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1921 - 1980 The Bahá'í community of Iran began publishing a monthly magazine called Aḵbār-e amrī, a publication whose name means "News of the Cause". Containing the holy writings of the Bahá'í faith, domestic and foreign Bahá'í news, official announcements of Bahá'í administrative bodies, and articles on various aspects of the Faith, the magazine became a vital means of communication and a register of the main historical events for six decades until its closing in 1980. It was published by "Lajnih-yi Nashr-i Nafahát" (Committee for the Diffusion of the Divine Fragrances) until 1978 and then by Mahfil-i Ruhání-yi Millí-yi Baháiyán-i Írán (National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Iran) [BAHAISM v. The Bahai Community in Iran by V. Rafati; BWNS1289]
  • Scanned copies from B.E. 102 to B.E. 111 and B.E. 116 were taken from bound copies of the journal originally owned by Mr Hormuzdiar Sabet and contain his annotations, frequently noting the original English text that has been translated in the journal.
  • Iran Akhbar-i-Amri (News of the Cause); - Periodicals; Newsletters; First publications; Publications; BWNS
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