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1958. (In the year) Adrienne and Dempsey Morgan went to Vietnam and over succeeding years helped establish administrative procedures among the Local Spiritual Assemblies of Vietnam. For lack of visa they left for Thailand in 1959, staying for two years before continuing to Phnom Penh. They returned to Saigon in 1961 before the end of the year. [Servants of the Glory p5-9; Bahaipedia] Vietnam Dempsey Morgan; Adrienne Morgan
1967. Dec American pioneers Dempsey and Adrienne Morgan moved to Chad from Uganda. In the year which followed 686 believers in seven localities joyfully accepted the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh. They left after Ridván 1968. According to their account some 1,600 had enrolled as Bahá'ís during their time there. [Bahá'í National Review Issue 22 October 1969 p3; Servants of the Glory page 35-43] Fort Lamy, Chad; NDjamena, Chad Dempsey Morgan; Adrienne Morgan
1974 (In the year) In Cambodia, political upheaval and a ban on the Bahá'í Faith had scattered its communities and caused some believers to be imprisoned briefly. Dempsey and Adrienne Morgan returned in 1971 and discreetly helped facilitate communication among Bahá'ís. Once the ban was lifted in 1974, he assisted in re-formation of several Local Spiritual Assemblies and instituted training classes. The foundation built by the national Bahá'í community helped it endure the devastating upheavals of subsequent years. [The American Bahá'í, Servants of the Glory page 48]
  • "All effective contact with the Cambodian Bahá'ís was lost during the period of Khmer Rouge rule (1975-79), and apart from contact with Bahá'ís subsequently found in refugee camps in Thailand, the community had to be completely re-established in the 1980s." [Religious Freedom in the Asia Pacific: The Experience of the Bahá'í Community p87 by Graham Hassall]
  • "With the conclusion of warfare and the establishment of the new regime all Bahá'í activity in Cambodia is at a standstill, as far as can be ascertained. For a time the national Teaching Committee secretary wrote of continuing teaching activity among the believers and enquirers but there are now no available channels of communication and there has been no recent news of the fate of the Khmer Bahá'ís". [BW16 p.138]
  • Cambodia; Thailand Dempsey Morgan; Adrienne Morgan; Ban; Persecution, Cambodia
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