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2020. 1 Dec The International Board of Trustees of Huqúqu'lláh announced the appointment of the Board of Trustees of Ḥuqúqu'lláh for Canada and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. The five-year term of service commenced on 1 December 2020. Appointed were: Mr. Bahram Gustaspi, Mr. John MacLeod, Mrs. Charlotte Mosleh, Dr. Afsaneh Oliver, and Dr. Faran Vafaie.

The Board also expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Bruce Moore and Mrs. Donna Seyed Mahmoud whose term of service as Deputy Trustees has concluded. [letter from the NSA dated 8 December 2020]

BWC Bahram Gustaspi; John MacLeod; Charlotte Mosleh; Afsaneh Oliver; Faran Vafaie; Bruce Moore; Donna Seyed Mahmoud; Board of Trustees of Huququllah
2022. 6 Mar The passing of Mr. Bahram Gustaspi, a devoted, steadfast servant of the Cause. At the time of his passing, Mr. Gustaspi was serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of Huqúqu'lláh in Canada and as its Secretary. In addition to this honoured service, he had, until very recently, shouldered responsibilities as a member of the Bahá'í Council of British Columbia for many years. [Bahá'í Canada 8 March 2022] Port Moody, BC In Memoriam; Bahram Gustaspi; Board of Trustees of Huququllah
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