l-Bahá to 
Chase also said "encourage women as much as possible" but says women cannot be on the House of 
     The House of Spir. is the mainstay of the Faith in the USA.  Its general meetings held the 
Chicago cliques together.  It causes organization and unity.
     Organization is the "spinal column" of the Faith.
     There are many faddists and occultists in the Faith.
     It is "Man's Day just as much as Woman's Day."
     Mirza Asadu'llah was the originator of the idea that men should be on the House of Spir. and 
women should be on an auxiliary to the House of Spir.
     There should be a study class of the Iqan or of another book by Bahá'u'lláh monthly.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá's visit to Europe and America will be a time of testing of the Bahá'ís and will 
cause attacks on the Faith in the newspapers.
     Chase expresses his love for Scheffler and praises him.
     Chase admits he preaches a lot in his letters.
     Chase's orange grove got ruined by frost.
     Chase notes he was the first firm believer in America.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
c87                        1p.          Los Ang., 23 Nov. 1910

     Chase sends a supplication of his own and those of several other persons.
     `AB is now in Alexandria.  Might he come to the USA?

                     T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá
                                        Los Ang., 23 Nov. 1910

     Chase now is in Los Ang.; he was in San Fran., Portland, Seattle.
     T. Chase asks `Abdu'l-Bahá whether a canal will ever be dug from the Mediterranean to the 
Jordan Valley; Chase says a prophecy in Ezekiel alludes to it.
     There are rumors `Abdu'l-Bahá will travel to the USA.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81                                 Los Ang., 29 Nov. 1910

     No notes!

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81  Bosch pap.                     Los Ang., 3 Dec. 1910

     Reference to Mrs. Ford.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Rabb
c87                           2 p.      Los Ang., 5 Dec. 1910

     The spelling and pronunciation should be Baha'o'llah.  Please correct any manuscripts you 
prepare.  (She types manuscripts of tablets for distribution to others.)
     Rabb is interested in assembling a compilation of Bahá'í writings.
     Chase says we should pull in people, not push them in.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81   Bosch pap.                    Los Ang., 12 Dec. 1910

     Chase has physical troubles.
     Los Ang. news.

                       T. Chase to Mr. Das
                                2p.     Los Ang., 17 Dec. 1910

     Das passed through San Fran. on his way to India.  Now he is in India.
     `AB is now in Alexandria.  Chase: "Personally I doubt very much whether he will do so 
[`Abdu'l-Bahá come to USA]."
     Chase is very homesick for Chicago.

                      T. Chase to Ida Finch
c87                            2p.      Los Ang., 17 Dec. 1910

     T. Chase occasionally attends a Sunday Bible class under a tent one block from his house.
     The Faith is strengthening in Seattle.

                  Mirza Munir Zayn to T. Chase
c87                         1 p.        Akka, 27 Dec. 1910

     A reply to T. Chase to Zayn, March 1910. The letter is typed.
     "Egypt has entirely been transformed since `Abdul-Baha was there.  People of various 
branches, societies, creeds and religions come to meet Him, almost in group; then go forth to 
publish the most beautiful history of the Cause with a brief illustration of the Bahai 
fundamental principles."
     `Abdu'l-Bahá has left Akka for Port Said for almost four weeks, then He will go to Alexandria.
     Chase's letter to `Abdu'l-Bahá is still in Akka, awaiting His return.

                      T. Chase to Hyde Dunn
c87                            7p.      Los Ang., 29 Dec. 1910

     Chase reflects about Christmas.
     Chase briefly discusses the Bahá'í teachings.

                      T. Chase to Hyde Dunn
c87                            3p.      Los Ang., 31 Dec. 1910

     Chase says a lot about Dr. Ives's investigation of the Faith; who he heard of it from, etc.
     Chase describes `AB's station, often quoting from `AB.

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1911

                      T. Chase to Ida Finch
c87                            3p.      Los Ang., 4 Jan. 1911

     A general letter to the Seattle believers on love, life, and the new year.  The letter also 
mentions Christmas.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Hahn
copy 81                        5p.      Los Ang., 14 Jan. 1911

     Disunity in New York.
     Bahá'ís tend to "read meaning into" `Abdu'l-Bahá's tablets (p. 1).
     "We are all makeovers."  T. Chase quotes Ober again.
     The Faith is the "crucible" to "test" other ideas; not vice versa.
     The spiritual adolescence of many believers.
     Unity and the sources of disunity in the community.

                      T. Chase to Hyde Dunn
c87                            2p.      Los Ang., 16 Jan. 1911

     Chase mentions Ives before he became a Bahá'í.
     An assembly is being organized in San Fran.

                      T. Chase to Ida Finch
c87                            2p.      Los Ang., 17 Jan. 1911

     He replies to two letters, dated 7 and 9 Jan.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        3p.          Los Ang., 19 Jan. 1911

     Chase writes concerning egotism in leaders of the Faith.
     The Denver situation is not good; 2 or 3 are still Bahá'ís, though.  Chase may be coming 
through in Feb.
     Chase discusses whether `Abdu'l-Bahá will come to the USA.  The USA Bahá'ís are not united 
enough.  If He comes, it will be a time of great testing.  A "Time of terrible commotion."  It will 
be very difficult for many believers.  It will cause a terrible battle with self, for many.
     The importance of unity.
     Mrs. Br-ham "baptizes" people.  Chase wants to know how she does this, if it was she.
     Ref. to Thompson, substituting love of self for love of God.

