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1947. 20 Feb Ugo and Angeline Giachery moved from New York to Rome. [BN No 192 Feb 1947 p1]
  • The first native believer under this new Seven Year Plan, had declared himself. He is Signor Augusto Salvetti of Italy. Signor Salvetti heard of the Faith from a Persian believer while he was a prisoner of war in India. After returning to his native Italy he corresponded with the International Bureau and the office of the European Teaching Committee in Geneva. Since he was living in one of our "goal" countries, Mrs. Graeffe put him in touch with our pioneers, Mr and Mrs Giachery. [BN No195 May 1947 p1]
  • Italy Ugo Giachery; Angeline Giachery; Pioneer; Augusto Salvetti

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    1927 (In the year) Ugo and Angeline Giachery spent two days in St. John's, NL on a stopover while on a cruise ship. St. Johns, NL Ugo Giachery; Angeline Giachery
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