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  1. Bahá'í Library Online at 25: Background, Functioning, and Future, by Jonah Winters (2022-05). Notes written for the 25th anniversary of this website. [about]
  2. Copyright options for submissions to the Bahá'í Library Online, by Brett Zamir (2006). [about]
  3. International Conference on Bahá'í Libraries and Archives (2003-01). Conference convened at Landegg International University for people to share experiences, learn about best practices, and begin developing a structure for world interaction among those who handle and organize Bahá’í library and archival materials. [about]
  4. New Wave of Bahá'í Intellectual Thought, A: The Impact and Contributions of World Order Magazine, by Seena Fazel, in Religions, 14:4 (2023). The main themes and papers in World Order, interviews with editors, listing of the number of articles by topic, and summary of available information on the most cited (from Google Scholar) and downloaded (from Bahá'í Library Online) World Order papers. [about]
  5. Proposed Changes for Version 5, by Jonah Winters (2013-2024). Some structural or systemic improvements necessary for future Bahá'í Library expansion. Planning began in 2013, a redevelopment team was convened in 2021 and funded in 2023, and the project "reset" in 2024. [about]
  6. Vision Statement / Mandate of the Bahá'í Library Online, by Jonah Winters (2003 / 2010). Early description of content, intent, and functioning of the Bahá'í Library Online. Now outdated, but still a serviceable statement of purpose. [about]
  7. What is a Content Management System?, by Jonah Winters (2003-08). A brief overview of the technology underlying the Bahá'í Library Online circa 2003, and why this technology represents the next step in the Internet's evolution [since this essay was written, the term Web 2.0 has been popularized for said "next step"]. [about]
  8. What's New in Version 4.0, by Jonah Winters (2012-01). Some useful search and interface changes for 2012, in conjunction with the 15th birthday of the Bahá'í Library. [about]
  9. Yerrinbool Report on Scholarship: 1999, by Graham Hassall, in Australian Bahá'í Studies, vol. 2 (2000). Overview of worldwide Bahá'í scholarship projects, publications, and events - 1999; includes a progress report on the growth of the Bahá'í Library Online. [about]
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