                     T. Chase to Dr. Scaife
c87                           3p.       Los Ang., 19 Jan. 1911

     An introductory letter about the Faith.  He skillfilly builds is discussion around quotations 
from Skaife's letter.

                      Mary Rabb to T. Chase
                            2 p.    Portland, Or., 20 Jan. 1911

     Mrs. Herron's pilgrim's notes are from 1900.
     Mrs. Wagner notes to Rabb "Revelation did not cease with Baha'o'Llah.  `Abdul Baha is the 
Revelator of this Day and He has His Book."  Rabb adds "It may be that I do not grasp the meaning 
intended, but it seems to me that it was as I said an illustration of those different ideas that come 
from the different imagination."
     Chase has spoken to her [Rabb] and Mrs. Latimer about Abdu'l-Bahá's station.
     Portland is very united now.  They held a feast yesterday.  Chase had been there for feast 
earlier and had explained it to them.
     "I wish that you could come up here into the woods with us to regain your strength.  We were 
sorry to hear that you had been ill and so ill that you must go to the hospital."

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 81                     3p.         Los Ang., 21 Jan. 1911

     Chase feels "out of it" in Los Ang.
     Los Ang. news; T. Chase is going to feasts.
     Mr. Haney is a "wet blanket" always pessimistic.  "I want to see some joy and exultation in 
this Glorious Revelation."
     The letter is gossipy; Chase admits it!  It describes the problems of the Los Ang. believers.
     House of Spir.

                     Roy Wilhelm to T. Chase
                                2 p.    24 Jan. 1911

     Wilhelm has published a book--by Mrs. Ford?-- that doesn't conform to `Abdu'l-Bahá's 
rules of orthography.  He discusses the book.  He also notes that he was very careful to get `AB's 
instructions about orthography word-for-word.  The translator even repeated what he had 
translated back to `AB for verification.  `AB also said that pronouns referring to the 
Manifestations should begin with a capital letter.

                      T. Chase to Hyde Dunn
                               2p.      Los Ang., 26 Jan. 1911

     Christ's transfiguration and resurrection.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Rice-Wray
c87                         4p.         Los Ang., 26 Jan. 1911

     A long letter, full of quotations.
     Religion is man-made, but God-made; religions are man-made.  "The essence of reliion is 
Love, because Love is Life; there is no other life."

                      T. Chase to Hyde Dunn
                               4p.      Los Ang., 1 Feb. 1911

     Chase contrasts the martyrdoms in Shiraz with the American Bahá'ís, who "resemble rather 
a debating society than a body of citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven."

                  T. Chase to Mr. Joseph Hannen
copy                       1p.          Los Ang., 4 Feb. 1911

     Hannen is secretary of the Persian-American Educational Society.  The letter is addressed to 
him in that capacity.
     The letter is a reply to one by Hannen of 27 Jan.
     Chase accepts appointment as a member of the National Executive Board of the Orient-
Occident Unity.

                     T. Chase to Mr. Goodale
                              1p.       Los Ang., 4 Feb. 1911

     Chase asks him for news of Kenosha [where Goodale then was living].
     Los Ang. is progressing slowly; the Bahá'ís are so scattered that it is hard.  Forty usually 
attend the monthly meetings.  New seekers are appearing.

                T. Chase to the Baltimore Bahá'ís
                             10p. total Los Ang., 7 Feb. 1911

     Biblical prophecy; two four-page essays about it.  A one page letter, one page of notes 
(probably Chase's original notes, from which he wrote the essays).

       Joseph Hannen to Mrs. H. C. Wagner, Pasadena, Cal.
c87                      1p.            7 Feb. 1911

     It asks the Pasadena Bahá'ís to appoint a committee to work with the "Inter Assembly Unity 
Committee" which I guess was planning the Orient-Occident Unity Ass'n.

           T. Chase to Dr. C. W. Eells of Denver, Col.
copy 81                6p.              Los Ang., 8 Feb. 1911

     Chase started searching 30 years ago.
     The letter is to a non-Bahá'í and stresses independent investigation.  It seems carefully 
suited to its recipient.
     One can be a Christian, a Buddhist, a Jew, and a Bahá'í at the same time!
     Eells lived in Denver.

                     T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm
c87                           1p.       Los Ang., 9 Feb. 1911

     Orthography; Baha'o'llah, capitalization of pronouns.  Ford's book, the Oriental Rose, uses 
Bahaist instead of Bahá'í; Chase calls it "hard and erroneous."

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
c87                      2p.            Los Ang., 9 Feb. 1911

     Chase repeats his advice to Wilhelm to Windust, for the record.

                  T. Chase to Hippolyte Dreyfus
copy 81                    2p.          Los Ang., 12 Feb. 1911

     A beautiful letter about death, the next world, and the eternity of love.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Rabb
copy 86                    5 p.         Los Ang., 13 Feb. 1911

     The station of `Abdu'l-Bahá.  The letter is a reply to her's of 20 Jan. 1911.

