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1967. (In the year) The Universal House of Justice provided the following guidance on the use of "Bahá'í Faith" and "Bahá'í World Faith." The following excerpt is from a letter from the Universal House of Justice to the National Spiritual Assembly of Great Britain published in their Bahá'í Journal No. 178, February - March 1967.
    ". . . we realize there are occasions on which the use of the term 'Bahá'í World Faith' may be justified and useful. However, it is our hope that the friends will gradually lose the habit of using this term as widely as they do now. The designation 'The Bahá'í Faith' is more dignified and is preferable. Any adjective added to this name tends to a diminution of its stature and might be taken to mean there are other 'Bahá'í Faiths'. . . ."
[National Bahá'í Review No 1 January 1968 p2; Lights of Guidance, no. 374.]
BWC Bahai World Faith (term)
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