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1942 (In the year) In the Baha'i group in Edmonton as in other groups, it was not uncommon to find women among the first believers or "pioneers." Although there was a Baha'i group in Edmonton in 1911, apparently the Bahá'í community has been in continuous existence only since 1940. [OBCC152]
  • The Vancouver Bahá'í Archives has a photo of the first Bahá'í group in Edmonton in 1942 with Anne McGee, Lyda Martland, Milwyn Davies, Kay Rimell, Anita Ioas (later Chapman). This photo is Plate 30 in OBCC152.
  • Edmonton, AB Anne McGee; Lyda Martland; Milwyn Davies; Kay Rimell; Anita Ioas; Anita Chapman
    1942 c. Mid-year Evelyn Cliff of Vancouver found a teaching job in Calgary and moved there accompanied by Anne McGee, a member of the Vancouver Youth Group. In October Sylvia King relocated from Winnipeg to join Evelyn, Anne and Doris Skinner. [fBN155 August 1942 p5] Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, MB Evelyn Cliff; Anne McGee; Sylvia King; Doris Skinner
    1946 (In the year) The first male Bahá'í in Edmonton, Roland McGee, arrived with his wife Anne, in 1946. [Edmonton Bahá'í History] Edmonton, AB Roland McGee; Anne McGee
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