                 T. Chase to Mr. Howard Struven
                          1p.           Los Ang., 15 Feb. 1911

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy 81                    3p.          Los Ang., 24 Feb. 1911

     Chase doesn't think the Bahai Temple Unity meetings are very useful.  The Bahai Temple 
Unity Board won't change their ideas, or membership, because of the convention.  Chase implies 
that the BTU is now in the hands of those who will seek to retain their power, and who will 
ignore the delegates.
     Unity is necessary for `Abdu'l-Bahá to visit the USA.  Chase quotes `AB, who says so!

          T. Chase to Dr. H. W. Scaife of Encanto, Cal.
c87                   3p.               Los Ang., 24 Feb. 1911

     Jesus's real mission wasn't His death on the cross, but "to bring divine instruction to men, to 
bring the Light of Truth into the darkness of their ignorance, and thus to turn the hearts of the 
people to God."
     Many Bahá'ís worship the personality of `AB, rather than BH or God.  Chase describes `AB.
     The real savior is the Word of God.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Emma Hahn
c87                         3p.         Los Ang., 25 Feb. 1911

     Chase is separated from Bahá'í work by living in Los Ang.; he wants to correspond to all 
Bahá'í centers to advise them.
     T. Chase says he isn't yet retired.
     Many people flock to L.A. as tourists or to retire.
     Hahn is probably the mother of Mrs. Frances Johnson, now in Japan.
     The Kinneys have now had a son.
     Bethlen is in Los Ang.

           T. Chase to Mr. William Herrigel of Germany
c87                    2p.              2 Mar. 1911

     There are 35 Bahá'ís in the Los Ang. area.  68 attended a recent public meeting.  The friends 
are scattered, a few in Pasadena, Tropico, Long Beach.  Monthly public meetings are held in a 
rented hall.
     "Before Abraham was I am!" is translated into German.
     Chase says Jenab-i-Zayn wrote the Traveler's Narrative.  He is now dead, but his three sons 
work for `AB.

         T. Chase to George Haigis of Constatt, Germany
                            2p.         Los Ang., 2 Mar. 1911

     The first day of the fast.
     Chase quotes Swedenborg.  The recipient of the letter is a German, just like Herrigel.
     He just translated "What went ye out for to see?"
     Most likely `Abdu'l-Bahá will visit Stuttgart, if he visits the USA.
     For exact spelling of name of recipient, see T Chase to Herrigel, 16 Nov. 1910.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
Bosch pap.                              San Fran., 21 Mar. 1911

     Chase leaves for Los Ang. tomorrow night; then probably to Arizona.
     Chase is doubtful Los Ang. will send a delegate to the Bahai Temple Unity convention.

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Rice-Wray
c87                         2p.         Denver, 13 Apr. 1911

     Chase has been in Denver for several days.  Then he goes to Seattle, Portland; 4 weeks later 
to Los Ang.
     He reviews and praises a talk by a Professor Greenwood, who is interested in the Faith.
     Denver meetings have gone well.  Many Theosophists are deeply interested in the Faith.  
Forty came to one meeting.

                 Howard MacNutt to Mrs. Latimer
c87                           1p.       29 April 1911

     Kheiralla's book.  `AB told believers not to keep a copy in their houses; that any house with it 
"would be deprived of blessings."  MacNutt explains why--the book is inaccurate and even 
contradicts Bahá'í teaching.
     MacNutt would like to visit the est coast some time.

                       T. Chase to unknown
               1 p.; rest missing. San Fran., 9 May 1911

     Chase hasn't been in Los Ang. for 6 weeks; he was traveling, to Denver, Seattle, Portland; he 
arrived by steamer from Portland yesterday, leaving there 3 1/2 days earlier.  Chase spoke at 
17 meetings.  Many had an average attendence of 40.
     Bosch came down from Geyserville just to see him.  Chase praises Bosch.
     Denver--he spoke at three meetings in two branches of the Theosophical societies.  Chase 
thinks that 25 Theosophists in one branch will all become Bahais.
     He hopes to be home in a few days.
     The letter may be to Herrigel.  It is to someone outside the USA, and Herrigel corresponded 
with Bosch.

                       T. Chase to Latimer
c87                       2p.      Bakersfield, Cal., 17 May 1911

     Dr. Kheiralla had a $20 diploma from a semi-medical school; this gave him his title of "Dr."  
Kh. wrote a letter to Mrs. Nash.  Latimer sent a copy of it to Chase.  T. Chase wants to send a copy 
of it to `Abdu'l-Bahá.
     Kheiralla's book is how the Faith was taught by Kheiralla, except he took out everything he 
said about `AB.  Chase has a manuscript copy of much of Kheiralla's book as it was originally 
written.  And it was untrue!  Much of his teachings had to be "abandoned" later.  Kheiralla's 
translations were biased.
     Chase has been away from home for 8 weeks; he will return this week.  Boat trip.
     Chase's trip went at least as far as San Fran.

           T. Chase to Lincoln Davis of Hanford, Cal.
                       4p.              Los Ang., 26 May 1911

     Davis is a non-Bahá'í who is physically ill.  He is a seeker.
     Christian Science may be able to help him, T. Chase says.
     A general letter about the Faith.

