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2001 12 Jan The Administrative Order was further developed by the Universal House of Justice in its message to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counselors of 9 January 2001 in which the concept of the "cluster" was first introduced. The cluster, a subdivision of the region, is to be formed on the basis of cultural, language, pattern of transport, infrastructure or the social life of the inhabitants.
  • In its message of 12 December 2011 the Universal House of Justice stated that the cluster should have three coordinators appointed by the Training Institute, one concerned with study circles, junior youth groups and a third for children's classes.
  • National Assemblies worldwide divided their countries into clusters on the basis of demographic, geographic, and socio-economic factors. A third of the resulting 15,000 clusters were in Africa.
  • TP176 says that there are now (17 January 2003) close to 17,000 clusters worldwide, excluding those countries where, for one reason or another, the operation of the Faith is restricted. The number of clusters per country varies widely—from India with its 1,580 to Singapore, which necessarily sees itself as one cluster. Some of the groupings are sparsely populated areas with only a few thousand inhabitants, while the boundaries of others encompass several million people. For the most part, large urban centers under the jurisdiction of one Local Spiritual Assembly have been designated single clusters, these in turn being divided into sectors, so as to facilitate planning and implementation.
  • BWC; Haifa Administrative Order; Clusters; Counsellors; Counsellors conferences; * Institute process
    2005 Jul The publication of Impact of Growth on Administration Processes by the International Teaching Centre on behalf of the Universal House of Justice.
  • The PDF for Learning to Respond to Emerging New Realities: Messages from the Universal House of Justice can be found here. The document Impact of Growth on Administration Processes is part of that document.
  • See also TP397.
  • BWC * Institute process; Growth; Administration; Clusters; Training Institutes; Publications; Local Spiritual Assemblies; National Spiritual Assemblies
    2016. 4 Aug In a letter to National Spiritual Assemblies, communities were encouraged to establish electoral units on the basis of the cluster. The population of the country is divided by the number of National Convention delegates allowed by the Universal House of Justice to determine the number of electors per delegate. [4 August 2016]
  • See 21 July 1985.
  • BWC Elections; Conventions, National; Clusters; Electoral unit system

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    1. Core Activities of the Five Year Plan and the Movement of Clusters, by Farzam Arbab (2004). [about]
    2. Learning to Respond to Emerging New Realities: Messages from the Universal House of Justice, by Universal House of Justice (2006). Two letters to the US NSA dealing with expansion and administration, and a document prepared by the International Teaching Centre, "Impact of Growth on Administration Processes." [about]
    3. Message on clusters, institutes, and growth, by International Teaching Centre (2007-09-30). Message from the Counsellors on growth and enrollments. [about]
    4. Message to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors on the Nine Year Plan, by Universal House of Justice (2021-12-30). Features of the new 9-Year Plan, "the first major undertaking in a sacred twenty-five-year venture, generational in its scope and significance," to be implemented Ridvan 2022. [about]
    5. Race, Place, and Clusters: Current Vision and Possible Strategies, by June Manning Thomas, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 27:3 (2017). Division by place affects the possibilities for racial unity, especially in fragmented U.S. metropolitan areas. The "institute process” as a strategy could overcome challenges that place-based action poses for racial unity. [about]
    6. Reflections on the First Century of the Formative Age, by Universal House of Justice (2023-11-28). Overview of the Faith's developments and activities during the previous century, including the Guardianship, global expansion, community building and development, participation in societal discourse, and construction of the Bahá'í World Centre. [about]
    7. Ridvan Message to the US National Spiritual Assembly, by Universal House of Justice (2007-04-19). Brief discussion of clusters and the low rate of enrollments in the United States. [about]
    8. Role of the Local Assembly in Cluster Growth, by Universal House of Justice and International Teaching Centre (2009-05-15). Practical guidelines for LSAs to organize and teach more effectively. [about]
    9. Spatial Strategies for Racial Unity, by June Manning Thomas, in Bahá'í World (2020-09). On the nature and approaches of Bahá’í educational programs and community building efforts which seek, in the context of neighborhoods and villages, to raise capacity for service to humanity. [about]
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