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  1. Copyright options for submissions to the Bahá'í Library Online, by Brett Zamir (2006). [about]
  2. Mandate of the Bahá'í Library Online, by Jonah Winters (2003). Formal statement of content, intent, and functioning of the Baha'i Library Online. Now outdated (having been written in 2003), but still a serviceable mandate statement. [about]
  3. Proposed changes for Version 5, by Jonah Winters (2013). Structural or systemic improvements necessary for future Baha'i Library expansion (excluding minor changes or new content), projected for 2018. [about]
  4. What is a Content Management System?, by Jonah Winters (2003). A brief overview of the technology underlying the Baha'i Library Online, and why this technology represents the next step in the Internet's evolution [since this was written, the term "Web 2.0" has been coined for the "next step" I described]. [about]
  5. What's New in Version 4.0, by Jonah Winters (2012). Some useful search and interface changes for 2012, in conjunction with the 15th birthday of the Baha'i Library. [about]
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