                   T. Chase to Fannie Johnson
c87                         3p.         Los Ang., 27 May 1911

     She's going to Japan.  Chase advises her how to teach the Japanese.
     Wilcott has left Kenosha.  Chase calls him a "most earnest and faithful young man."
     Chase descibes meetings in Portland, Seattle, Denver.
     Chase wants one of the Hawaiian Bahá'í calendars.
     He refers to Mdame Bethlen's visit; it sounds like it brough mixed results.

                T. Chase to Mrs. George M. Miller
                         1p.            Los Ang., 29 May 1911

     She is printing a poem for him (EL-ABHA).  He encloses proposed changes.  The last line is 
an acrostic.
     Los Ang. celebrated the Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh on the eve of 28 May.
     T. Chase is having trouble with his camera.

          T. Chase to Mr. G. Spiller of London, England
                          1p.           Los Ang., 29 May 1911

     T. Chase requests to join the Universal Races Congress as a member.
     Date is only on back.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy 81                    2p.          Los Ang., 3 June 1911

     Chase returned from a 9 week trip a few days ago.  He attended 17 meetings in three weeks.
     Chicago news--much trial and testing.  Personal ambitions, he thinks, is muh of the trouble, 
as well as refusal to consult with others.
     Ameen Fareed is in Los Ang.; he says on a mission from Abdu'l-Bahá.  He and Lua Getsinger 
apparently spoke at Point Loma.  They say `AB has sent them on a mission; what it is, he doesn't 
     T. Chase complains people claim `Abdu'l-Bahá command them to go and teach.  Chase says `AB 
tells everyone to do things.
     Bahá'ís are not leading the world because they are not united.

                  T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn
c87                        4p.          Los Ang., 9 June 1911

     T. Chase is sending a letter from Kheiralla to a Seattle Bahá'í, Mr. Nash, to Abdu'l-Bahá.
     T. Chase addressed 17 meetings in 3 weeks, in Denver, Seattle, Portland.  Then San Fran., 
and Oakland meetings.  Four Denver Theosophists have become Bahá'ís.
     "It is seventeen years the 5th of this month since I learned of the Blessed Manifestation."
     T. Chase is teaching a Bible study class of businessmen at a local church; he hope to mention 
the Faith there soon.  The church was recently dedicated.  His class is the main class each 
Sunday; the lessons are published.
     Fareed, Lua have gone to San Diego to teach today.
     The ecumenical movement of Protestant sects is gaining strength.

                 Mirza Ahmad Sohrab to T. Chase
c87                           1p.       9 June 1911

     Six tablets are enclosed; one is for Chase.  The Orient-Occident Unity conference is being 

                 T. Chase to Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
c87                       1p.           Los Ang., 15 June 1911

     California greetings to the Orient-Occident Unity conference.

                    T. Chase to Ahmad Sohrab
c87                          1p.        Los Ang., 22 June 1911

     "Your kind letter with the beautiful enclosure reached me in the hospital, where I have been 
for two weeks owing to an operation for rectal troubles.  I am out and recovering alright, 
although slowly."  This is the first day he has gone to the office.
     Note, the right spelling is Baha'o'llah.

                    T. Chase to Mirza Raffie
copy 81                      1p.        Los Ang., 29 June 1911

     Chase cosigned Raffie's loan; he is writing to make sure Raffie can pay.  Otherwise it will 
break Chase.

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 81                     2p.         Los Ang., 1 July 1911

     "Is the Publishing Society still in existence?"
     "Nothing would please me better, my dear fellow, that to come back there, and especially so if 
I could go there and take hold of things with all my effort."
     House of Spir.
     The doctors cut him "up a bit."

                     T. Chase to Mrs. Waite
c87                           2p.       Los Ang., 3 July 1911

     House of Spir. is "quiescent, but not asleep."  It is a strong, important body.
     Mr. Waite is interested in an insurance job.  Chase says auto insurance is an excellent money 
     House of Spir. worked well together.  The pillars of organization are "Consultation and 
     Chase has been in the hospital for three weeks "as a result of a minor operation."
     The Waites plan to leave Chicago.  Mrs. Waite sent hymnals to Herrigel in Stuttgart.

             T. Chase to Willard Hatch of San Fran.
                      1p.               Los Ang., 8 July 1911

     Apparently this is Chase's first letter to Hatch.  A Mrs. Mary C. Bell has asked him to write 

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
                             1p.        Los Ang., 11 July 1911

     Chase contrasts Hatch's letter with that of a seeker who hasbecome a Theosophist.  The person 
seeks everywhere, and has confused religion with philosophy.
     Chase points out that individual didn't grasp the concept if the Manifestation.
     Chase sends Hatch's supplication to `AB in London, via Miss Julia Culver.

                    T. Chase to Ahmad Sohrab
c87                          1p.        Los Ang., 13 July 1911

     "I am nearly well now, but cannot walk very far yet.  I think I shall be better than I have 
been for two years."
     Chase sends Hatch's supplication to Sohrab for forwarding to `AB.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
c87                        2p.          Los Ang., 13 July 1911

     A necessary minor operation required Chase to stay in the hospital three weeks.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá is now in London.  T. Chase thinks He will come to the USA.
     Denver news.
     House of Spir. is inactive, but this seems necessary.
     T. Chase quotes Willard Hatch's supplication to `Abdu'l-Bahá.  He notes that it shows real 
faith, unlike many ex-seekers.  Hatch studied every ism imaginable.

