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  1. Administrative Rights, Removal of, by Universal House of Justice (1993). [about]
  2. Law, Application of, by Universal House of Justice (1991). Questions concerning the violation of Bahá'í and civil law, and the removal of administrative rights. [about]
  3. Violation of Baha'i and Civil Law, by Universal House of Justice (1991). Role of Spiritual Assemblies in regulating behavior of Bahá'ís, removal of administrative rights, and treatment of Bahá'ís convicted of a criminal offense. [about]
  4. Withdrawal of Administrative Rights, by Universal House of Justice (1986). Spiritual Assemblies may remain in contact with those Bahá'ís who have had their Administrative Rights removed, but withdrawal of rights is a serious action and assemblies should in general should not initiate contact. [about]
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