                    T. Chase to Arthur Agnew
copy 81                      3p.        Los Ang., 14 July 1911

     T. Chase is financially strapped; "My income is half, a little over half, what it was in 
     Chase hopes to make a few changes and print a second edition of the Bahai Revelation.  The 
printing cost $400.00
     T. Chase doesn't like Cal., "Were it not for my faith, I should be utterly discouraged."

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
                             1p.        Los Ang., 15 July 1911

     Chase quotes Bahá'í writings to Hatch.  An inspirational letter.

                     T. Chase to Mrs. Lesch
c87                           1p.       Los Ang., 19 July 1911

     T. Chase misses Chicago.  "I can not feel `at home' out here."  But the climate is nice.
     Four Chicago Bahá'ís have gone to London to meet `AB.
     Chase is glad to hear about "Goodsiah Khanum."  Cjase would like a photo of her; Lesch has 
one.  He asks for a copy.
     He lists all the Bahá'ís from Chicago and the east who have settled in Los Ang.

                      T. Chase to Mrs. Rabb
                           1 p.         Los Ang., 19 July 1911

     `Abdu'l-Bahá will probably come to USA; He's in London now.  "Those who are looking only to 
see the personality will not see Him at all, but only him."

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
                             1p.        Los Ang., 19 July 1911

     He lists books that Hatch should read.  He's read the Iqan; Chase recommends the Tarazat and 

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
c87                          4p.        Los Ang., 22 July 1911

     No notes.

                     John Bosch to T. Chase
                              2 p. Geyserville, Cal., 26 July 1911

     Bosch hopes T. Chase's health returns; "I do not know of any resident person, who can fulfill 
this responsible function [teacher] better than yourself."
     Bosch is replying to T. Chase's letter to 7 July [lost].
     Many Bahá'ís are "hung up" on reincarnation; Bosch hopes T. Chase will finish his book on it.

                      T. Chase to Ida Finch
c87                            1p.      Los Ang., 26 July 1911

          Chase is isolated from affairs in Los Ang. and misses Chicago's activities.
     "I am practically well again, and feeling better than for two years."
     Chase aches to be in London today; probably at the Universal Races Congress.
     Seattle meetings are doing very well; Finch isn't there right now.
     Chase thinks `AB will come to the USA.
     Hatch has declared.

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
                             1p.        28 July 1911

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Gertrude Buikema
                                        Los Ang., 29 July 1911

     No notes.

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
                             3p.             3 Aug. 1911

     "I can not now write you of the `Greatest Name.'  I hope to have the privilege at some time to 
tell you about it.  I know that it is already in your life and if it be not lived it is worthless."

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
copy 81                                      5 Aug. 1911

     Chase congratulates Hatch on having a son.  A beautiful, poetic letter.  Attached is the poem 
"The Warrior."

              T. Chase to Nathaniel Clark of Denver
copy                    3p.             Los Ang., 7 Aug. 1911

     The letter mentions many persons: Mrs. Roberts, Dr. Eels, Mrs. Blakemore.
     Man's will and submission to God.
     Clark is the only male Bahá'í in Denver.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá in Europe.
     Los Ang.: 61 attended the meeting yesterday.
     Copy of this letter made by someone else also exists.

                   T. Chase to John S. Crowley
copy 81   M91 SC Crowley pap.  1 p.     Los Ang., 9 Aug. 1911

     Thornton Chase Jr. is breaking into real estate.
     The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are different; T. Chase writes a long comparison.  He lives 
only 16 miles from the Pacific.
     The Universal Races Congress.  Miss Culver is going to it.

                     T. Chase to Miss Wilson
c87                           1p.       Los Ang., 9 Aug. 1911

     All about Mirza Raffie.  He's left for Persia.  He is "inclined to be rather optimistic, but 
perhaps that is a good failing in these times of rapid progress."
     Sixty-one attended the last Sunday PM meeting.

           T. Chase to Mrs. Mary B. Morrison of Denver
   M109 SC, Morrison pap.     1 p.      Los Ang., 15 Aug. 1911

     T. Chase is sending her a tablet; who its to is not clear.
     "I hope you are well in body, soul and mind.  May the Divine Bounties shower upon you and 
may your life attract other souls from spiritual illness and poverty to the Kingdom of Riches 
and Eternal Health.  Yours sincerely in His Name."
     This is 1/3 of the whole letter.  It is hand written, so Chase wouldn't have kept a copy.

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
                             1p.        16 Aug. 1911

     T. Chase explains the Greatest Name.  It once was given secretly; T. Chase complains now it is 
used too freely.  It starts with "Ya Baha El Abha!"

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
copy 81                                 August 1911

     The poem to Hatch's son.

   N. R. Vakil to Sec'y of Bahai Assembly of Washington, D.C.
c87                           1p.       1 Sept, 1911

     Mrs. Bethlen came to Bombay two weeks ago, on 23 August.  She came from Calcutta, where 
she spent ten days and did splendid work.  She had been in Rangoon before that, and Japam 
earlier.  She gave several well-attended lectures in the Bahá'í hall.

           T. Chase to Gertrude Stanwood of Baltimore
c87                        1p.          Los Ang., 5 Sept. 1911

     Chase quotes "God is nearer than the jugular vein."

                    T. Chase to Willard Hatch
M128SC Hatch pap.            1 p.       Los Ang., 16 Sept. 1911

     A letter from Miss Englehorn has taught his a great lesson.  It was forwarded to him by Hatch.
     "It shows the necessity of actual work of some kind on the part of each one who would be a 
Bahai.  Religion is LIVING, and all ethics, morals, or philosophies are of little account except in 
so far as they are transmitted into deeds.... It is necessary for some kind of WORK to be found for 
each Bahai; otherwise they die.  This is a great problem before us--how we can put the friends 
to work.  As long as they are active in any Bahai work, there is no question of their firmness and 
of their own assurance; but when their work ceases, they begin to doubt and stagger.  The works 
must be of such a character that they give the consciousness of performing service, whether it 
be of `charity,' education, labor, self-denial, generosity or kindness.  It must be of such a 
nature that it affects the life and shows forth in personal expression."
     `Abdu'l-Bahá is in London.

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 83                     1 p.        Los Ang., 20 Nov. 1911

     Chase went to San Fran., Portland, Seattle; he's "just returned."  He was away from Los Ang. 
for 6 weeks.
     Tudor-Poole describes "the core of discord in this country."  Probably a reference to a letter 
from Tudor-Poole to Windust.  Possibly Tudor-Poole's criticism of `Abdu'l-Bahá worship in 
Bahai News.
     Chase says Seattle and Portland are "finely alive."
     T. Chase asks Windust to send his manuscript back; "you cannot use it there."  [El Abha?]  T. 
Chase says I'll print it myself.

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 83                       1 p.      Los Ang., 25 Nov. 1911

     Chase is sending a copy of a poem; can you find any worth in it?  [Probably "El Abha"]

       T. Chase to Mr. W. Tudor-Poole of Bristol, England
copy 81                   2p.           Los Ang., 1 Dec. 1911

     `Abdu'l-Bahá's station; many misunderstand or exaggerate it.

                    T. Chase to Frank Hoffman
M97SC  Hoffman pap.                     Los Ang., 6 Dec. 1911

     No notes.

                  T. Chase to Mr. Willard Hatch
                                             12 Dec. 1911

     T. Chase misses Hatch; he's lonely in Los Ang.  Most Bahá'ís live in the suburbs.

                      T. Chase to Ida Finch
                                        Los Ang., 17 Dec. 1911

     `Abdu'l-Bahá tested him by giving him the name Thabit.  Peter was named the rock; and he 

Notes on Thornton Chase Papers, 1912

                   T. Chase to Mrs. Emma Hahn
copy 81                     2p.         Los Ang., 27 Jan. 1912

     She is a Bahá'í in Milton, Conn., and invited T. Chase to visit.
     T. Chase says "there is no prospect of going east for a while."
     "I am not fond of this locality [Los Ang.], and would gladly escape it, but we have bought an 
orange grove, and sold our house, and there is no prospect of our changing to elsewhere."
     `AB's visit will prove to be a severe test.  Chase is uncertain of its wisdom.

                  T. Chase to Mrs. A. M. Bryant
copy 81                    3p.          Los Ang., 7 Feb. 1912

     The USA Bahá'í community is described allegorically as a youth; a beautiful description.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá is expected in April.  He will attend Lake Mohonk; may stay for a year.  No 
plans are known for his visit, though.
     A non-Bahá'í is contributing to the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar.
     A lot on Sister Sanghamitta.  Her Bahá'í health seems to be improving.  Perhaps she is free 
from Phelps now; Chase is vague.
     Chase has met Grace Robarts; she's in L.A. right now.  She seems to be a Bahá'í of the "real 
right sort."  She's ardent, also.

                       T. Chase to unknown
San Fran. archives                      Los Ang., 7 Feb. 1912

     Mrs. Getsinger is going to Los Ang. to speak to the Socialists.  Chase comments about them.

                  T. Chase to Alice Ives Breed
copy 82 Marzieh Gail personal pap.   2 p. Los Ang., 17 Feb. 1912

     Persia is disintegrating.  The Russians have invaded.  T. Chase sees all of this as part of the 
divine process.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá is on His was to USA; how marvelous it is.
     Mrs. Khan is an important worker in the Faith; she has "wisdom, refinement and sanity."
     T. Chase's penmanship is abominable and slow, so he types.

                  Mrs. A. M. Bryant to T. Chase
                             8 p.       19 Feb. 1912

     She replies to a letter of his mailed about 1 week earlier.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá is coming; `Abdu'l-Bahá said more unity would have to be apparent for Him to 
come, and no more is apparent, but He is coming anyway.
     Occultism.  The Rosicrucians.
     Sister Sanghamitta's health is very bad.  [She discovered Bahá'ís at Green Acre practicing 
black magic at night in a tent there.  They were practicing it with Phelps.  "She tried to draw P. 
away from these illusions, but you know the spell was hard to break."  This occurred in a tent 
"remote from the grounds."]

                       T. Chase to Crowley
M91SC  Crowley pap.             1 p.    Los Ang., 26 Feb. 1912

     A handwritten letter.  Crowley's mother just died; its a letter of encouragement and 
     "I know your heart is sad because of the seeming separation, and so I am sad with you, 
because I love you--
     "I am sure you loved her very deeply and nothing, not so-called death can sever that love.  It 
is that true love which is the essence of life; it is eternal, inseverable, a tie which shall surely 
bring together those who are parted, whenever it is His will.  Praise be unto His Holy Name!  
The Wise One.  The Knowing One!  The Loving One! Who blesses us all with love--
               Your brother and fellow.
                         Thornton Chase."
     This is 3/4 of the entire letter.

                   T. Chase to James S. Topham
                                        Los Ang., 27 Feb. 1912

     The letter says it is dated 1912 on the back.
     Christ and BH.  Jesus's teachings have been corrupted through misunderstanding.

                   T. Chase to Howard MacNutt
c87                         2p.         Los Ang., 2 Mar. 1912

     T. Chase describes how scattered the Los Ang. Bahá'ís are.
     Chase wrote a second letter on the same day.  In it T. Chase describes the business 
opportunities in a rapidly growing southern California.  Real estate, orange, walnut, and avocado 
     Sunday meetings have 40-60 in attendence.  Unity Feasts are usually held in Tropico and 
have about 15.  Some Bahá'ís are in the area because of their delicate health.
     Chase reflects on the advantages and disadvantages of `AB's visit.
     Chase calls Hoar, Harris, MacNutt a "trio of firmness and sanity."

                  Alice Ives Breed to T. Chase
               3 p.        n.d.  New York City, about 17 May 1912

     `Abdu'l-Bahá's visit in New York Boston, Wash. D.C. are mentioned.  Mr. Gregory, Mrs. 
Parson's and her receptions are particularly mentioned.
     Shoghi Effendi, 13 years old, was turned back at Naples.
     The letter was retyped by T. Chase on his typewriter.  I have dated it from internal evidence.

              T. Chase to Dr. G. Davidson Buchanan
copy 81   copy in Portland also   5p.   San Fran., 12 June 1912

     "The newspapers of the east have treated him [`Abdu'l-Bahá] with uniform courtesy that is a 
miracle in itself, when it is considered what opportunities for ridicule and satire are offered by 
his appearance, dress, mannerism, etc."
     Chase hopes to visit Portland, OR in a few weeks.

                   T. Chase to Albert Windust
copy 83                       2 p.      Los Ang., 22 June 1912

     T. Chase was stuck in San. Fran. 2 1/2 months by "an abominable business matter," so he 
could not go to Chicago when Abdu'l-Bahá was there.
     What was your reaction to `Abdu'l-Bahá?
     T. Chase commiserates about the burden of editing Star of the West.
     T. Chase mentions a stereo photo of the Feast of Rizwan, 28 April, in Fruitvale.  All of the 
Bay area--about 80--were present.
     T. Chase is going to Seattle, Portland, in a few weeks.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch?
Bosch pap.                              Los Ang., 6 July 1912

     Troubles in Germany.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch?
copy 81                                 Los Ang., 26 July 1912

     T. Chase's financial troubles are severe.

                      T. Chase to Mr. Bower
                              2p.       3 Aug. 1912

     Thornton Jr. is working up in real estate.  He is a good boy, but not religious.  He has noble 
     On next Tuesday T. Chase travels to San Fran., Portland, Seattle.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá invited T. Chase to come east and visit Him before He sails for the east.  But he 
can't go.
     Bower must be a nonBahá'í, I think.  Chase sends him articles on `AB.  Chase also tells him 
about the opening of a new Presbyterian church near him.

                  Alice Ives Breed to T. Chase
c87                         5 p.        Cambridge, 6 Aug. 1912

     The letter is addressed from 367 Harvard St., Cambridge. Mass.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá is staying in Dublin, NH.  She visited Him "last Saturday" until "last evening."  
He's staying at Mrs. Parsons's house.  Sometimes He goes down to the inn; the altitude at her 
house is too high and makes Him feverish.
     `Abdu'l-Bahá addressed "thirty colored people."
     All `Abdu'l-Bahá news is in Dublin, NH.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch?
copy 81    Bosch pap.                   San Fran., 9 Aug. 1912

     `Abdu'l-Bahá sends to telegrams to southern California.  T. Chase thinks He will come west.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
Bosch pap.                              San Fran., 6 Sept. 1912

     T. Chase is paying Bosch back the money he borrowed.  T. Chase writes and says he wishes he 
could stay and see `Abdu'l-Bahá.  But he must leave for Los Ang. on Monday.

                    T. Chase to Ahmad Sohrab
copy 81                      3p.        San Fran., 7 Sept. 1912

     T. Chase has been "on the road" for some weeks.  He was up north.
     T. Chase can't wait until `Abdu'l-Bahá comes to the west coast.  He fears `Abdu'l-Bahá won't 
visit Oregon, Washington state.
     T. Chase was one week in Seattle, 10 days in Portland.  He was ill 1 day.  He is going to Los 
Ang. on Mon. 9 Sept.

                  William Herrigel to T. Chase
                               7 p.     Stuttgart, 15 Sept. 1912

     A reply to T. Chase to Herrigel, June or July 9th 1912.
     Three pages are in German, by Herrigel's wife.  He writes good English.  There is no news in 
the letter.
     The pages are small; 2 pages of 8 1/2 by 11 paper.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
                                        Los Ang., 24 Sept. 1912

     No notes.

                     T. Chase to John Bosch
copy 81   Bosch pap.          1p.       Los Ang., 26 Sept. 1912

     T. Chase will have an operation in one hour.

                    Mrs. Ledge to John Bosch
copy 81     Bosch pap.                  Los Ang., 3 Oct. 1912

     The letter describes T. Chase's death.


T. Chase to `Abdu'l-Bahá undated T. Chase wants to write a book disproving reincarnation. He says he believed in it for fifteen years. `Abdu'l-Bahá's tablet of 9 Sept. 1909 was written in response to this letter; so it probably dates from mid 1909. Another copy of this letter is dated March 1910, 405 Exchange Bldg. Los Ang., Cal. It is signed by T. Chase. T. Chase to Mirza Abu'l-Fadl n.d. (about June 1907) Four days ago Chase hosted the Chicago feast. 40 Bahá'ís came. It also served as a welcoming party for the returning pilgrims. Next Sunday they will all go to Kenosha to tell of their pilgrimage. Scheffler may go along; he should have arrived in New York today. Only page 2 of the letter exists. Willard Hatch to T. Chase undated Must date from 1909-1912, and from T. Chase's sojourn in Cal. Hatch's supplication, and a brief description of his spiritual quest. T. Chase to Arthur Agnew copy 82 n.d. [about Jan. 1910] Los Ang. news. No organization existed in Los Ang. when T. Chase arrived. Now, an Executive Board has been formed. Weekly and monthly meetings are held. The Haneys are there in Los Ang. T. Chase lists the others who are active. It is probably one T. Chase's first letters to Chicago. Star of the West says Los Ang. organized in early 1910. T. Chase to Mirza Asadu'llah 1p, Denver, n.d. T. Chase hopes to leave on pilgrimage within 50 days. The President of the company has agreed to give him a two month vacation for the purpose. Agnew is also asking for permission. Chase's wife wants to go. The letter requests permission to go on pilgrimage. If the time is not right, please cable. Agnew is "the most even headed, the strongest and most wise teacher of all in this country, as well as my intimate and well-beloved friend." So they hope to go together. Ameen may go with them too. Ellen V. "Mother" Beecher to T. Chase 4 p. 20 May [no year] No notes. Mrs. A. M. Bryant to T. Chase 1 p. n.d. No notes. Mrs. A. M. Bryant to T. Chase 4 p. n.d. Her address is 1500 E 16th Ave, Denver. Miss Farmer and Green Acre news. She met Miss Farmer in 1901. Philadelphia news, through the McKinneys. There were fifteen Bahá'ís at Naw-Ruz; nineteen normally would have been there, but four were out of town. The letter was probably written in June, I would guess between 1907 and 1909. Spiritualists, Theosophists are mentioned in passing throughout the letter. Suggests the Denver Bahá'ís had a close connection. Mrs. A. M. Bryant to T. Chase n.d. Green Acre recognizes T. Chase as "one of our Bahá'í leaders." Chase was recently in Kansas City. T. Chase to Ameen Fareed n.d. T. Chase writes that he has an important letter--I gather from Senator Teller, as it involves Mr. Coe. Fareed is in the Holy Land. Mrs. T. Chase to Helen Goodall M9B1F42 undated "It has taken all my strength and will to go through these papers--Fifteen hundred letters, I have I have [sic] burned--personal letters-" "Dear Thornton never gave up anything, in way of letters, clippings, [illegible], diaries, etc--" Mrs. Chase lists her address as 226 Rampart Blvd., Los Ang. She mentions a ring T. Chase had. Mrs. Goodall bought it and contributed it to the National Bahá'í Archives. T. Chase to Bernard Jacobsen M135B2F32 Chicago, n.d. Handwritten in hasty, large letters. T. Chase requests a copy of 2 tablets Jacobsen recently received from `Abdu'l-Bahá. T. Chase to Ali Kuli Khan n.d. p. 2: Every Sat. evening the House of Spir. meets. They have one hour of business, 2 hours of deepening on the Iqan, 2-3 pages each evening. Usually all 12 members are present. The Bahai Publishing Society members are all on the House of Spir. and they work under the advice and auspices of the House of Spir. Haji Hassan Khurassani to T. Chase 1 p. Cairo, n.d. (in English) Khurassani is sending tablets. T. Chase to Mrs. Rabb undated; about summer 1909 Chase talks a lot about the Bible. There are 900 tablets in the archives; Tablets of Abdul Baha Abbas, vol. 1, is completed. Mr. and Mrs. John Bosch to Mrs. Scheffler copy 81 Bosch pap. Geyserville, 11 June 1936 It describes all the papers they destroyed. T. Chase to Roy Wilhelm n.d. No notes. T. Chase to Ahmad Yazdi 1p. Chicago, 1 Mar 190a [sic] The letter is from after 1902. No notes. T. Chase to Mirza Munir Zayn c87 n.d. He writes to Chase to ask him to send him a typewriter.
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